Thursday, February 17, 2011

February needs Valentines day to have any value at all.  Cold, dreary, for those of you who don't like Valentines day, all I can say is you must not live in the frozen north.
Everyone should have flowers in February, and if Valentines day forces the issue, so be it.
I'm ready for Spring, and I can see that I am not alone. 
Did you know that around this time each year I become a meteorologist? It's true.  I start predicting the weather.  Drives Earl a little crazy, but I need that optimism right about now.
You see, if the weatherman says the high will be in the mid to high 40's, I turn to Earl and say "You know what that means, It's going to hit 50, maybe even 55."  I assume the weatherman fudges on the low side this time of year so people won't get all up in arms if the high he predicted didn't come true.
Earl scoffs, so I'm keeping a record this year. Weatherman's predicted high vs. my own prediction. Yesterday, the weatherman predicted something like a high of 44, it hit 54.  I rest my case.
Today the weatherman says 55, (which, by the way, last week when he said it would be 50 today, I wrote 55 on the calender, who's a genius?) so you know what that means. 60.  I need to wring every bit of warmth out of February that I can. Maybe I should consider a career change. I think I would be a very popular weathergirl:>) How's the weather where you are?


  1. You are too cute Kathy! :o)
    If I could tuck some warm sunny days into an envelope and mail it to you, I would for sure!! :o) We are expecting a high of 70, but we will have to wait and see.
    I want to plant flowers so badly, I can taste it, but even though it is beautiful today, we are in for more freezes (that is typical around here - the weather teases us).
    Big warm hugs to you!
    Sincerely, Trish

  2. It's been beautiful here in Phoenix for the past week but the weatherman says rain all weekend. Can you come out here and see if you think he's right? I was just getting used to the warm weather.

  3. You are so right Kathy about the flowers and the weather! You can be my meteorologist any day. I want it warm, melt that snow and let the sun shine. It's a wonder I haven't thrown myself off a building with these grey days...seriously! Enjoy today, it should be the warmest so they say, what do you say? :)

  4. Oh yes, February DOES NEED Valentine's Day. I feel sorry for those that do not celebrate that day. This week has been very warm here in Kansas. Yesterday it hit 82. You never know here ~ cold one day and hot the next. I love it here tho!

  5. It's 11:28 am and already 60 degrees! Sunny and beautiful.

    enjoy this early taste of Spring ;->

    Janet xox

  6. i think the colors of celebrating valentines day brightens the month too. we had some rain, wind and sun yesterday and today its sunny with a nice cool breez. we were supposed to get 5 days of rain! thats what the weatherman said lol!

  7. We are getting the warm temps that were predicted, but no one said anything about rain!! Yuck!

    Love your pretty flowers!


  8. LOL Kathy! Our weathermen predict the snow soooo wrong. They say we are getting 12 inches - we get a dusting. They say 1 or 2 inches we get 12-18....

    Today it is in the 60's and tomorrow it is suppose to be 71!!

    Mr Comforts is outside right now working on the pergola...I can't wait for it to be finished. I can just picture sitting under it, dining al fresco...

  9. I've just been outside trying to talk myself out of going ahead and cutting the dead plants back, in fear we'll have another gust of bad weather. Can you tell me what it's going to do here? I doubt this weather is in that crystal ball of yours, but take a look anyhow please!

  10. ...and YOU are brilliant!!!

    ***and the crowd cheers (*insert golf clapping here***)

    Well, I am looking outside right now through rain dotted windows (those that I just washed last NICE weekend) and listening to the 45 MPH wind gusts hitting the house like a little freight train. Other than that, all is good.

    I love the rain..
    I love the rain....
    I love the rain...... just makes for a very bad hair day!


  11. I am thankful that February has Valentine's Day. Here in Canada we have no President's Day or Martin Luther King day to offset the month.

    Definitely take up weather predicting - you predict the kind of weather I like!

  12. I like the way you think Kathy! More snow tomorrow. Highs in the 30's! :( Mimi

  13. The ground hog says spring will be early. I'm choosing to believe both of you are right. Fun, fun post, Kathy. Come on spring!

  14. It's been pretty and fairly warm. One day, it hit 70. :))


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