Saturday, November 27, 2010


As you can see, we had a beautiful Thanksgiving. Victoria took these photos or there wouldn't be any, you know how busy you get putting Thanksgiving dinner on the table! Once the festivities began even she didn't have time to take pics. We all ate til we were as stuffed as the turkey and then just talked and laughed and had a great time together.  I ♥ Thanksgiving:>)
 And now, as we all know, this weekend kicks off Christmas. We are getting the tree today, hauling down the ornaments from the attic (lets hope the ceiling doesn't suffer for it this year!)  and soon the smell of cookies baking will fill the air:>)
Last year I saw this book at the discount book store and put it on my list for Christmas. It has so many pretty projects and delicious recipes I had to have it! And like a dork I was afraid I wouldn't get it so I got one just before Christmas. Of course my sweet Victoria had gotten it for me so I have two copies. I had her write inside the one she got me and now I have one to give away. I'm working on a few more little things to include, but you'll just have to wait and see what else comes with this. Leave a comment and I'll choose a winner next Wednesday, December 1. Oh, and please make sure your email address is included in your comment or that you are signed in so I get an email address when you comment. If I can't get ahold of you I can't send you the prize!
I can't wait to begin decorating and enjoying the next 4 weeks.....only 4 weeks! They fly by so quickly, I plan to squeeze as much candle light and joy out of  each moment as I can. How are you preparing for Christmas?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The buffet is already earning its keep. Last night I began pulling dishes from storage and stacking them for the Thanksgiving table.  Nothing all that fancy, my new white plates, some cut glass goblets and a set of dessert plates from an antique shopping trip with Earl a few years ago. The silver tray was Earl's grandmothers so it has special meaning.  This morning I stepped into the dining room just as the morning sun hit the goblets. Beautiful.
Tonight, youngest daughter comes home for a long weekend from college. We have all been counting the hours.  This year for Thanksgiving we have some new dishes coming to the potluck and I am so excited. My niece, (one half of the blogging cousins) and nephew are bringing asparagus risotto and bruschetta, respectively. I am so happy to see them embracing our family tradition of gathering, each bringing something special and sharing the special love we have as a family. It makes the day for me:>) Sis always brings her fresh homemade rolls and finishes them here in the oven so they are hot and so good when they get to the table. Our other sis is bringing the potatoes and mom is bringing pies and salad.  Earl, of course, will make the turkey, complete with his wonderful cornbread stuffing, and the pumpkin-chocolate swirl cheesecake that is tradition around here. Oh I just can't wait!
I am wishing all of you the best Thanksgiving ever! Embrace your loved ones, eat too much, laugh, hug, count your many blessings.  That's what it's all about.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Buffet

Remember this buffet that we found way back in August by the side of the road? As you can see, it was missing a piece of moulding on the bottom drawer. Earl used sculpey clay to make an impression of the matching corner molding on the other side and I used the mold and some wood filler to make a new piece.
 Well now it looks like this...the brass pulls on the bottom two drawers were original to the piece.
I love, love, love the carving on the corners

And on the bottom
I found these at Anthropologie for the top drawer. Earl loves old maps and I thought they looked great with the pattern of the drawer. It looks like waves.
 Earl spent many hours refinishing the top,it now has a beautiful shine and a rich color. The white spot on the top is a candle flame reflected in the finish.
I'm just in love with this piece (have I mentioned that I love it yet?). It isn't perfect but it sure is beautiful. I can see it all set up with goodies for Christmas morning breakfast.  Or dessert for Thanksgiving.  We spent very little on paint, shellac, polyurethane, and the knobs.  Now I just need a large mirror to hang over it and maybe the right lamp.
Just in time for the holidays. Now if someone would just set the right mirror out by the road....;>)
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Got it! I'm ready for the weekend:>)
Find one here

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's 12:30 p.m. and I am still in my pj's. No work today (oh happy day!) and I decided to take my extra day and just have some fun sewing. Teeny projects like this mug rug, that I can finish in a couple hours. I found the tutorial for it at Pleasant Home where Jodi is showing us all cute stuff we can make with our fabric scraps.Don't let the mug fool you, I'm not ready for snow. Ugh! You can also see the pretty tea towel I won in a giveaway from Elizabeth at The Late Bloomer. Her own design and it's made with fabrics she designed herself. Gorgeous. I think that's next on my project list for today♥
I am having such fun just having this extra day, a bonus of sunshine and cold winds that keeps me inside doing what I love. I have already baked bread, sewed this scrappy mug rug, and done a little cleaning. Guess it's time for a shower and then a few errands, but I fully intend to come home and play in the scraps some more. What would you do with a free day?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Gorgeous Give-away

My dear friend Becky has exciting news. She has designed her first sewing pattern and it is a beauty!  Becky's designs have always been incredibly beautiful. She is an expert seamstress and her choices of color and print are to die for.  Everything she makes just makes my heart happy and this darling bag is no exception.
 She is giving away one of her beautiful Sophies Bloomer bags in your choice of teal or pink.....
She is also drawing for one of her wonderful burlap runners (wouldn't that just make your Thanksgiving table special?) and a third winner will recieve a  free copy of the pattern.
Congratulations Becky! I am so happy for you. Your bag is wonderful. I wish you all the success in the world with this new venture:>) Head on over there right now and throw your name in the hat. There are lots of chances to win!