Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Tour

I wouldn't blame you if you were tired of seeing Christmas splashed all over blogs. We've been enjoying the decorations for weeks now.  I have to say though, this isn't your normal tour. I'm not a decorating blog, I don't claim any amazing design skills or fancy pants ideas to make you run right out and copy, not that there is time for that now.  Most of you have been visiting for years. We are old friends. Do you know I've been writing this blog coming up on 10 years?

Yes, I think you know what to expect by now. This is just real life.  Well, cleaned up real life with all the junk stashed in the room you won't see, just like it would be if you came for coffee. ;)

So grab a cup and take the tour. we'll visit like the old friends we are. And if we are new friends, welcome!  I don't put on any airs, grab a mug and lets take a look at Christmas here in the cottage.
 We can start in the kitchen. I made some gingerbread boys this afternoon. I wish you could smell the gingerbread baking. truth be told, I baked them for the smell as much as the taste. It smells like Christmas :)
 I found the cutest little cheap tree at Walmart this year. $18 and it fits in the corner of the kitchen just perfectly.  I also found the most awesome rice lights to go on it. There is no plug over there so I needed some battery operated lights. I found these on amazon and they come with a remote so I don't have to fiddle around digging for the on and off switch.  I used them on the birch star Earl made me last year too. I love that thing.  You'll see a lot of stars in the house as we go through. See the cookies cooling on the stove?

 Over by the fridge I just added some bright red accents to the shelves full of Jadeite.  I lit the shelves with some more rice lights to brighten the dark corner and add a little sparkle.
 If you turn around and look from the kitchen you'll see the dining room.  I love my flocked tree in the corner. Earl has it covered in the bird ornaments he has collected for years.  Since we spend so much time in the kitchen and dining room I like to have a tree out here where we can see it.
 My eldest daughter gave me the table runner as an early Christmas gift. I had these lighted galvanized stars from last year and thought they would look cute woven into the greenery.
 The living room is next. I had a stash of plaid flannel so I whipped up some pillow covers for winter. They are so soft and bright and cozy.
 Across the room is the table top tree we cut last Saturday.  We had the best time! It was a crisp winter morning but not so cold that we were uncomfortable. We rode the wagon into the field and found our tree.  Then we stopped at a beautiful inn built in 1850 for lunch.  It was a perfect day, and we decided it would be our new Christmas tradition.  That large bookshelf on the left will be leaving soon. We are joining the 21st century and replacing our old tv with a flat screen.  We are going to need that wall!
 Come into the bedroom.  I dug an old quilt, that my great grandmother made, out of storage and used it on the bed.  It's pretty fragile, some might consider it a cutter, but I plan to mend it where I can and use it gently.  The tartan pillow came from a craft store, but my favorite part of the Christmas d├ęcor in here are these...
I hung these paper stars over the bed, illuminated with 3 watt nightlight bulbs they glow so beautifully at night!
Ahhhh, I will be leaving these up for a couple months just because I love the light. And that's the tour! Stars and lights and trees, and cozy plaid flannel. Here in Michigan it's a VERY white Christmas so far and until January 2 I'm loving it. After that I want to spend the rest of the winter somewhere tropical.  I hope you enjoyed the visit and I hope you are tucked snug in your homes surrounded by Christmas lights and things that make you smile.  If I don't see you before Sunday,
Printable Christmas Greeting Card - Watercolor Wreath


  1. Kathy- The thing I love about coming here is that I DO feel like I am visiting an old friend. Everything is warm and welcoming. I can almost smell the gingerbread cookies, too. That little tree is perfect!!! I love all the stars you have sprinkled throughout the house and you are probably using the right name for those lights---RICE lights...I have been calling them Fairy What do I know?! Merry Christmas, Kathy! xo Diana

  2. Your cottage looks beautiful all decked out for Christmas! I think our place looks best during the holidays. So warm and cozy. I had to laugh when i read about your getting a flat screen. I said the same thing on my blog in October - we entered the 21st century! Merry Christmas!

  3. The cozy factor is to the moon over here. Loved the tour! And, thanks to you, I now have three sets of those lights except that I don't have a remote and must fuss with them some. What a treasure in your grandmother's quilt on your bed. Good thing you know how to rescue it. Is that piece being removed for the flat screen tv going to your sewing room? It must have lots of storage space.

  4. How lovely it all looks Kathy. One doesn't need to go mad decorating. Simple is best. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Oh Kathy, I adore everything. I love the stars and the lights! Beautiful! They really speak to me. (I leave lights up later, too -- it's so dark here in Michigan!) Your trees are fabulous -- nice find on that kitchen tree. And I love your bedroom with the stars and the special quilt. I know many quilts should probably be cutters but I just can't bear to. I have a pretty big quilt collection, some with meaning, some not -- but I don't think I would possibly ever cut them! I'm glad you are saving yours.

    My favorite thought? That Jadeite cupboard with the red. Perfect!

    Merry Christmas to you! And a very happy new year. (And I want to gt a flatscreen too -- but I can't lift the old one!)

  6. Your home looks so lovely and cozy all of the time, but a Christmas even more so. I wish I could be sitting at that dining table having cookies and coffee with you! Merry Christmas my sweet friend! p.s. I love seeing the mosaic heart hanger, when I visit :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing your home, friend! It's so warm and cozy, I could be very comfortable there visiting with you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  8. Thank you for the tour of your lovely home decked out for Christmas.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2017 ~ FlowerLady

  9. What a dreamy home! Thank you for inviting us to see it all dressed up for Christmastime!

  10. I love it! So homey and Christmasy! Those stars over the bed are great!

    Merry Christmas, Kathy!

  11. Oh!!! Those stars over your bed are enchanting. Now I want some...on the lookout and I would leave them up for several months, too. Fabulous. Merry Christmas!!

  12. How did I miss this beautiful post? I love seeing pictures of your cottage! Love, love those stars! Also love the plaid couch in my favorite color. :)

    Are you loving your flat screen tv?

  13. I really enjoyed seeing your sweet cottage all dressed for the season...I especially love your kitchen...and I must have some of those rice you little trees all thru the cottage. Happy new Year...

  14. i just went over to amazon and so many lights, could you tell me which ones you bought and like....? thanks

  15. I'm very late coming to your house tour. Everything looks beautiful. I love the lights over your bed. Keeping them up past Christmas is a great idea. I would too. Your house is so warm and welcoming ((hugs)) rhondi


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