Monday, February 2, 2015


Dori at The Red Feedsack did a post recently on making cards by hand. I love that idea. I have just about given up on commercial cards. They are ridiculously expensive, usually end up in the trash and often don't express the sentiment you are looking for as perfectly as you would like. The trouble is, I am not a paper crafter. I already have so many hobbies, and so many I would like to learn, that adding all the paper supplies, and spending additional time learning the tricks of the trade just isn't up my alley right now. So how to grow a stash of pretty cards that I can use?  Well, as a blogger I have 8 years worth of pretty photos on my computer! Yes, this month marks 8 years of sharing  and I will be celebrating with a giveaway later this month :>)
 But back to the task at hand. I opened an account with Snapfish and they gave me 55 free prints as a welcome gift.  This is not an endorsed post, just a heads up that if you join there are some good things you can take advantage of.  So I went through, cropped some photos to 4 x 6 size, uploaded and ordered my free prints. I picked up some note card blanks on sale at a craft store, super cheap, and when the photos came I took all of about 10 minutes and attached them to the front of the cards.
 Voila! I have a beautiful stash of note cards to use at a moments notice, and each one cost pennies. Please excuse the glare on these photos, it comes from the 10-14 inches of snow we got last night bouncing the light  like crazy.
 The best part? I have photos that represent lots of different seasons.
 I can even add my own text or message to the photo before printing, so my cards can say exactly what is on my heart.
 Why pay a mint to have wedding thank you notes printed? You could take your own photo and use it to make these yourself.
 So many perfect photos to send a little hello and brighten someone's day.
How about a sweet Valentine? Go ahead and add some ribbon, rhinestones or other embellishments if you want to, but they are just as pretty unembellished.
And they are as personal and colorful and YOU as you want to make them.
Even if you aren't getting the photos free, having your own pictures processed is so inexpensive. The amount I saved in this offer was less than $5 for 55 prints, so even if you don't get them free that is a great deal for cards.
So happy February! The shortest month of winter brings us one step closer to spring every day:>) Are you shoveling out this morning, or enjoying some sunshine somewhere warm?


  1. Absolutely love this idea! Cards are $5 and $6 now which is so ridiculous especially when someone takes the quality pictures that you take. I might give it a try...sounds like a fun winter day project. :)

  2. Your note cards are beautiful! How did you attach the photos to the black cards? With a glue stick?

    1. I'd like to know this too - thanks.

    2. I used glue dots in a dispenser, (it kind of rolls them out in a line) and when I ran out of that I used rubber cement. Rubber cement doesn't wrinkle the paper or photos like a very wet glue would. I would think you could use any kind of adhesive that would be suitable for scrapbook or archival paper.

  3. Beautiful! You're singing my (former) song!

  4. Your cards are so pretty! Of course it's your photos that make them!

  5. Those are absolutely gorgeous!! You could sell those in your etsy shop or make a calendar with them!

  6. The photo cards are gorgeous, Kathy!
    And yes, very inexpensive also.
    I see you are counting the days until Spring...
    Me too!
    Take care my friend-Kimberly

  7. Your photography is stunning and perfect for note cards. I agree about how expensive cards are, and even trying to have them printed or created to sell. Your work is so wonderful!

  8. What a great idea and your cards turned out so beautiful! Thanks for the heads~up! xox

  9. Oh those are pretty. I make a few cards but use magazine photos that I've saved and cardstock and bits and pieces of things I gather. I don't spend a lot of money. The biggest expense is the oversized envelopes but I found some at Target that are like little manila envelopes but all white. They cost me $.40 each. So for about $.50 I have a lovely handmade card. I'll have to look into getting copies of some of my photos and use those as well.

  10. You should sell your cards!!!! They are beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  11. A few weeks ago I was in a rush and bought a card for my husband. I didn't even look at the price, which was $10! It was a nice card, but seriously??! This is such a great idea Kathy, and they look lovely!


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