Monday, June 15, 2009

A little advice please?

Bad news, my camera died this weekend, may it rest in peace. It served me well for the past five years and it's one of the things I use most since starting this blog. I have my dreams of a Canon Rebel and photography classes *sigh* but for now I need something affordable. I thought I would see if you could give me any ideas. Who does more photography than bloggers for goodness sake? I know there are all kinds of great cameras out there and I would love to hear some testimonials, and maybe you would even let me know what isn't working for you!
In the meantime, I am borrowing my daughters camera for photos of my garden roses covered in dew and morning light, (will I ever get it back Mom?) Yes dear, you will get it back:>)
So can you let me know what you use and love? I'll get busy filling the shop so I can sell enough goodies to feed my camera fund and hopefully, soon, I can give Victorias camera back:>)


  1. I just bought a Canon Rebel and love it Prior to getting it I had a Canon Sure Shot which was affordable and worked well the only draw back is having to wait to take the next shot.....Jo

  2. I got a used Canon Rebel and it is wonderful. We also have a Kodak Easyshare which is better than my old 35 mm camera which cost so much more. The Easyshare was around $100.

  3. What a beautiful rose with the dew still on it! I received a Nikon Coolpix for Christmas, I like it so far. Good luck with yours!

  4. I have a Sony a300 dSLR. It was more than $100. I am in love with it.

    My MIL has a Kodak Easyshare camera, and I do not find it easy, nor am I able to share pictures with her. The Easyshare has a very long lag time in between the time you push the button and when the picture is taken. Her pictures tend to be really overexposed, too, which is really not good for a point and shoot. Also, she goes through batteries like crazy. In order to save the pictures she sends me, I have to have the Kodak software on my computer. And that is a lot of wasted space on my hard drive.

    We had a Casio XLM (I am pretty sure that's what it was) point and shoot that was a little more than $100 and it worked really well, quick shutter, excellent pictures, it had a rechargeable battery that lasted. I saw these at Target last week, and almost bought one for my mother, who is still using a film camera.

    We have a cute little Canon point and shoot, too (because my husband likes to take pictures, too, and I'm always hogging the nice camera) and that is fine. Not anything really good, it's just fine.

    Consumer Reports features digital cameras this month.

    Sorry about the long comment.

  5. Hi Kathy,

    After dropping 3 different Cannon Point and Shoot cameras -they are just too small to fit my hand - I bought a Nikon DX 40 - digital which can be changed to various settings - and love it. It has a wide angle lense that you can use to zoom in and has manual focus and does great with close up shots. It was a little expensive - in the $400.00 range but not as much as the Cannon Rebel and is much easier to use. I do not like to read directions and after attending one camera class where I bought my camera - the instructor suggested that I leave it on automatic all the time. It also has a very good flash.
    I hope this helps. P.S. I bought the extended warranty which covers everything except damage from water.

  6. I have a Kodak Easy Share Z1012 IS.

    I love everything about it. I use it to take pictures for my blog as well as my website and I think it does a wonderful job.

  7. I have a Canon Rebel and I LOVE it!!! It has fabulous resolution among other things. When I took a digital camera class my teacher raved about my camera. He also raved about Nikons, too! I have no regrets in purchasing my Canon Rebel digital camera! :)

  8. I'm sorry your camera dies- I think mine is on it's very last I am interested in tall the comments as well - thanks for posting and I may have to "steal" some of the other's research:-)

  9. Sorry about your camera! I used to have a Kodak Easyshare and it was easy to use but didn't do close ups well. I now have a Panasonic DMCLZ7 which I love as it's pretty easy to use and you can adjust the light and zoom etc.


  10. I have a Nikon Coolpix. Small, easy to use, fits in the pocket, which means I can take it easily everywhere. It was recommended to me by our yearbook photography teacher, they are right around $100 or less. I take a lot of pictures of young preschoolers in action and love how quickly it makes the shot. Plus pictures of my crafts and garden come out great. Be sure to get the warranty
    ($20 at target)i have dropped mine, but they were great about replacing it.

  11. That rose is so beautiful. I know nothing about cameras. Sorry. Have a great week...m.

  12. Hi Kathy! I am so sorry about your camera :( I have an Olympus E-500 Evolt. I love it and it works really well :) I would LoVe to have a Nikon D80 though :):)

    Hugs and hope you get a new one soon :)

  13. Looks like you're doing well with whatever lands in your hands--the rose is beautiful! No advice on cameras--I'm a newbie but having fun with my Nikon cool pix.. (From Sheep C)

  14. Hi Kathy,
    I recently got a Nikon P90. I am not using it to its fullest potential...but slowly I will learn how to use it. (I need to read the manual!!) I like it pretty well. BTW I have heard great things about the Canon Powershot.

  15. Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL shot of your pretty rose. Whatever THAT camera is, it sure takes great photos.
    My Canon Powershot is being repaired (i dropped it..shhhhh, don't let Mr. Sweet hear me) so I have been using an older Fuji FINEPIX and I really like it. It's old and slow, tho. The Powershot is smaller, fast and both take good photos. I, too, would LOVE to take a course in Photography. I just might check Texas Tech and see if I can find a class.
    Sorry your poor little camera died..OH, dear...SHOW US YOUR WHITES is coming up...will V. let you use her camera for a bit?
    Do you remember WHO is having the WHITES? Remember...I'm old and can't remember squat.
    And, I want to dream that we are neighbors, too!!

  16. My son has several Canon's, one is the rebel and the other is newer yet.
    A used one is a good idea, perhaps still from the camera shop.
    Mine is a simple olympus , stylus 750.
    My husband gave it to me for Christmas as my daughter and son plotted to get me a blog and "shop".
    Caitlin loves using it and so do I. It is more affordable than the Canon Rebel! :)
    *do not blame my camera for bad shots or fuzzy photos :) The user is still a novice!

    Best of shopping and luck to YOU!

  17. LOVE my Cannon Rebel, before that it was a Pentax Optio which I still use sometimes for traveling. I am still wanting to take those classes as well.
    Your rose is a great shot!


  18. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I saw your black and white apron photo in Artful Blogging! How COOL are you!?
    Congrats on that!

  19. Hi Kathy, love that rose photo, similar to my post today. Come visit.
    I have a Canon Digital IXUS 75. It is a couple of years old and even though I still have't found the time to read the handbook I am happy with the results.

  20. Hi Kathy!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my camera!
    It is a Canon Powershot G9 and I can't sing its' praises enough.

    Hope your day is a beautiful one!


  21. My 'new' camera is an Olympus Evolt E-520. It has a lot of features that I'm still learning. My old camera is a Canon Powershot and I loved it. I still carry it in my purse to use for those spur of the moment shots in places where I don't take my bigger DSLR camera. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  22. Hi Kathy, I don't know much about cameras, as you can tell from my pics...I think I need a new one too! So I am going to see what other bloggers have to say, for myself as well as for you! Thanks for this post!!! Have a great week,

  23. Sorry to hear about your camera, but it happens to the best of us :) I really want a Nikon D80, but for now I juat bought a Fujifilm S2000HD, it seems to work pretty well. I still don't know everything about it though.
    The photo of your rose turned out gorgeous. Isn't it cool to be able capture photos like the dew on the roses.
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. So sorry about your camera, Kathy! I have a Nikon D40 right now, and I love it, although it is a little pricey. In the past, I have used a Canon Powershot S2 IS, and it was good, although I had to use a tripod in many low light situations Which turned out to be all the time, in my house... ;)


  25. I'm afraid my blog photography leaves a lot to be desired as I switch from a Pentax Optio to a Nikon Coolpix to a behemoth Camedia by Olympus. I've never had the patience to try to learn to use any of them properly. Good luck on your search. The rose shot is fantastic! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good to know there are other Michigan gals out there!


  26. Whatever camera you used of your daughters, sure did a great job! I use a Nikon Coolpix of my husbands when I want a hand held camera, and a Sony A300 dsrl, and I am so impressed with both of them. They way it looks though, you have enough camera advice. Whatever you choose, your blog will continue to be exciting to visit.

  27. I am adoring my Rebel, and am thrilled to have it, but there are draw backs. Its BIG, I used to always have my Canon Power ShotSD950IS in my pocket everywhere I went. Now, I am limited because I don't want to carry a huge bag and a heavy camera all the time. I thought my little one would be back up, but then it broke, out of the blue, and I have no idea how.

    That was a nice camera and got very decent pictures before it broke. I think it was about $350 at Costco.


  28. Hi Kathy, so sorry that your camera broke. I have a Kodak Easy share with 10x optical zoom and I'm really happy with it.
    I love my blue heart that I bought from you. It looks really nice hanging from my curio I will be posting it on my blog next week for blue monday.
    Have a great week,
    Bless you, Shirl
    Shirls Rose Cottage


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