Thursday, April 21, 2016

The New Flock

There isn't much in this world that's more fun than a hand full of baby chicks.
 We went and got the new flock yesterday while the sun was shining and it was warm and beautiful.  The babies were brought home and put in a clean, snug coop under the warmth of my grandfather's old brooder light to keep them toasty.  His old glass chick waterer was set up and feeders were set out for them.  It's always so much fun to watch them run around and explore. Eating and drinking and tipping over on their little faces as they fall asleep on their feet. One minute they are awake and the next they have fallen face first into a nap.
 This little guy is one of the tinier chicks.  We got a mixture of breeds so they are all different ages.  Earl was trying to get it to relax and fall asleep in his hand. Such a cutie. The chick is cute too ;)
We got 2 each of Wellsummers, ISA Browns, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp and  Gold Laced Wyandotte, all brown egg layers, and two Aracaunas that will lay green or blue eggs.  It will be a while, but I'm hoping this flock will be as sweet and beautiful as our last  flock was.

I'm looking forward to fresh eggs this fall!  Lots happening here and I'll be sharing more next week.
Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Plain and Simple

I'm putting it all out there today.  My daughters have asked me several times to do a series on entertaining and since I know so many sweet girls just starting out and since I am starting up a hospitality ministry in our church, I think now might be the time.  

I think a lot of people are intimidated by the thought of having people over.  Nobody sees your flaws and the flaws of your home like you do.  Sometimes we are afraid we just don't measure up, our things aren't as nice as other people's, everything is so imperfect.
I am here to tell you, that is no reason not to ask people over.  As bloggers we tend to fancy things up for that Pinterest pin.  I happen to be one of those people who has rarely seen a set of dishes I didn't covet.  I have at least 6 sets to mix and match, and I love to set a nice table.  I like pretty things, and what guests don't realize is that with my skin flinty ways I get those things dirt cheap.

But some of the best times of friendship and fun I have had, have been when the table was piled with paper plates, cups and napkins and the food consisted of  chips, dip and whatever someone wanted to share for the potluck.  The food is not the focus. The people are.
What you see here is my table. My grandmother's table first, and now mine, still scarred from crafts from when the girls were little, (and my own crafts have made a few marks!).  I never cared if it got scratched or marred because their fun and creativity was more important.  I usually throw a yard sale tablecloth over it when folks come over. I have plans to refinish it some day, but I'm ok with it not being picture perfect for now.

When we invite people over for dinner or any other time, I want to focus on getting to know them.  People are more important than dishes, perfect table settings or perfect menus.  I'm not afraid to let people see my scratched table or the holes that my vintage table cloth may have.  We all just enjoy being together and getting to know each other on a deeper level. 

As picnic and party season approaches, I encourage you to open your homes and your hearts to people you love and those you would like to know better. Don't worry about the worn rug, the scratches on the table, don't even worry about what you will serve, make it pot luck if you have to. Just do it.  The friendships that will deepen and the joy you will gain are so worth it.