Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A little Christmas Decorating

Finally, a moment to visit! I have been crazy busy, (emphasis on crazy) since mid-November.  We spent most of the week of Thanksgiving with our kids in Pennsylvania. What a wonderful time having all of us together for the holiday!  That doesn't happen much any more so I treasure it when it does.

The following week our youngest daughter came home on Saturday for a daddy & daughter baking day. I love that they share those special times with their father. I get to hang out and chat and then we get to sample the results! What could be better?  On this day they tried a recipe from a new magazine.  It's a vegan chocolate tart with salted oat crust.  Rich, decadent and so yummy!  We aren't vegan, but we don't turn up our nose at recipes like that! I would make it again, but tiny pieces are all it takes to satisfy any one's sweet tooth. You can find the recipe here.
 As soon as we came home from Thanksgiving I hit the ground running for our church's annual women's ministries Christmas dinner.  Over 100 ladies attended and I cooked the main course because, A. I am cheap and I KNEW I could make it for less than catering prices, and B. That little voice that is supposed to be inside your head asking, "do you think that is really a good idea?" was napping.  It all came out fine but it seriously took up my whole week and when all was said and done the house looked like it had been hit by a tornado. 

All that to say, I am just now getting things in order, catching up on the mountain of laundry and starting to decorate for Christmas.  Yesterday I saw on someones blog that there are two more Monday's before Christmas and I almost fainted.  Why does this season go so lightning fast?! 
 So I started bringing up decorations one armload at a time from the basement. I'm not bringing everything up at once, the mess overwhelms me.  I would rather make numerous trips for some reason than look at it all at once.  I have tucked a few Christmas touches in among the Jadeite on the kitchen shelves.  I also discovered rice lights this year and I can't get enough.  Battery operated, I even found some that are remote controlled so I don't have to fumble for the little control boxes tucked out of sight. LOVE!  They add a little sparkle to so many places, and no cords to deal with. Winning!
 I also hung some big lighted stars in the bedroom, they are lit by very low watt night light bulbs so they just have a soft, romantic glow.  They look so pretty even on an overcast day. Excuse the bad photo, it was taken with my phone, which does not have the best camera.
 To the left of the bed is a floor to ceiling shelf. At one time I had all my sewing fabrics and accoutrements in these shelves. Since the girls got married and moved out, and I have a craft room, I finally got the sewing stuff out of here and it is just our bedroom. Yay!  I still needed to store some trims and various things, and I solved that problem with covered baskets in various shapes and sizes from Salvation Army.  I love the look, and everything is contained.
 I tucked a few little domed Christmas houses on the shelves along with some flocked branches. I love how they look with the texture of the baskets.
This cute little dome came from Home Goods, and I couldn't resist it because of the oval shape and rustic wood base.   I'll be sharing more  about these shelves soon.

Have you finished your decorating or are you just getting started?  Remember, only two more Monday's before Christmas! (Gahhh!!!)

P.S. I know its a little late, but if you are looking for some cute advent printables or boxes for tiny gifts, check out my Santa Box pattern found here .  They are loads of fun and easy to make :)


  1. Kathy , You cracked me up telling why you took on the job of cooking the church ladies dinner. You are a good, good person. I also love that your hubby and daughter bake together. Those are precious memories. I like the things you have decorated . I was slower than a snail this year. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie.

  2. Oh KAthy, I don't need that reminder about the two Mondays!! It's all ging too quickly.

  3. Oh Kathy, it's great! Love the jadeite with the lights -- good thinking! And the baking. That would warm your heart to the max. Your advent calendar is adorable and I really love the decorations under glass. The one at Marshall's --hmmm. Might have to check that one out!

    And good for you, pulling off the Christmas church lunch. Bravo -- made me smile. Welcome back home! How does it feel to be back here in Michigan?!

  4. How darling everything is! Love the shelves and those lights are wonderful, aren't they?! I don't have a remote, though, so I am envious because fiddling around with the little switch is a pain in the keister. I have to tell you that I guffawed when I got to the part about the napping little voice in your head. Your lady friends from church were surely blessed! Wondering about your menu...

  5. It all looks so pretty Sweetpea!
    You know I am stealing your idea of using those lil fairy lights in with my Jadite! I usually just add my Santa face mugs but I love how the Jadite glows with the tiny lights ��
    Thank you
    You always inspire me!
    Merry ChristmAs & God Bless

  6. I love the touches of Christmas you've shared. I, too, have discovered the little rice lights and remote strands of little lights. My decorations haven't all been put up. We're keeping it simple this year.

  7. Love, love, love that advent calendar! Off to peek! :)

  8. Love, love, love that advent calendar! Off to peek! :)

  9. I love the little touches of red with the Jadiete. Such a pretty combination. Your home looks lovely. Those little rice lights are cool! I have only decorated the tree. I need to do a dining table vignette, but that is all I am doing this year.

  10. Kathy, I've been reading your blog for a long time and it doesn't surprise me one bit that you cooked for 100 women!! That does not sound easy to me.

    Your decorations look great. I love the jadeite pieces all lit up. That tart looks amazing!

  11. everything looks so pretty and festive...I love lots of lights, too...


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