Thursday, February 19, 2015

Studio / Guest Room Makeover

The February doldrums have hit and it looks like I am not the only one they have affected, my Bloglovin feed has been strangely emptyish lately. I can only hope my favorite bloggers will be back in full force with the promise of Spring.
Since it is such a dead time of year, at least for me, I decided to tackle something I have been wanting to do for some time.  This is the little bedroom that used to belong to my eldest daughter. She grew up and moved out, much to my chagrin. Why must children do that? Why can't they grow up and, say, move next door where we can all have our freedom but still see them every day? *sigh*
When she left the room was painted light blue. Before that it was several other colors including hot pink, which is the color we painted over when we moved in 34 years ago. Lets just say the room is a little smaller today than it was back then. You may have noticed I like lots of color. I used to chide friends and relatives about their white walls, (sorry Marie), and here I am painting the house in shades of white. You see, the thing I have found is that Color on the walls blocks me too solidly into one decorating style and color palette and I am nothing if not fickle. I want to be able to change my decorating with the seasons and on a whim, without changing the wall color. Also, this room has one north facing window and I need light. So white it is. The yellow looks nice and bright in this photo, but it was worn and to tell the truth it was wearing on me.  The chair is a garage sale oldie that I painted eons ago when the girls were little. I still love the silly thing. The rug was $5 at a garage sale and is there just until I find something I really love.
 So, I went to the Hardware store and I found the brightest white I could. Bright white in a low VOC formula because painting in the winter when you can't open the windows can really stink the place up. I am happy to report that there was virtually no paint smell at all. A very light scent as I put it on, no smell that evening when it was done.
I need a place to work on projects but this is also the guest room. I need to be able to fold up the tables, put things away and welcome that eldest daughter and her sweet husband back to her old room when they are in town, so the folding tables work for me just fine for now.  This is actually, hopefully,  a temporary studio, we are working on plans for something more permanent soon :>)
I am showing this even though it isn't finished. The walls are bare and it looks a bit blah right now. This is reality and I feel that it has to be said that, although we pin amazing studios and work spaces on pinterest, they don't have to be complete and happen overnight. There is joy in the process and in taking time to make this space my own and a reflection of what I love. I have a lot of plans to make it more fun and colorful, but right now, I am really enjoying the light and fresh whiteness of the walls.
I gave the old brown inspiration board a coat of jadeite green craft paint and purchased fabric for some cute yellow curtains from for a steal.  A simple hem on each end and some clips and they are done. I like the sunny jolt of color they add, and because the fabric was so inexpensive I won't have any guilt when I want to switch them out for another color.
The create banner was made for me by a sweet blog friend, Trish, at Notes of Sincerity, and I love the fact that I think of her every time I look at it. In fact, the space is decorated with gifts from several blog friends and I will share more about that later.
 So that is the "studio" so far. It is so nice to have a space that I don't have to clean up every time I am finished for the day and that doesn't impinge on the rest of the house!
On another note, I have to share the latest $5 find from Home Depot. This time of year I CRAVE some green. I have to admit, I am not particularly good at keeping houseplants alive. The outdoor garden does much better because God takes care of sunshine and watering with just a smidgen of help from me :>) The indoor plants...God must just shake his head.  But I found this huge gorgeous ivy plant at Home Depot and it was $5! I couldn't even believe the size of it when I unwrapped it from the plastic sleeve it was crammed into.  It is lush and gorgeous and I have so far been diligent about babying it. But if it should die some day, (if?) it was only $5. Less than the cost of fresh flowers and guaranteed to last longer. I l♥ve it. HD is quickly becoming the affordable fix for my winter plant and flower addiction. (Not a paid endorsement, you know I don't do those right?)
Please tell me, how are you fighting the winter doldrums? Do you have any fun projects you would like to start? Maybe now is the time, before the outdoors beckons and all those Spring cleaning and planting chores fill up the calendar.


  1. Your room is turning out wonderful Kathy! I have had yellow walls for years in my home and this next house we are planning on building will have a creamy white on all of the walls. So far we are just planning for the new home and looking forward to a trip to Florida in a couple of weeks. We are still iced in no trip to Home Depot for me....

  2. I love the color its similar to the color I'm painting in my kitchen, living, and dining room. The plant is great too. I will have to check it out and see if I can get one.

  3. I quilt in the winter - piecing lovely bright fabrics keeps me happy!

  4. I find this time of year difficult, and crave the sun.
    Your ivy is lovely and should last well if you spray it with a mist every now and then,

  5. Isn't it funny how us color loving girls are finding white walls the perfect backdrop for color. You are going to love having a space just for you and I can't wait to see what you do to make it perfect for encouraging creativity. I used folding tables for years. I covered them in oil cloth using duct tape to hold the cloth in place and used velcro to attach a pretty skirt. It prettied them up and yet they still came down easily when needed. I would love some winter so I can't help you there.

  6. I love what you're doing in your studio. It's amazing how our kids grow up and leave home! They all seem to do that. Well, most of them! I haven't worked on many projects or had the winter doldrums. The flu 'bug' visited our home and left a lot of junk in its path. Life has been busy with this and that and I've just not been able to sit down and blog. Soon. I promise. Two wee trips to the coast over the last month and bit of thifting are what I have to share.

  7. Your studio looks great Kathy! As for getting rid of the winter doldrums, I just keep busy with crafting and creating and believe it or not walking 2 miles OUTSIDE when I get home from work, even in the IL deep freeze. I dress like I'm going on a expedition to Antarctica. The fresh air clears my head and I actually feel great afterward. Believe me, I'm NOT a big fan of January or February or winter for that matter, but I live in IL, so I just deal with it. UGH!

  8. The hardest thing to me about decorating is choosing a paint color. I'll avoid it at all cost. Reading you post made me realize I don't dislike white. I guess I associated white with "all white rooms" with NO color, or 1 thing with color. But I'm seeing white can be a great background for loads of color. I'm been organizing and knitting to beat the winter doldrums. But it is very sunny and bright out today.

  9. Oh- I like it, Kathy. There is nothing like having a space of your own to create and play in...where you don't have to clean up and put away in the middle of something. I, too, like white, or off-white walls because then I have so much flexibility with accessories.
    Have fun adding to the room as you go along. xo Diana

  10. I should be doing just what you are doing...painting. It's just that I hate painting more than anything.

    Your new guest room/studio space is very nice. I love how you are eager to keep a place for your daughter when she returns for visits. The curtains are the shade of yellow and the pattern.

  11. Isn't it the most wonderful thing to have a space to create in that you can call your own. Your banner is the perfect sentiment! As for the weather, frigid here as well but at least the sun in shining! Bundling up this weekend to head to Williamsburg where hot cider and a ginger cake will be awaiting me! Have a lovely weekend Kathy!

  12. Kathy, this is a GREAT studio room. I had to laugh at your white wall comment. I used to always think why would someone paint a wall white when there are so many amazing colors??? Now, I'm just like you. I realized that by painting all my walls white it give me so much freedom to really go crazy with color in other ways! And I love it! :-) Can't wait to see what other fun things you do in the room. The folding tables are PERFECT.

  13. White walls have gotten a bit of a bad rap I'm afraid, but you are wise to realize that bright walls can be limiting. One thing I've found to be true about color is this: if a color is difficult to describe, it's probably a lot more neutral and therefore flexible. In other words, if you find yourself saying 'it's a tannish, beigy, grayish color',chances are it will go with anything. Something to consider if you want flexibility but don't want white.

    I never had a dedicated craft room until a few years ago, and it makes such a difference! I don't think I can ever go back now ;). And you're so right Kathy...the process is what makes decorating fun!

    (Stopping by from cathy's and will have a look around. LOVE your stand mixer!!)

  14. I sometimes see these weekend projects that are completed on blogs and I feel a little envious...but like you, I like the process of making a space over and I find that I do things slowly, very slowly, so that it might take a year or even years to finish a space. I get a lot of satisfaction from the process though and feel I've found treasure when I find just the perfect piece for any space.

  15. The white looks good in there! I painted the living room in this house white but I must say I do miss my yellow walls. I don't know if I'd go white in the next house.

    That's going to be a lovely studio! It's so nice to be able to look outside when you're working on stuff.

  16. Your post made me smile, since I have had 3 children grow up and move away.........sigh. Love the makeover! As for freezing days with winter doldrums?........well, I look forward to days like this as I stay at my needle and stitch the day away!

  17. I just love this, Kathy! You did a great job and it really looks like your OWN space! And oh, how I love HD!!!

    Hope to get by more often...and thank you always for your heartfelt comments. :)

    Jane xs

  18. OOO, your room is looking just wonderful. I love your curtains and the banner is perfect for that spot.
    And, the ivy....I am going straight to HD tomorrow and see if they have such beautiful ones....

  19. Kathy, our lives are so parallel! I just finished my creative space, too. YOURS is wonderful! I like that your table is facing the window. And white walls are so much easier on the eye and a good neutral backdrop.

    Looking forward to seeing what beautiful creations come out of that lovely room.

    As for me, well, you know that California is unscathed from the storms. However, we would love some rain!!!


  20. Hi Kathy,
    I love your new room. You will love having your projects able to stay out until you return to them. My winter blahs left when I headed for snow city to be back home. Even though I have had to deal with the water damage problem, I love the snow. The worst of the weather was already gone when I got here.

    I was thinking of you when I saw Tula Pink's Bernina sewing machine with pink decals on it. Wouldn't that be the perfect application for your decals? You could really show them off in that gorgeous new room on your sewing machine.

    Well, stay well!



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