Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Let the weekend begin! These were delivered to my door today, courtesy of my wonderful sweetheart ♥ #loveofmylife :)
To tell the truth, we don't have anything special planned for this weekend.  We never go out in the crowds, our plan is to go see a movie and have dinner some time next week. This weekend I will be painting my studio/guest room and I have to say I'm pretty excited to finally get that project off the ground. I will be sure to share as I get things spiffed up.
What about you? Do you prefer to celebrate at home or mingle with the crowds on a holiday weekend?
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


  1. We stay home and have dinner in front of the fireplace. To crazy to go to a restaurant that's overbooked, charge to much, and sit for hours waiting for a reservation. So we enjoy staying at home.

  2. I'm such a "stay-at-home" girl. I love having my sweetie all to myself on holidays. But, we're going to a high school basketball game tomorrow night - not romantic at all....but, it's time spent with Mr. O. Your flowers are so lovely - he knows you so well.

  3. We had our dinner tonight at a wonderful Italian restaurant. Quiet, great food, good server and the best bread pudding this side of forever! Like my sweet friend Kathy O we are homebodies!

  4. I can't wait to see your room! It sounds so exciting!

    I think you and Earl will have a great time tomorrow. Years of marriage aren't boring...we know our spouses and are comfortable in whatever we do.

    My hubby and I have spent Valentine's Day at home together for years on end. I usually try to make a somewhat fancier dinner and maybe a bottle of sort of goes by like any other day, to be honest. The other day I got a little crazy and made reservations at a top restaurant downtown..a surprise of sorts. Yeah a surprise..his eyes widened when I told him the name of the restaurant!! I'm sure we will have a great time and then eat bologna sandwiches for a week or so!!! Ha!

    Have a good one, sweetie!

    Jane xxx

  5. Hello Kathleen, I haven't visited in a while and boy, have I been missing out. Your blog has bloomed and I love it. I mean . . . I loved it before, but wow! I can not believe all the wonderful posts that i've been going through. I love your mixer designs and the little heart banner and oh my word I am head over heals in love with your seed packet pillow cushions. Beautiful things every where . . . can you tell that I've enjoys my visit.
    Happy Valentine's Day.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  6. Kathy, I have roses of almost the same colour, from my husband! Aren't they lovely (both roses and husbands!)

  7. What a pretty bouquet from your Sweetheart! Enjoy this pleasant Valentine's Day and your delayed celebration next week.

  8. I like to celebrate at home, Kathy....hubby does like to go out though. Those flowers are just gorgeous!!!! Happy Valentine's Day- xo Diana

  9. We stay home. Last night I made a romantic meal of pot roast :-). Your flowers are beautiful!

  10. Beautiful flowers! We stayed home and re-organized the pantry! How that for romantic :)

  11. I'm catching up a bit here. Your flowers are beautiful. My sweetheart gave me yellow roses. We do both - at times we go out to eat and other times finds us home for a quiet meal together. This year we 'celebrated' with my sweetheart's siblings and their spouses with lunch together in a quaint, little place midway between all of our homes around the state.


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