Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No school yesterday or today for mid winter break. I got a lot done yesterday. Calls made, the ceiling painted in the dining room.  Today I have another long list.

1. Another coat of paint on the ceiling and at least choose a color for the walls. I am having the toughest time. I have decided to just go with white for now. Not that there aren't 40 bazzilion shades of white. I may actually just close my eyes and pick one.

2. laundry.

3. Meet with college admissions officer this morning.....yup.  I am looking into going back to school this spring for Graphic design.  At the tender age of (almost 52) I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.  All kinds of changes going on.  Good ones.  Growing ones.

Stay tuned.


  1. Oh going back to school!! Oh that makes me so happy for you Kathy!!! :)

  2. Wow...back to school...I have thought of that so many times...do they give life credits?????? Good luck ;-)

  3. Spring is in the air! Sounds like lots of us are painting. I love your flowers. We had mid-winter break Fri-Mon. Fri. was bball practice right in the middle of the day and yesterday was a game. Some break! Oh well! Good for you deciding what to be!

  4. Oh my gosh! Well I can't help you pick out paint but maybe I can help you choose a new backpack :)
    We'll be cheering you on Kathy!

  5. Congrats on going back to school - never to late to learn anything - I have been toying with the idea as well - more to learn abt business

  6. Kathy i am so happy that you are going to scool, not that you aren't artistic enough all ready. I just want to say you do not have to grow up to do this. Your post above about love is awsome. We were so young then!! I know the content cannot be copied, but do you have a "draft" that you could send me? I would sure like to post it on my desk for the evil people to see as they snoop around. I am trying to be a less judgemental person but it is hard for me. Thanks for always brightening my day!! LAS

  7. Sounds like you have a wonderful plan - for the paint and for your schooling. Can't wait to hear more about your plans. Will pray that it all goes smoothly and soon you will be the best graphic designer ever! I'm excited for you!

  8. What a sweet vignette.
    Love those delicate flowers.

  9. I love that you want to learn something new. I believe that is what actually keeps us young at heart.

  10. Kathy! How exciting to be going back to school! That is wonderful!

    Picking color can be daunting. I cheat and steal ideas from magazines...lol

  11. Yay for you! I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be! Good luck to you!

  12. I've been kicking around the idea of going back to school too, but I'll wait until our last child graduates from high school, so maybe in 3 years.

  13. Congratulations on your decision to go back to school You will probably be the best student in the class!

  14. love the primrose and the beautiful vintage pot it's in!

  15. Do I scent a career change in the air?

  16. That sounds amazing! I bet you will be excellent at graphic design...


  17. Well I'm 48 and still haven't figured it out so good for you!

  18. Very cool that you're going back to school! It's something I've been thinking about too as my daughter will be leaving the nest soon.

    I find picking a wall color very hard! I've had paint samples on my family room walls for over an year now LOL! I think I finally decided...maybe!


  19. Good for you in considering going back to school. My grandmother went back to university when she was in her 50s, and my mother did as well to become a minister. I don't have any plans right now, but one never knows. Good for you in taking on the challenge.

  20. Congratulations Kathy, what a fabulous idea. Fifty two years young I think. I still have ten years on you, you're just a babe...a smart one too!

  21. That is awesome Kathy!!
    You go girl!

    Too cool because my post this morning is about what we wanted to be when we "grew up".

    You will be a fabulous graphic designer.

    I'm so proud of you!!!



  22. Kathy, thanks so very much for the lovely Valentines card/hanger that I received in the post this morning! It is so beautiful and I just love it!! I am at present taking an art course as well, through the London School of Art, Graphic Arts and Design. I am really enjoying it at the tender age of 54. It is NEVER too late! xxoo

  23. Hello, Kathy! My first visit here... you have such a beautiful, cozy blog! Your Etsy shop is full of lovelies... Wonderful creative spirit here. And congrats soon on your return to school--very exciting! Wishing you all the best! I look forward to visiting again.. Happy Days to you & yours :o)

  24. What I've learned at the ripe old age of 52 (53 on Friday) is that you're never too old to learn. You go, girl!

  25. Isn't it great to have extra time to do those things you want to get done. Painting will be great once its complete. Everything will make it feel like a new place.

    You are so lucky to know what you are going to be when you grow up...I still ask myself that questions and I'm around your age...hmmmmmm... still thinking..
    have a lovely day

  26. What a darling picture! Oh my am I ready for spring!
    Congratulations on returning to school! What an exciting time this must be for you. :o)
    The quilter left a message on my cell phone, the quilts are done and she says I will love them! Can't wait for pay day!! :o)

  27. WHAT??????
    The dinning room isn't going to be RED!!!!!
    Say it isn't so Martha!!!!! :-)
    {just teasin ya sweetpea!}

    I know we are all craving spring and spring colors..... I can't wait to see the finished project!

    HUGE congratulations on taking that BIG step to go back to school!
    I have contemplated that many times and procrastinated too long!

    Raising my glass to you Kathy...you will be great at whatever you decide to do!

    Warm Hugz,

  28. wonderful you! I wish I knew what I wanted to be......I know what I'd love to do....but it won't give me the paycheck I need!
    Congrats on the big decision!

  29. I don't know how I missed so many of oyur posts but I am just now getting around to read that you are going back to school. I think that is fabulous and I know you are going to love it! Good for you!
    Hugs, Rhondi


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