Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Do you ever think that you take your home for granted? I mean, we are all so busy fluffing and improving, it is almost as if we can't really see how beautiful the home we have already is. I sometimes get reminded when I have guests. You see, we have lived here so long, sometimes I only see the imperfections in my home. The table that needs paint, the fence that is a work in progress in the yard.
We recently had one of our daughters friends come over for dinner and she brought a girlfriend that we had not yet met. I was worried because the house was a mess, the yard was torn up where Earl is putting in some fence, but she walked into the house, looked around and said how pretty she thought it was. When we went outside to grill the meat and eat, she looked around and I heard her say, "Oh how beautiful!" Huh? To me it's just a yard, I see things I want to do to improve it and I have been failing to see it's beauty. Sometimes I need to step back and appreciate what I have. As it is, right now. Today is a cleaning day for me. (Does anyone elses house get trashed while you are busy relaxing on the weekend?) I plan to look around while I clean and appreciate my home just the way it is...and then tomorrow I have some things I want to spray paint. Lol, I hope you look around at the beauty you have this week too:>)


  1. It is so easy to get used to your house and only see the "needs" it has!

    What a blessing to have company and be able to look at it through fresh eyes!

    I am certain that your home is lovely. Enjoy your day!

  2. Sometimes in the evening, when I am sitting in my favorite chair in the living room, I look around and see how cozy my house looks and it makes me smile. But normally, I am like you...only seeing the things I want to change - lol.

  3. Being able to look at things with someone else's eyes is a refreshing reminder to us -- of what we have, what we really need vs. what we only want. There's nothing wrong with having visions for change and improvement, but you're right, sometimes what we already have is plenty.

    And yes my house always looks like a mack track ran through it after the weekend (and it's starting to look this way all the time with both boys home from school!!!).

  4. Yes, I agree - we often take our lovely homes for granted. When our children were in Jr. High school we suffered some great financial loss and had to downsize from our not-too-small, newly renovated, well-loved home to a small but comfortable double-wide manufactured home. I fluffed and foofed the best I could with the things we had kept when we cut down our living space. I knew what I would have done if there had been funds to do it. We had a foreign exchange student come to our home for three weeks one summer. The day we met her I wondered if our home would be sufficient for her needs during that time. As I unlocked the door and she stepped in she looked around and gasped, 'Oh, it's so BIG! And beautiful.' I later came to find that her family lived in a tiny three-room apartment in the middle of her city. She had no yard, no space and no dream of anything different in her lifetime. That completely changed my view of our home that day.

    Now we are in a different but comfortable - and a bit larger - home with some personality. Thank you for the reminder to stop and appreciate each thing we are so blessed to enjoy.

  5. Many, many times, as I am driving off or returning to our little humble, track ranch 50's house, I am struck with the thought that I am so glad to have a nice home, PAID FOR!! haaa..
    And, since our adding on to the living room and my dining room, often as I pass thru one into the other, I LOVE what I see.
    Oh, yes...many things I want to do...and we all see the imprefections in our homes that others just don't see...but, all in all, I am so thankful for a fairly nice house in a really nice neighborhood.
    Thanks for this sweet reminder, Kathy Grace.

  6. Boy do I relate to this post...I'm always worried about the condition of our home...I'm having some adies over for lunch tomorrow and I'm anxious to see what they say when they walk in...I took extra care in setting the table and it's right when you walk into the house...I like to think of my house as a "lodge"....nothing fancy by all means but comfortable and cozy...We'll see.......

  7. I have been thinking the same exact thing lately. I realized I spend all this time fluffing and working on my little porch, but never actually sit on it...and I can think of many more examples of that. I am working to relax and find balance and see things through the eyes of others. Love the petunias by the way.

  8. How true....I wonder why that is? We should all try and remember the positives in our lives....thanks for the reminder!

  9. I think sometimes we can make our guests feel uncomfortable when everything is TOO perfect! When it looks like a model home people can be afraid to sit on the couch for fear of messing the cushions up. I wouldn't want a guest to feel that way, LOL!

  10. It is good to stop and appreciate our homes and all we have.

  11. GREAT post Kathy!! Because that is so true and I need to do the same thing. Thank you for pointing this out!

    Love you!

  12. I'm very aware that I'm lucky to even have a home let alone money and time to fix it up!

    I see the imperfections but I also enjoy every inch of my home. It's fun to see our home through other's eyes - it can certainly give you a fresh perspective!


  13. So true. I tend to live my life waiting for things to get done instead of enjoying the moment. I need to change. Mimi

  14. Great post and oh so true. It often takes someone new coming to our homes for us to appreciate what welcoming homes we have created.

  15. oh yes. I think I fail to appreciate many things. And like you said, someone comes in full of compliments and I look again with different eyes.

  16. How timely your post is for me today.
    I am having a tea party of sorts on my porch/patio this Saturday.Its just a couple hours of fellowship for about 8 ladies.
    I think I needed to get new this and new that for the old is in need of new paint,etc.
    I instead am looking around now and thinking how thankful I am for what I have & that I can do this tea.
    Thank you
    Elsie <><

  17. I tried to comment yesterday and it wouldn't let me but I so agree with you on this post. That's why I'm always tweaking. My husband is trying to teach me to just enjoy the house and quit messing with it. I'm trying...I'm really trying,,LOL.


  18. I agree, sometimes it does take someone else to open your eyes. When I always notice it is when I have been gone out of town for a week or a few days and first walk into the house. I always am struck by the light and color in the rooms and just feel "wrapped" in the home I love. I wish I could get that feeling more often!
    Laurel :)

  19. I do the same thing! I look around here with critical eyes many a day...sometimes I just have to take a step back and say it is what it is, and it is good enough! I have always loved visiting you to see the lovely things you do with your have a special touch for making things beautiful.

  20. Kathy, this is a wonderful post, and a very good reminder for all of us.

    I know just what you mean about being focused on the things you want to do. I am the same way, but I love it when I accomplish something and mark it off my list.

    I recently had someone come to my home and say the nicest things. I thanked her, and told her I need to have her come visit more often. She made me feel so good.

  21. Hi Kathy,
    Oh, I know just what you mean. When we first came to look at our house, I thought it was so beautiful. Now when people come over I worry that it doesn't look good enough. I have always been like that.

    Your home is gorgeous. Happy cleaning, I'll be in my art studio painting today, but the laundry is calling my name.



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