Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good Mail

You know how some days you come home and something totally awesome has come in the mail?
Well actually it came Fed Ex, but I still consider it mail.
Today was an especially good mail day.
You see, I decided that with all the hard work I put into my blog, I really wanted a hard copy to keep. So my family and I could look back over it any time with no fear that it would disappear.
So I went to  Blurb is a self publisher that has a feature that "slurps" your blog into their program where you can edit it and then have it professionally printed.
The program to do it was free, and with a little messing around I found it very easy to use.
So here it is, the first hardbound edition of Kathy's Cottage.
Front cover
 Oooh, I love it so much!
The photos reproduced beautifully.
 Blurb has all kinds of layouts built in to the program and you can even edit the layouts to make them custom.
 The light is terrible today, but I just couldn't wait to show you!
 I started with 2011. Why did I start in the middle? I don't know. I just chose a year and went with it.
I can tell you right now though, I will be doing an edition for each year.
Blurb has lots of different sizes and price options, including hardcover, softcover and even magazines. For $9.99 you can convert it to an ebook for your ipad. I chose the biggest hardcover available, an 11"x13" landscape layout. I wanted to really be able to showcase the photos.  It's 100 pages and cost around $85 with shipping. I found an online coupon for 15% off  and when I went to checkout I was offered the option of a second book at 1/2 price. I decided that would be a great way to make sure each of the girls had a copy so I snapped it up.  All told each book was around $64.  Not cheap, but certainly priceless to me.
Back Cover
I can see this being a great gift for your mother or your children. Along with my work, there are a lot of family events, photos and recipes in my blog.  I can even see that these would be a great way to put together a years worth of family photos and recipes for Christmas gifts that would be treasured for a long time. I know a lot of my blog friends have been blogging for years, having a hard copy of everything you have done is a treasure!
If you want to know more hit the Blurb link and check it out.
Do you think you would want a hard copy of your blog?


  1. I would love one! I'm going to have a look right now.

  2. You book looks absolutely stunning. It will be a treasure and keepsake. I might look into it myself for my blog that I have discontinued. Thanks for sharing the info.

  3. What anamazing book!! I would love something like that. :0)

  4. I've had dreams of someday recreating my blog in albums with the actual photos and beautiful set text. I'd better get busy or it will never get done! I love this way of preserving your wonderful blog. I'll check it all out.

  5. Kathy, this is wonderful! The book is awesome. The cover is beautiful, as are the pictures inside. I had my first three years made into 3 volumes through another site that was a little more expensive and not half as nice as yours. I haven't done 2012 yet, so I'll check into this. It is so worth it to have a hard copy of your blog and it's so fun to share! Good for you!


  6. It's beautiful Kathy and well worth the splurge. I am so tempted now!

  7. I have been wanting to do this. Yours came out so nice and I think very reasonable. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I knew your blog was beautiful but LOOK AT THAT!!! How impressive, huh?
    You will never regret that purchase.

  9. Oooh it looks so professional! Really awesome!

  10. O, what a beautiful book yours turned out to be.
    I think I will do one, too. I love yours.
    Thanks for the heads up on it.
    xoxo bj

  11. Kathy I love that idea. Remember me, this is Elaine from Sunny Simple Life. I bought the pillow in your header. I love it so much. Anyway I was on ETSY and saw your header from your shop and I would love to ask you a huge favor. I am looking for something simple like that for my blog header and wondered who did it for you. I would love to have them do something cute and farmy like that for my blog. I am lame and have to hire it all done. I have chickens so I want to incorporate them into it. I saw your etsy header and am in love. So totally cute. Let me know if you have any body you can recommend. Thanks so very much.


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