Monday, June 13, 2011

My Bowl of Cherries

I woke up this morning to the leftovers of our busy weekend. Dishes in the sink, the Sunday paper on the floor, laundry to be done.  Not the kind of house that inspires beautiful photos of the latest makeover, upcycle, decorating binge.  One more week of my school job before my summer truly begins. The week ahead is crammed with an open house, birthday party, baking, helping friends move, physical therapy sessions for a bunged up shoulder as the result of a spectacular clown like fall at work,( holding the remains of my birthday cake no less!) and lots of family time.  I'm getting to the give-away I promised, really I am, but it may be the end of the week rather than the beginning. I think it's worth the wait:>)
This life may not be the perfect photo op at the moment, but it is beautiful.  I'm betting that your summer is filling up too.  So tell me, what is it filling up with? Family? Camping? Parties?
I can't wait to hear.


  1. The perfect home to wake up to! :o) Our couch has pillows shuffled all over it, and cat toys strewn about. :o) Special memories were made and to quote my husband, "It's all about the stories." :o)
    You are so sweet to have a give a way!
    Gosh I hope your shoulder feels better. I am so sorry for your tumble.
    Hugs and hoping you have a great week!
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. Oh dear, I do hope your shoulder feels better quickly. Your schedule does sound mighty full.

    We are going to enjoy a vacation week. Some of it will be spent here at home and then some of us are headed out to Kentucky. The weather is great and we are so thankful.

  3. hey Kathy,
    So sorry about your shoulder...hope it feels better very soon.

    Looking froward to hearing all about your projects this summer.

    janet xox

    PS...a kitchen reveal perhaps???

  4. Sorry about your fall. Hope you'll be back to normal very soon. Our summer is very full with Farmer's market projects but we're also going on a mini vacation to Colorado Springs and spend a few days in the beautiful mountains in July. And the EXCITING news is that I am going to be Grandma (first time) come next Jan so want to sew some things for Baby. Now that will be FUN! That's our summer.

  5. Beautiful photo of the cherries! I'm glad to see your summer is off to a nice start. A busy one! I know you will enjoy your time off from work and make the most of it.

    We don't have any travel plans this summer as we deal with caring for my MIL. Thank you for your very kind comments on the loss of my FIL.

    We do have a new little buddy in our house bringing us lots and lots of joy. I will be introducing him very soon.

  6. This sweet post reminds me of one of my favorite sayings "A house is a home where love dwells"! Ahhhh, home sweet home...heaven on earth!


  7. Ouch! So sorry about the fall!

    Sounds like a house that's well lived in and that's the best kind.

  8. Fresh fruit. That's what mine is filling up with. Yum!!!!!

  9. Beautiful buttons. Where is the flag going?

  10. Oh, I can identify with shoulder 'hurts'! Hope yours is getting better and all it needs is physical therapy. Wish we lived close enough to each other to 'rest' our shoulders and chat away! Take care, my friend.


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