Sunday, February 1, 2009

A sweet Cottage Dream Give-away

Oh the bitter irony...Wanting all these beautiful things currently being given away at Sweet Cottage Dreams, but sending more people over to add their name to the drawing and thus lessening my chances...*sigh*. Doesn't Becky do wonderful work? The adorable little "Love" sachet, one of her ultra cute cottage pennant banners and a delightful treasure trove of sweet goodies from the cottage. Do me a favor, don't go. Don't add your name to the growing list of people who would love to own Becky's beautiful thngs. Oh all right, I know you are going anyway. Good luck, and if you win because I told you about it you will split the loot with me right? Right?...


  1. OH!!! First, I love your sweet heart background...:-)

    And you are so nice to mention Becky's giveaway...Even though I am now going to have to go over there and sign up.....I will split it with you if I win!
    p.s. come take my blog poll on The Comforts Of Home...

  2. lol...Kathy, you wouldn't be you if you didn't share!!! Love your beautiful new February look!!!

  3. Can I wish you good luck even as I head over to put my name in?

  4. You are such a sweetie and a cutie...and, i promise, if I should win, I WILL split the loot with you!! :>)

  5. Oh Kathy, you are just too cute! I am laughing out loud!!!

    LOVE your Valentine's blog design.

    love you,


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