Thursday, August 4, 2011

The In Between Time

It's here, summers last month of heat and sunshine, vacation and play. To me, it is the winding down of summer and the beginning of fall. Our thoughts begin to turn toward crisp days of Autumn, going back to school (*sigh* :>{) and getting the house ready for the hours we will spend inside instead of out in the garden. In my mind it really is a time "in between".
I'll be taking the next week off to get some custom orders finished and get those last few projects done before my day job starts again in a few weeks. I'll be popping by your blogs to say hello now and again and I'll be back with, hopefully, a fresh outlook on the coming season.
In the meantime, I thought I would leave you with a few rooms to drool over from my Pinterest.
 Lately I am just loving the warm pine furniture with white that I have been seeing. I have wondered all along if once we all get everything painted white, wood will come back into favor. I'm holding off on painting a few pieces just in case:>)
 Although this Island from still inspires a little paint love..
All that apple green and distressed white, beautiful!

I love this room just because...well, who couldn't love that stained glass? Toile wallpaper? This looks like the perfect top of the stairs nook to me.
And I have always, always wanted a cozy little booth like this in the kitchen. I swear I would never have to go out for coffee again. This just has my name all over it:>)
What are you doing to get ready for the coming season? Do you feel summer winding down too, or is it still in full swing?


  1. OMGosh!!!! Love every kitchen!!!!!!

    Janet xox

  2. Love these's too hard to pick a favourite!

    I agree..this is the in between time...and this month will vanish in a flash. I'm also getting organized for September...2 going away to school and figuring out who needs what!

    Enjoy what is left of summer Kathy!

  3. You chose some excellent pics to share! Goodness, I want it all :)
    I like the juxtaposition of the crystal chandelier and the rustic farm table.
    I hate summer and that is about all I can say about that. I have poison ivy in both palms and haven't been outside.

  4. I definitely feel it winding down, I am looking forward to the Fall, back to school (for my boy) and all. Summer makes me smile but fall makes me feel warm inside.

    Smiles to you,


  5. I love every single one of those pictures!!

    Not winding down for fall here. It stays summer through September here and fall really starts in October. I have pulled some dying veggie plants out of the garden, like the zucchini and green beans. I will wait a few weeks and plant some cool weather crops like lettuce, peas etc, broccoli etc.

    Enjoy your blog break Kathy!

  6. Love the kitchen booth area!! That would be amazing.I am ready to decorate for fall. I am even crafting Christmas. A Santa give-away on my blog. Wishing you a blessed week ~Sara

  7. Hi! I just happened to see your blog while looking around blogland and glad I found you. I love looking at blogs with pretty things to show. Well, the ones I saw today certainly were more than pretty-- beautiful comes to mind. I really like the kitchen with the white cabinets and green accents. That would be my dream of a kitchen. Shannon

  8. Love 'em all...makes me want to throw things out and start all over.

    No, fall won't be here until Oct. Sept. is usually still really hot.
    I am sick of it all...I want favorite.:)

  9. Love your pictures! I'm so ready for autumn! This extreme heat wave in Oklahoma has been challenging. I can't wait for fall leaves and pumpkins.


  10. That booth is beautiful and cozy! Some of the schools have already gone back to school can you believe it! Poor kids. I think most of them go back on the 15th. Fortunately my daughter doesn't have to be back until the middle of September! So we still have quite a bit of vacation time left.

  11. These all make me so happy...I love the pine and touches of red.

    Hugs to you. xoxoxo

  12. That last one has my name written all over it too! What a brilliant and beautiful use of space!

    Wood will absolutely come back in favor. It's all cyclical....and it's really hard to get painted wood back to it's original finish.

  13. Well, lo and behold, I'm already a follower because of those cute aprons you were sporting!! I loved the ruffles so much!! My memory isn't what it used to be! I love these pictures you posted. Thank you for allowing me to sponsor you in the Wantobe Quilter's Campaign at Stash!
    Gmama Jane

  14. There's a new meme at
    where we can show our favorite pins and songs. It will be fun to share pins.:)

    I just copied Earl's Sausage cornbread stuffing recipe. It has always sounded so good to me..I'll make it Thanksgiving. I have never stuffed a mother always cooked the dressing in a dish..and that's the way I make it, too.
    I am starving for it RIGHT NOW. :))

  15. Hi Kathy,

    I love those kitchens, especially the cozy booth. I saw a garden filled with pots of mums at the nursery the other day. Rows and rows of them, just green of course. A reminder that Fall is around the corner.

    We have had beautiful weather in Massachusetts this summer, only a few really hot days.


  16. Kathy, I'm clinging to summer with every vestige I can find. I'm not ready for the 'regular' routine to start up again. I haven't gotten to really delve into my fun list things yet. I think I'll stop lamenting and go enjoy your Pinterest finds. I know I'll like anything you have chosen. Congratulations on the pattern for the adorable flag pillows. I hope they are great sellers for you.

  17. Beautiful inspirations! Love the calm background with the pop of color here and there! Inspiring!

  18. Absolutely swooning over the first picture!! Pinterest is a dangerous place to go. :o) I find myself snooping around it when I have a free moment. :o) So much inspiration all in one place!!


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