Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lemon Cake

I have to show you the cake sweet hubby made for my birthday. It's a pinterest recipe, he now knows where to look for inspiration and ideas of what I love.
I'm usually a chocolate girl all the way, but I didn't miss it at all. Tangy lemon layers with blueberries, sweet lemon frosting and lemon curd, hello sunshine.
Whoever thought this up is a genius!
 I highly recommend this recipe. It's a treat that everyone loved:>)
Have you tried anything from Pinterest lately?


  1. Yum! This looks great. Happy BD to your husband.

  2. I'm glad you linked to the recipe-that cake looked so good when Earl showed it to us yesterday!

    Happy Birthday once again-the party just keeps going, doesn't it?

    1. He showed you the cake and didn't give you any? Bad brother /uncle!

  3. Happy Birthday Kathy. Your husband is an amazing baker. That cake looks so delicious.


  4. Happy belated birthday. What a terrific husband. The cake looks delicious. Patty

  5. Happy Birthday Kathy! Your husband sure knows the way to your heart. What a super cake!!

    You know how in my last post I wrote about taking cookbooks to Half Price Books? It's because of Pinterest. We have found so many delicious recipes that have turned into favorites! Gosh I love Pinterest :)
    xoxo Debbie

  6. Oh my goodness, that looks fabulous! A very happy birthday to you? What's the update on Victoria? Is this for Spring Arbor? Taylor is going to the Dominican Republic in January. I'm a bit nervous!

  7. Happy Birthday, Kathy! The cake looks divine and since your hubby made it just for you with lots of love added I'm positive it was delicious. I'm not a real big Pinterest person due to lack of time but I'm making notebooks out of old books now. I think I seen that idea on Etsy tho.

  8. Happy late birthday!
    Gorgeous cake! I can see it was tasty.
    I pray Victoria is doing well and learning a lot.

  9. Holy Cow..this is one beautiful cake.
    I do believe Mr. Earl missed his calling. He should have been a pastry chef...and, hey, it's not too late. :))

  10. Happy Birthday Kathy,you lucky lady having a beautiful cake made for you it looks scrumptious please can I have some,Love Jill xx

  11. Happy Birthday Kathy! My oh my! That cake looks sooooo good!

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  14. Happy Birthday, Kathy! I think you have all girls need for a birthday :o) isn`t it? Some sweets and lot of love :o) Well done to your husband! This cake looks so good!
    You know I tried so many recipes from Pinterest, but i found another site. you can see a link on it on my sidebar near the pinterest link
    P.S. Please, came to enter into my giveawy, if you like of course

  15. That is a delicious looking cake! I have tons of recipes on my Pinterest board but have never made a single one yet!
    Belated happy birthday to you!

  16. Hoping you and yours have a safe and very happy Memorial Day. We aren't planning anything really big this year. Several of our family are out of town..the wind has been blowing so hard the last few days, no way to do anything outside.
    Take you!

  17. I do so wish I had some of that now! Looks delish!

  18. Oh yum! Your hubby is a! I pin things on my pinterest board but rarely look for ideas or recipes. It just takes too much of my precious time. I'd rather read blog posts and glean ideas from those.
    I'm loving the new look on your blog btw!! Reminds me that I need to update mine to a more 'summer' look, too.


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