Thursday, November 1, 2012


Did you know that October was Pastor Appreciation Month?  Yes, I should have made that point at the beginning of the month. I did manage to drop off some fresh bread (recipe here)to our pastors yesterday and we made them each a pie a few weeks before that with heartfelt words of love and appreciation.
Home made pie is our pastors love language.
Of course, there is no law that says appreciation can only be shown in October. In fact, sometimes expressing appreciation is best done through a tug on your heart or spur of the moment unexpectedly.  You might even go beyond the Pastor and just let someone dear know they are loved and appreciated any old time. A loaf of bread or dozen cookies and a short visit could mean the world to a lonely senior citizen. A fun package or letter would brighten the day of a friend or relative.
An inexpensive anonymous gift card for someone you admire but don't know well will leave you with a warm feeling.
So lets make November an unofficial appreciation month.
Who can you bless in the next four weeks?


  1. Aw. This is so sweet of you Kathy. :o)

  2. No, I did not know that October was Pastor Appreciation month. Please count me in for participating in November. November is Thanksgiving month so it fits well together. We have many in our church here of 200 that we can bless. This week I put eight casseroles in the freezer ready for giving if the occasion rises. This was a very lovely post Kathy. One that makes the heart and soul refreshed.

  3. This is YOU Kathy -- to share and to show appreciation..whether there is a "month" set aside for it or not. It's what you do; it's who you are.

    The idea of blessing people and showing appreciation over the next four weeks is a lovely one -- I'm going to do it as much and as often and wherever I can! xo

  4. You have such a sweet spirit and good heart, Kathy Grace. :)

    A few of "us girls" are getting together on Saturday to visit another friend, sick, fighting cancer. I am taking homemade Peanut Butter cookies..not sure what everyone else is bringing. I just know they will be bringing lots of love. :)
    xo bj

  5. That's so lovely Kathy! We made a neighbor some bread to thank him for giving us a tip that saved us some money. He said it had been years since he'd had homemade bread!

  6. I wonder if our pastor knows this. I sure didn't. Maybe he feels very unappreciated. Good thing you're giving us an extra month. :-)

  7. Kathy - We really should make this a ritual every month to let someone know they are appreciated. But, unfortunately, we all get so busy that we think we don't have time. I will try to take the time this month.



  8. Homemade bread...yum! I think your suggestion is absolutely wonderful! We all get so caught up in the day-to-day happenings in our lives. To stop and think of someone else is soemthing that we all should do on a regular basis. Yes, it is something that I will do. Praying and asking God about whom I could do a little deed for is at the top of my list for this week. Thank you!

  9. What a lovely idea...ok I will make November an unofficial appreciation month!

  10. I love your idea! I think I'll do something special for our new pastor and his wife in November - maybe as a gratitude near Thanksgiving time!

  11. Those look delightful!!
    We gave ours a gift card to a restaurant...he is a single guy.


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