Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A little more trick than treat

Trick or Treat came a little early this year
 This little bandit decided to help himself to the feast on the front porch
 I immediately thought of Jane and her declaration this year that she was not going to put out pumpkins because the squirrels always just eat them. I thought how funny that was since I had never had the wicked little things bother my pumpkins.
Hey Jane, I think I have your squirrel;>)
 You have to admit his costume is cute.
I had to carefully open the door and sit on the floor to get these photos. The meal was so good he barely blinked an eye. Bold AND wicked!
*sigh* guess I'll clean up the mess later.  I'm such a pushover for little critters.
Everyone has to eat right?
It's a cold and blustery day, I'm baking bread and I will be boxing up household stuff to move out of rooms for the flooring installation next week. Yay! It's a good time to practice a little tough love in this house.  I don't need all this stuff. And most of it was thrifted anyway, so no big deal to replace it with some fresh decorating over the next few months. I'm anxious for a cleaner look in this little house anyway, so out it all goes!
What kind of projects are you working on?


  1. You got some fabulous shots Kathy! What a mess ... and they are very bold little creatures...but you said something that really touched my heart. "Everyone has to eat".

  2. Little rascal! I really missed my pumpkins this year, but not the mess!

    It sounds like you have your work cut out for you, Kathy. It's always nice to start off on a clean slate. I am purging my garage, where all the stuff went to when I purged the house!

    Can't wait to see the floors!


  3. My son had a container garden on his 3rd floor porch and the neighborhood squirrels kindly harvested his entire crop - tomatoes, beans and peppers. He wasn't thinking as kindly of them as you are.

  4. LOL! I agree, everyone has to eat! Maybe the squirrels thought you put the pumpkins out for them! Love the picture on your header!

  5. LOL! He is a brave little one. I have a pumpkin on my porch and we have tons of squirrels here and they have never bothered it....yet...

    My projects are packing, packing and more packing!

  6. You got some great shots of the little varmit!

    Our projects are quickly coming to a halt. I spent the gorgeous warm days we had recently staining more trim. Clarence has been working on installing it but we're quickly remembering why we've never gotten it done before now. Too many other problems to deal with-especially those crazy kitchen windows. I think he's got a solution now, which is why I was sanding and staining before we lost the nice days.

    So, at Thanksgiving I'll be able to see your pretty new floors and at Christmas you will *hopefully* see trim on my windows. Or maybe not...

    I desperately need to work on decluttering. The motivation to do it seems to be my stumbling block. You go!

    (Wow, you're right-we do need a sister day to catch up-then maybe I won't write a novel-length comment.)

  7. That is the most precious thing I've ever seen...look at all those nibbles on the floor LOL he sure had a good yummy time! What a photo op!

  8. Hi Kathy!
    Awwwww....He sure is cute and cute goes a lonnnnnng way! I have three pumpkins sitting on my front porch and now I am thinking it might not be that good of an idea. So far so good...but, we do have a lot of little critters in our neighborhood.
    You sound cozy today..baking bread and blogging. That's my kind of a day, too!
    Thanks for the darling post, my friend,
    Blessings and warm Autumn wishes,
    Carolynn xo

  9. Holy moly. I had no idea they eat pumpkins. He is a cute little rascal. Woody and I both enjoyed your post this morning. :0) love ya.

  10. That cute little guy was having a heydey, wasn't he? He had already done some major damage so no use fretting about it now...just let him enjoy. Who knows? He may invite all his little buddies over for a party!!
    I'm also in the midst of doing some purging and cleaning throughout the whole house!!

  11. Bless his heart, he sure is a messy eater. :))
    I know you are excited about getting new floors. I am boxing up stuff right and left that CAME from the thrift store and is going BACK to the thrift store. Like you, I am ready to pare down....getting rid of tons of dishes that I use only for blog tablescapes and I am finished with THAT, for the most part. I crave clutter-free rooms...:))
    hugs, bj

  12. Cutest little critter ever. I couldn't have chased him away either.I need to clean out stuff too. The only thing I'm buying now is scrapbooking tools etc. Have a good week.

  13. What a funny guy! And it looks like he really enjoyed his breakfast!!

  14. Oh my gosh! I had no idea they would do that. The nerve!

    I don't put out the real pumpkins. I use the faux ones outside and the real ones inside. Now I see that's a good idea.


  15. Just found your lovely blog and became your newest follower. I've never seen a squirrel eat a pumpkin before. 'Our' squirrels are digging in my large planters that hold my shrubs and throwing mulch all over my front porch.

  16. How sweet.. We have a squirrel that runs around here in the city around Mom's house from line to line.. these are so great photo's thank you for sharing them..with love Janice


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