Friday, November 23, 2012

The countdown begins...

I trust your Thanksgiving was full of love and gratitude and Turkey with all the fixins:>)
Ours was simple and sweet. Bright sunshine and temps hovering near 60, ten of us around the table and all aware that things are changing. We are counting the days now, Lauren is slated to be wed next Saturday at our little church and the countdown is on. After this year we can only hope that she and her sweetheart will be able to make it home for the holidays. A little bittersweet to think of, but we have high hopes that we will be able to adjust and make it happen as often as possible!
She and her father woke up in the wee hours so he could teach her the finer points of stuffing and roasting the turkey.  There were a few calls for pointers from her fiance who was in Pennsylvania making the turkey for his dad.  He's a sweetie, and from the photos he sent her of their feast, he did a fine job with the cooking! A man who cooks is a treasure ♥
So here we go, the whirlwind pre-wedding week begins again, and it means I won't be checking in until the dust clears.
 But then I'll have photos of the wedding:>)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Did you know that October was Pastor Appreciation Month?  Yes, I should have made that point at the beginning of the month. I did manage to drop off some fresh bread (recipe here)to our pastors yesterday and we made them each a pie a few weeks before that with heartfelt words of love and appreciation.
Home made pie is our pastors love language.
Of course, there is no law that says appreciation can only be shown in October. In fact, sometimes expressing appreciation is best done through a tug on your heart or spur of the moment unexpectedly.  You might even go beyond the Pastor and just let someone dear know they are loved and appreciated any old time. A loaf of bread or dozen cookies and a short visit could mean the world to a lonely senior citizen. A fun package or letter would brighten the day of a friend or relative.
An inexpensive anonymous gift card for someone you admire but don't know well will leave you with a warm feeling.
So lets make November an unofficial appreciation month.
Who can you bless in the next four weeks?