Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow day

The bad news, we've been hit with "the blizzard"...and it's still snowing.  The good news,
But don't think I'll be sitting around in my red polka dot pajamas all day,
 (are you surprised I have red polka dot pj's? I didn't think so!)
Today I'm working on priming more of the kitchen cabinets, maybe a little sewing, and the husband has asked me out to dinner.:>)  Lets hope we can get out of the driveway!  And lets hope I get another snow day tomorrow....
Update: Thursday, another snow day:>) I got two coats of primer on the upper cabinets yesterday, just finished a coat of  the good stuff and am off to do some cleaning and sewing until I can recoat.  Last night we went out for steak and saw Green Hornet. Cute movie, really fun and funny. Now I'm off  to get some work done! It feels great to get so much accomplished. Dare I hope for no school tomorrow?


  1. Love the PJ's! If I could stay home I would its 10 below here but now snow!

  2. We can be painting buddies...I'm doing the same thing!

    Janet xox

  3. Hey Kathy!

    We don't have it nearly so bad here, but it is still cold for us (and Houston might even get snow on Friday...amazing!) I'm with you in spirit! LOVE the polka dot very *you*! I hope you are able to get done all the things you need to/want to do...and enjoy your date night for sure!!

    Stay warm, friend...

    Hugs & Blessings,

  4. It is a PJ day here, too, but I am cleaning out my closet. I love snow days but I know I will not be happy in June!

  5. Hi Kathy..I am in Oklahoma with daughter Wendy and her crew.Her hubbie is Nana to the rescue.We had the first batch of the was brutal..the area that we are in has not seen these temps..or the conditions we had since they were keeping records.We are sooo hoping to get out and play in it for short times today.
    Love your pj's..and the cup...Is a top 10 in my book.

    Stay warm and have fun on your date!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Love that mug! I hope you have hot cocoa in it! No snow here but it is cold. My house is toasty warm so I will stay inside and make cards today. Enjoy your date this evening.

  7. Cute jammies Kathy! Enjoy your snow day. It sounds wonderful!

  8. Love your jammies! Stay warm and safe, my friend. Can't wait to see your kitchen cabinets. Wondering what paint you're using. I need to repaint mine.

  9. awwwww... my widdle pawents are all cutesy and goin' on a date!!!!! gross. lol. I love you! Happy snow day mama!
    xoxoxo Love,

  10. Love your PJ's! I need to be painting my kitchen cupboards too today. Maybe later....

  11. Cozy looking pjs. And mug. Have a great snow day painting your kitchen.

  12. I love your red polka dotted PJ's
    I want some! How cute are they....VERY CUTE!
    Enjoy dinner with the hubby, where you go'n?.
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  13. You have got to be happy and content in those polka dot pjs!

  14. Fantastic photo! I love the mug and the jammies! Out to dinner with your sweetie.... I'd say that's a perfect day :)

  15. CUTE jammies Kathy!

    I am so glad you are staying in making it a fun day!
    Too cold to wander out in all this snow!

    Stay warm dear friend!

    Hugs, Dolly

  16. Hi Dotty! :)
    We are being spoiled by all the down time, huh? I love it :)

    I changed my post b/c that souffle recipe wouldn't click to enlarge where it could be read ;/

  17. I hope the blizzard has gone by now and not left any damage for you. Love, love, love the red polka dots. I would have kept that cute mug filled with something warm and stayed right there until it was over.

  18. Well,
    if you don't have a snow day today, there's promise in the air, I hear another storm is heading our way.

    Glad that you got so much accomplished. I have to check out that movie.

    Happy Snow.


  19. glad you were able to go out on a date with your husband. steak sounds good right now :) maybe i need a steak i mean a date night :)

  20. I want some red polka dot jammies!! :o)

    How awesome to have these snow days ... back to back! I can hardly wait to see what you are sewing up and you beautiful cabinets!

    What a fun time out ... steak and a movie! Wow! That is a treat! :o)

    Schools are shut down today, in south MS of all places ... due to ice. :o) So the house is crowded and hoping to play a few games before the day is over!! :o)

    Hoping for another snow day for you!!

    love ya, Trish

  21. I was bragging last weekend about it being 70 30 and sleet...that's the last time I will taunt people in cold parts of the country...LOL...
    Enjoy your snow days and your time off to do fun stuff! I'll just go crawl back to my blog now....

  22. Where can I get some of those adorable jammies? I love them! So happy for you and your snow day. Mimi

  23. You cutie, you...of COURSE you would have red and white polka dot pj's.
    I am about to have a hissy fit to see your are sooo gonna love it white.

  24. Kathy, I'm with BJ, can't wait to see your kitchen! We are painting ours as well, but haven't decided on the color (off white of course!) but which one? L.O.V.E. your p.j.'s! Hope you are finally out of the blizzard...take good care.

  25. Hope the snow's on it's way out now!

  26. ...LOL - no i am not surprised!!!
    tee hee!!

    you go girl with the cabinets - and sewing!

    enjoy the time - and thank GOD for snow!



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