Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Falling in Love

Every year at the end of summer, while it seems everyone else is anticipating Autumn, I get a little cranky. Sometimes I'm guilty of looking at the glass half empty. You may be surprised by that. What's not to love about Autumn?  Well, in my mind I skip right past the beauty of Fall and start thinking about shorter days, and cold and snow and slush. Winter in Michigan seems to last a full six months. I love the holidays, but January through March?
So I stew, and I mourn the loss of long days of sunshine and I get a little cross.
 And then I drive down a country road through a stained glass arch of trees
 Past misty fields of gold and russet
 I see whole fields of wild purple asters
 And wild sweet peas growing beside beautiful bike paths
 I see scarlet vines (that I don't dare touch! Could it be poison ivy?)
And the Sweet Autumn Clematis froths over the chippy pergola by the back door.
And I push my thoughts of winter to the back of my mind (why give it one more day than I have to?)
And I fall in love with Autumn.


  1. Good morning Kathy! Gorgeous photos!! I love Autumn so much and always think it's a pity that it comes right before winter! UGH! xoxo Debbie

  2. Sometimes I feel a bit like that too...pretty post...gorgeous pics! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I agree with you. Summer is my favorite time of year and I always mourn the end of it. So I start planning my next garden now!

  4. Thank you for telling it like it is, Kathy! Winters in the Midwest are long and cold. While December is magical, January through March is miserable!

    Your pictures are lovely. Our leaves haven't turned yet and I am so looking forward to it!


  5. I always feel nostalgic, maybe a little melancholy, in the fall. It could be for the same reasons you mention. I love light and sunshine, but those photos make all the difference, don't they. GORGEOUS!



  6. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for reminding me to live in the moment. Mimi

  7. I'm in love with Autumn, too. It's slow starting here - warmer than normal temperatures are keeping things a bit more green than usual but the fall colors are showing themselves when you look around. Love your photos!

  8. As my daughter said a few years ago, "and so we begin the slow descent into winter." Summer is so short here and winter, although mild, seems long and dark. All the more reason to soak up the beauty and sunshine of this season. We can't do anything about it, so we might as well enjoy it. I love your antidote to crankiness - look at the beauty all around.

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  10. Well now, we are on the same page. I just posted about Fall inspiration and I played the song Let's Fall in Love.

    I do fall in love every year this month. I just love Fall. Your photographs are stunning.

    Happy weekend.


  11. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets cranky at the end of summer. As beautiful as fall is, living on the shore of Lake Ontario, I know we're in for at least 7 months of cold weather. January through March are so long - why doesn't summer seem to last that long?

  12. Gorgeous photos Kathy!

    We normally don't get "winter" weather until about January. But supposedly this winter is supposed to be colder than last year and longer. Brrr...I don't like to be cold!


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