Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kitchen dreaming

It's been over a week and what can I say? I try to post more but the dreaded job has been keeping me busy.  I can't take a decent photo for the life of me. It's snowing today and blowing and I'll be honest, I haven't decorated for spring at all yet. I still have the evergreen wreath on the front door.
Honestly, why do you visit at all?
Anyway, the one thing that time sucking job is allowing, is a little remodeling around the cottage. Some long overdue updates and freshening up. My problem now? Too many choices.
I thought pinning would show me a definite trend in what I like, and I do see a trend. But there are so many different styles I love!
You know I love this, but I am so not going to paint my cabinets red.
Moving on...
 Who would have thought it. Love the green cabinets, the wood floor, the black sinks. If the next house I bought had a kitchen like this I could live with it a l-o-o-o-o-ng time.
Again, we just painted the cabinets white and lets face it, this little cottage kitchen of mine does not resemble this fabulous country house kitchen at all. 
Just dreaming.
 Should I admit that something abut this kitchen makes me happy? The adorable wallpapered ceiling? Yes.
The white cabinets? Yes
Again, this resembles my kitchen not at all. But I love quirky, fun  kitchens.
It makes me think I would paper the ceiling in a heartbeat.
Yes I would.
Oh my gosh, I just realized I have a collection of cottage teapots like the ones in the bottom right hand corner of this photo. Must find a way to display them in the kitchen...
 Love this. Again, the ceiling has great detail, I love the green door and there is
that darling checkerboard floor again.  Would I dare to do that floor in my kitchen?
I might.
 As you can see these kitchens have little in common. White cabinets are a trend, wood accents too, but so many details are different.  Again, I notice the ceiling has a beautiful detail in this kitchen.
Not that any of the ceilings in the last three photos have the same detail. Again, completely different.
Who is the most wishy washy person in the world when it comes to decorating?
That would be me.
 Ok, more white cabinets, (good thing we painted ours white!) And now I wonder why I would cover a perfectly good wood floor like we already have with black and white checked tile. I love the wood and white. Especially that wood cabinet that covers the back wall. Delicious.
 White cabinets, wood floor, simple color scheme that would go with anything.
I could do this. We plan on ordering wood countertop from Ikea to replace the chippy white tile we put in 20 years ago, and I need to choose lighting. I hope that once I get the new countertops in it will help me catch the overall vision as far as decorating the rest of the kitchen.
I feel overwhelmed with decisions. All those years of roadside shopping and making do have not prepared me for the mind boggling choices available now that I have the funds.
How do you decide what you love when you love so many looks?
Anyone else have a hard time making that final decision?


  1. All of these kitchens are wonderful in their own ways. I love the checked floors and if I had to replace a floor, I would go with that too! But since you (and I) have perfectly good wood floors it is great we like them too :-).

    Yes, I have a hard time making decorating decisions. One of my problems is, even though I have changed houses several times, most of my furniture comes with me. So it is hard to really change the decoration style I have. Luckily I love the style. But I do love farmhouse, cottage, Tuscan and some industrial too. I need more houses.

  2. Such hard decisions! I can tell that you like woodwork and molding. Cottage look for sure. Go with what makes your heart sing and try not to be distracted by other pretties.

  3. Why do we visit? Because we love you ~ it is that plain and simple. Sorry it is snowing and blowing there. It is nice and warm here today but we had snow last Sunday. I can't help you with your kitchen but whatever you do make sure it is you. I found out that copying others doesn't work. Just be yourself and then everyone is happy!

  4. I can visualize you in all of those kitchens! I love the one with the wood floors and high ceiling and green cabinets that go to the moon. I long for wood floors so I had to add laminate that looks like wood - but not really! I wallpapered a bathroom ceiling once. It was wonderful when it was finished. Can't wait to see what you decide.

  5. I'm definitely ADD when it comes to decorating. "I like that!" "ooh, no, that!" "That, too." There are just too many choices and so I tend to not make any decision at all.
    I do love white cabinets, though. White and light rooms appeal most to me.

  6. Oh, I thought I'd see the one I sent you on FB!
    ALL of these would be totally acceptable for me. You can't go wrong!

  7. Lovely lovely kitchens!
    We had wood tops from Ikea and they were amazing, wore very well over 7 years.

  8. Holy Cow, woman...these kitchens are all breathtaking....whatever you choose will be awesome...that photo of the luscious cabinets all across the back has been in my inspiration file for several years.

  9. I think that white cabinets are a classic and not trendy, though they may be trending with some people. You can't go wrong there. I love the idea of wood counters. Had them years ago and loved them. Sounds like you have a pretty good vision of what you want. I know it will be perfect.



  10. I DO have a hard time making decisions but I have cream cabinets, pine floors and black soapstone countertops and I am so happy that I picked a neutral color. You can always add accessories with pops of color and they are so much easier to change out than cabinetry and floors.
    Good luck with the decision making.

  11. Hello, my sweet friend,
    I the kitchen with the red cabinets and the checkered tiles. What beautiful kitchens...My favorite kitchen shape has been the galley kitchen. It was long and narrow but wonderful to work in with things so close to reach back and forth.

    Thanks for sharing and hang in there with your busy schedule.
    And, by the way...I love visiting your blog and will never stop!
    Carolynn xo

  12. You know I have a hard time making house decisions-it's a big reason we never seem to make any progress around here.

    You, on the other hand, have a great eye and always end up with a fantastic finished project.

    Can't wait to see what you decide. It's a hassle while you're doing it but so nice when it's done.

  13. LOL! Well I visit because I like you and want to see what you're up to.

    I know the choices are overwhelming, especially when you're used to making do! I have checkerboard floor in my kitchen and am thinking I'd rather have a nice old looking wood one. Love the red cabinets but I couldn't do it - I do love white cabinets though!

  14. Too many choices are a good thing and a bad thing for sure. Love all those kitchens too. Mimi

  15. Absolutely beautiful inspiration! I love each and everyone of these kitchens!


  16. We visit you Kathy, because you are so real and down to earth. And although I have Easter placemats on the table, Christmas decorations are still on my Gazebo. I can't get to them because it has snowed once again. Easter should be in April anyway, how did it get permission to move to March when so many of us are still knee high in snow?

    Kathy, I would be overwhelmed too, because the kitchens that you are showing are all gorgeous. I especially love that kitchen with the little cottage teapots.

    Well, have a great day. Enjoy the dreaming stage, there's no dust to contend with and your options remain open.


  17. Hi Kathy,
    I just discovered your comment on my blog. I think you would enjoy needle felting. I thought it was something that was quite expensive but, it really isn't. I have been able to buy my needles and wool roving at Joann's using my coupons. There are lots and lots of tutorial on YouTube, too.
    I have found it is something that you don't dare multitask while doing...Needle pricks really hurt.

    Let me know if you give it a try, my sweet friend.
    Blessings and a Happy Easter!
    Carolynn xoxo

  18. I know exactly what you mean! There are so many, many beautiful ideas and the blogosphere makes my head spin. Your kitchen will turn out great, I'm sure!

  19. Happy Easter Kathy.

    I hope your day is filled with Easter blessings.


  20. It's so hard for me to make any decorating decisions... which explains why my house looks the way it does. I really need my sister here to help me... she is good at figuring all that design/decor stuff out.
    I photos that appeal most to me are the kitchen with the cottage teapots and wallpapered ceiling, and the last photo with the glass cabinet fronts and windsor chairs.


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