Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I feel a project coming on:>)

Baking is on the schedule for tomorrow, and maybe for Friday too! We have lots of places to spread the goodies too, so we won't eat them all. Yay!  It's cold here but a warm front is moving in soon and I can't wait for anything above 39 degrees.  February is practically half way over with , thank goodness it's a short month, and then March. Oh sweet spring is on the way! I can feel it in my bones, can you?
I'll show you the fun tomorrow night:>)


  1. I bet your home is going to be scented with wonderful aromas....

    It is 32 here and cold. We have snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow....Hurry Spring!!

  2. Now I really feel guilty about my grinchy post about Valentines Day. Maybe I should bake something too. Have a great night!

  3. Are those cupcake toppers????

    I'm hungry now ;-)

    janet xox

  4. I hope some treats will show up at the quiz Saturday...hint, hint...since we'll be in your neck of the woods and all...

    Will we see you there?

    (End of shameless begging)

  5. Adorable little tags Kathy :)
    What sweets will you make?
    My bones are so happy now...I don't want the heat again :/

  6. Hi Kathy...nothing is better when it's cold outside then to bake something...I too will be baking this weekend...Having the blog ladies over for V-Day lunch on Monday....I have a new cupcake tree Ineed to show it's a good excuse to make cupcakes!
    Happy Baking!

  7. The tags are "sweet"! I'm anxious to see the fun.

  8. I only get a warm FRONT when I am standing in front of the gas stove!
    I will come back to see your treats. I did ♥ shaped Linzer tarts , but we ate them all, so I have to bake again!

  9. I love chocolate covered brownies!!! I make them very small and double dip them and call them chocolate decadent!

    Your are gorgeous..what a nice presentation.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    janet xox


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