Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Kitchenaid Design for Spring, Pretty Poppies

I just added a new Spring design in the shop.  Bright red and orange poppies.  They are bold and fun and will brighten your kitchen up fast!
Pretty poppy Kitchenaid decals
 If red isn't your cup of tea, you can get them in pink too. I'm loving the big bold flowers and the soft greens of the leaves.
I'm having fun designing new looks, and I have some fresh ideas for other accessories just waiting to be implemented. 
Only 44 days until Spring, and green grass, and flowers, and gardens. :>)
I hope your week is going well, we are supposed to get more snow tonight, 2-5". I'm sure glad we invested in that snow blower this year!
Stay warm, and dream of Spring!


  1. You are just so creative and this is adorable!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Those are both beautiful! I just need a Kitchenaid. =D

  3. Oh...so pretty! I'm actually thinking of investing in a newer Kitchenaid. Mine is 30 years old and it doesn't do what the newer ones do...I do a lot of scraping on the sides and bottom of my bowl. Still, I feel frivolous ..maybe if I just save for it little by little...we always feel a bit better that way.

    44 days til spring! I'll take that! :)

    Jane xxx

  4. I LOVE those poppies. Now I wish I had more than one Kitchenaid! I need to get busy and take photos of the beautiful design you made for mine.

  5. How charming and cheerful. Love your designs :) And yes, spring is coming! Yay!!! Cheers

  6. Hi Kathy, I just love these decals. They really can spruce up an old Kitchenaid. I wrote a Valentine's Inspiration post today and I shared photos of your gorgeous Valentine's Day banner. Have a lovely weekend. Karen

  7. I just wish i had a stand-up mixer to put these pretty decals on.
    I ordered the checked tablecloth off the internet and here's where to go....


    They do have a 10 dollar postage fee but when you can get that size cloth for 12, it's not bad at all...ESPECIALLY for curtains.

  8. Cooking equipment that looks beautiful, making the atmosphere more cheerful :)

  9. Pretty is always good, and it's nice to see any color at all this time of year. :)

    I just looked through your most-recent posts and found the one about your husband's mentioning that you guys only have one set of dishes too. Ha! That made me laugh. 'Like they're on another planet sometimes, honestly. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day/week. :)

  10. So..cute, Kathy. I can't wait until I can afford the hand cranked mixer I've been eyeing, then I can purchase one of your beautiful designs!


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