Friday, November 16, 2007

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I don't know about you, but now is when the pressure starts to build for Thanksgiving for me. Time to make sure the linens are washed and pressed, the house spiffed up and decorated, and everything is clean as a whistle. I pull out some of the turkeys for decorations.

Polish the yard sale silver collection:>)
and maybe rearrange the shelves a bit, just so things look fresh.
Then, the cooking and baking will begin. Earl and I both had today off so we started it with breakfast out and some errands and (gulp) Christmas shopping! There, I admitted it, I did some shopping before Thanksgiving! I think it takes some of the pressure off to start early. I know some of you don't agree, but I am sure each of our schedules and activities for the season are different. Then out to buy the turkey and fixins and get it started thawing. We got a 20 pounder so we would have lots of delicious leftovers! By the way, we stopped by a new, huge Salvation army today and I could not believe the prices! A used bed, $300.00! a stained antique picture in a chipped frame $300.00! I kid you not! Are any of the rest of you finding the thrift places hiking their prices like that? Crazy! I saw lidded jars (used!) that they had $30 price tags on, I can get one new at Marshalls for $14 or less! I just couldn't believe it. There were lots of things that I could have bought new for less than the prices they had scrawled on the used filthy stuff. Anyway, we left in disgust. I probably wont donate to Salvation army anymore if they are going to ream people. Those are retail prices and more but the retail stores have to buy their stock, it isn't donated! So that is my rant for the day,LOL. Back to my cleaning. Anyone else out there starting to feel the pressure?
Ooh! I forgot my thankful thing for todays post! I am thankful for never being hungry, for the bounty of blessings God has given us, and for the smell of wood smoke on a crisp autumn day:>)


  1. I'm getting ready for turkey day too...I'm pretty well organized, just the last bits of grocery shopping to do.
    I have to agree thrift shop prices are high. The Goodwill by me is pretty expensive...and they have all donated items-go figure. Have a nice weekend. Linda

  2. Anything antique at our Thrift Store is too high in price, it does go to a good cause but it should still be affordable!
    Enjoy your turkey dinner and Happy Thanksgiving to you..I love lots of leftover turkey too.

  3. Sometimes I question the prices at the thrift stores! I saw a ugly print in a cheap cheap frame for $35! It was big but not worth that money! Other times I find real bargains. I usually go to Goodwill maybe they're better at pricing than some of the other thrifts.

    I haven't even gone grocery shopping for Thanksgiving!


  4. Prices here are going up too. I call Goodwill the new KMart. But I think the prices are higher than blue light specials!

  5. Your home is looking awsome.

  6. Around here, our Goodwill is great! But recently, a Salvation Army store opened, and their prices are outrageous for the most part!
    Ooooo, I love Thanksgiving!! My mom has it at her house, so even though I help w/the food, I don't have to clean house! ;)

  7. Between you and Linda, I feel so far behind! But, I still have a few days to prepare. Love your arrangements Kathy! So pretty!
    Yes, I find that thrift stores are getting more expensive these days. What is up with that? The lack of business? Well, hiking the prices up sure won't help that matter any.
    Have a great weekend! Did you sign up for my giveaway for tomorrow? I am trying to get around to let everyone know, but haven't read everyone's names yet.
    ta, ta,

  8. Hi Kathy, there is so much to be done for such an event, but you seem to be coping very well:) Jenn and Jacqui

  9. The Salvation Army where I live has gotten totally out of control with their pricing. They've even started putting things that might be "antique" or "vintage" behind a glass case and starting auction bidding at crazy prices. Like you said, sometimes it is easier and less expensive to buy new. Too bad. I did like supporting a charity.

  10. Well, that's a stinky deal about the Salvation Army experience. I donate each time I walk into my grocery store...guess if everyone does that they make pretty darn good moola. Anyway, lovely pie and decorations.

  11. Crazy! I wouldn't buy there either.

    I am not ready at all for Thanksgiving. Eeeekkkk! But then again, we make a very simple straight forward meal, and my family brings most of the side dishes so I think I can pull it off on a moments notice! LOL!

    Of course, I do have some things to do, like cleaning! Mine won't be clean as a whistle, but cleaner than a normal day is what I am going for!

    Better get a move on, considering time is marching on!

  12. Two of my sons are arriving today. They will be here thru Thanksgiving. I finally bought my turkey, so I feel a little less stressed...:-)

    I have noticed that alot of the thrift stores have raised their prices. It is hard to find bargains anymore.

  13. Love your vignettes, especially the white pitchers.

    I agree with the thrift store problem. I stopped going very much around here years ago. It's only occasionally I'm desperate enough to check them out. I fare better at true junk stores.

  14. I love your holiday pieces.. I have to get my silver out tomorrow! Have a great weekend. Michelle

  15. Ooo, these displays are so Beautiful!
    Sandra Evertson

  16. I thought it was just me! The thrift stores are getting higher and higher! Yard sales will always be your best bet. Love the pitchers in the photo!

  17. Well it looks like you are ready! What time do you want us :0

  18. We are trying to get ready, too! So much to do....we haven't even gotton the turkey yet!

    Have a blessed day!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  19. Hi Kathy!! I have started some of my Christmas shopping too! I always start early. I am so ready for Thursday to eat all the fattening foods, lol! We are going to my aunts. I am just brining cuppycakes for the kids and my caramel apple cake.

    Hugs and a very Happy thanksgiving!


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