Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Little Whimsey and a Question

I admit it. I like a little whimsy in my decorating.
Since the bathroom remodel I have been trying to figure out what to hang on the walls.
Walls are my nemesis. I see so many of you who have a knack for the perfect piece of art to complement a room, or you can put together a gallery wall seemingly at the drop of a hat.
I agonize. I think. I rethink, I overthink.
Finally, I came across a shadowbox that I had forgotten about and having seen something like this on (where else?) Pinterest, I thought I would give it a try.
 So I dug out my tiny paper stash (I am not a paper artist!) and my silhouette and came up with these.
Forgive the photo quality, it's a darkish north facing room and a gloomy day.
 And I ended up loving them so much that I made two! I think they add just the right amount of color and pattern to the wall.
And just enough whimsy!
Now to the question...where have all the bloggers gone? I don't mean the big deal bloggers who do this for a living and seem to have a never ending budget for new home décor, I mean the girls who got this party started. The bloggers who share themselves and their homes and their lives.
Is it just me or are we dropping like the proverbial flies?
I check my favorites list and find abandoned blogs, I check my bloglovin' list and find some of my favorites have just stopped blogging with no explanation.
Are we feeling intimidated by the big girls? Losing interest? Busy for the summer and coming back soon ? ( I hope!)  Just so you know, the real girls are my faves.  I check some of the bigger, doing it for money blogs, they have great projects and ideas, but I really come here for the ladies who I can imagine inviting over for coffee and a chat. 
Talk to me, is it my imagination or are we losing peeps? 


  1. No. you're not imagining it, Kathy. It's sad all right. I do realize there is burnout and maybe many just are needing a break..Let's hope so.
    I love your sweet butterflies. The color is perfect for your bathroom! Did you do a bathroom reveal?

  2. We are losing peeps. I miss them, too. I think it's FB and instagram. It just makes it so easy to share a picture and a few words. Real life blogging takes time and if you start thinking about competing with the big girls, it can get a little disheartening. A few months back I cut all advertisement and just went back to talking to my girlfriends. Even though I don't have the readers I used to, it's fun to blog again. And I love coming to your blog for those same reasons. Plus your projects are pretty, too.

  3. I'm still here :-). Even though my posts have slowed down because our house is for sale. Not much new going on in my life. Can't start any projects because of the sale of the house.

  4. There really doesn't seem to be that many good blogs to read anymore, at least not ones that have tons of advertising and are constantly pushing products!

  5. I'm still here but a little bothered by the way things have gone. It's just about girlfriends connecting over home and family for me...always will be.

    I love your butterfly art. The white frames look terrific with the beadboard.

  6. How lovely your butterflies are, Kathy. Very chic, very Country Living.
    I love visiting my blog list of nice people, people who write about their homes, families, journeys, faith etc, but have noticed that some have disappeared recently.

  7. No doubt about it...ladies and gents are finding it much easier and less time consuming to do their thing on FaceBook. So, yep....there's less and less bloggers. I think it will be like most things...burn out...and something new will come along.
    Until then, I just keep blogging about every morsel that goes in my mouth (what else do I know??) and still having fun taking photos and writing.
    So many of the link parties are waaay down in people linking in.
    LOVE your butterflies...I like whimsey, too. I wanna see your bathroom..:)

  8. I enjoy the personal blogs where I feel I can get to know the ladies whose lives I am reading about. Not a fan of all the linky party things; they are a bit daunting to even read. And there are only so many ways I can change a room around even if I wanted to so the constant decorating and re-decorating gets old very quickly.

  9. Hi Kathy,
    I love your shadow boxes...such a cute idea and I love the soft touch they add to your bathroom.

    I never thought I would say this, but I don't read blogs nearly as often as I used to, and my poor blog is full of cobwebs. More often than not, I'm using my smart phone or tablet, and so many blogs are not user friendly for those devices.

    I find posting and commenting on Instagram to be much easier on my phone, but every now and then, I fire up the old laptop and spend time with my old blog friends.

    Are you to Country Living Fair. I'll be there on Saturday, and would love to meet up with my blog and IG friends :)

    xoxo Debbie

  10. Hi Kathy. I was one of the dropouts, just got too busy. But I missed the blogging community so I'm back! I love IG because it's quick and easy: a picture and a few words and it's done. Blogging was fun when it was still a small group of us. I'm
    Tired if the advertising too

  11. I think Instagram just took over - but what do I know? I don't Instagram! I LOVE your butterflies! Perfect for your walls.

  12. Hi Kathy!

    First of all, kudos on the cute butterfly art - LOVE!!

    As to blogging...I'm certainly one whose blogging has come to a big stand still...partly because of my crazy schedule this Summer, but partially because of many of the reasons that others have stated here. FB has been somewhat of a gamechanger because of how quick it is to pop in a photo and a quick word or two...I admit that I use it as such as both a reader and participant. Honestly, I rarely just sit and read blogs anymore unless they have a FB page that I follow and I see that they posted a new post (I never was much of a Google reader user...I just used my list of blogs on my blog). There is just SO MUCH INFORMATION out much to go through...I use Pinterest A LOT and have found blogs that are new to me and read a few posts here and there. I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time. It is sad though because it was a great joy to read through my friends blogs and share all the little and big things of life together... I miss sharing those things too at the blog level. I have SO many photos to edit that I want to share and write about...lots of showers and wedding receptions that I've done or helped with that I want to share and dog stories and new great nephew stories and so on and so on...

    I look forward to blogging again...soon I hope...I'm not leaving it or anything like that...but I feel for me that it's being pruned back in order to bloom better in the future...

    I'm so glad that my friends like you still blog...I still love to catch up and be inspired!

    Good topic for has been weighing on my mind lately and I've felt and experienced many of the same things you're talking about...

    Hugs & Blessings my friend,

  13. Kathy, I too struggle with walls. And I have a bathroom wall in our new house that I'm struggling with. I LOVE what you've done. It is a wonderful idea and yes, very whimsical and happy!

    I read very few of the big blogs anymore. They've lost their appeal to me. I read the ones, that like you said, are the "real girls". I read the ones that I feel are my friends and that I can actually email with a question and know they'll write me back! :-) Like you!!

    Hugs to you friend! - Dori -

  14. I just redid my bathroom and my walls are blank...for now. The butterflies are great for your bathroom.
    I'm still blogging :) Maybe it's the busy summer schedules...

  15. First your shadow boxes are fabulous...I love all the different butterflies...You did good!! and your right about all the regular bloggers....I don't care for the ones who do it for money and have thousands of followers...I just don't even bother...I love the original idea of blogging to get know know ladies with similiar interests...I think it's because it's summer and everyone is busy....I hope once fall hits every one will start up again....I know I haven't run out of ideas...and I have a lot more things to post aBOUT...and you know me...I post about nothing...

  16. First your shadow boxes are fabulous...I love all the different butterflies...You did good!! and your right about all the regular bloggers....I don't care for the ones who do it for money and have thousands of followers...I just don't even bother...I love the original idea of blogging to get know know ladies with similiar interests...I think it's because it's summer and everyone is busy....I hope once fall hits every one will start up again....I know I haven't run out of ideas...and I have a lot more things to post aBOUT...and you know me...I post about nothing...

  17. I love whimsical and think we need a little bit of it in every space. This looks perfect, Kathy!

    Blogging has taken a change but I'm the first to admit that I am at fault for many of my disappointments. I did have more time to blog in the past and that garnered me a lot of comments. I don't have that time or drive anymore, thus less comments. People come to you when you come to them. Hmmmm.... Secondly, I used to love parties. When I first started blogging, you joined parties with the intent to visit as many participants as you could...if not, you didn't join the party. I don't know what goes on anymore with parties. Do people just join and not return to see what anyone has to post about, even if it's just something they might be interested in? I used to meet so many interesting bloggers through parties. Now, with time restraints, I just can't join and visit and I refuse to put my name up in hopes of someone seeing my blog pic and coming by. And fat chance!!!

    I love to meet new bloggers. Sometimes I read comments on a favorite blogger's post and know I will click with the blogger, so I visit. Good friendships are made that way. That's what matters to me.

    Thanks for a great, thoughtful question, Kathy.

    Jane xxx

  18. Good morning friend. :o) Your butterflies are adorable. :o) And I love your bathroom by the way!
    You know my story with blogging. Huge life changes down here and my work load doubled. I do try to take snap shots of my "doings" on instagram. I am so glad that even if my blog is sparse, that you and I have remained good friends and can email or call. :o)

  19. You are right, not as many of us small time bloggers posting as often and I have found myself posting less and less each month as the year has gone on. I love you butterflies! I have pinned this type of art also wanting to try it. Looks great!

  20. Love it! That is very very cute! I love that it's not what's expected in a bathroom.

    Quite a few of my favorite bloggers that don't do this as a profession have gone to instagram or just started doing other things with their lives.

    It's not the same blog world as when we started :)

  21. I left my blog for a while, no one seemed to read it, or if they did then they did not leave a comment to say they had "visited"
    I can sit at night clicking on different links within each blog and travel the world from the comfort of my living room I enjoy looking at all the talented folk out there in blogland.
    I don't like FB or Twitter I would much rather tour around blogs. I did like Pinterest but that has changed, as in signing in, why do they change things? I find it isn't always for the best. Off my soap box now 😉

  22. I'm one of those who have dropped off the blog wagon, but I haven't deleted my blog yet, just in case! It just got to be less enjoyable than it was for the first few years. I haven't switched to FaceBook (mainly because I don't like it) but I do love instagram!

  23. I have dropped from the radar I'm sure...:( My husband and I recently opened a business and it's kicking my I'm hoping to return soon with something interesting to say other than "I'm in Quick Books Hades". lol. A friend of mine told me if I couldn't work full time and blog then I need to quit work...hahaha. Love your butterflies!!! Great job!!

  24. No, you're not imagining it. I notice it, too. And I'm one who has slowed down. I miss blogging on a regular basis but, honestly, life has taken such demanding twists and turns and my life isn't the same as it was. So many of my home projects are waiting for completion because of it. I'd love to be more faithful. Maybe I can share less more often and get back to it. I love your butterflies! Perfect touch of color and whimsy.

  25. Your butterflies are a gorgeous success - just the right finishing touch. I'm one of the "little" bloggers. I've slowed my pace a bit, but am really more comfortable now, posting only what I want, when I want to. The time commitments of weekly and monthly make me nervous. No one seemed to notice, and it's more fun again now.

  26. Kathy, I missed this post! I love your bathroom and the beadboard. So cute! And your butterflies could not be any more perfect. Wonderful idea!! You are just so talented.

    And yes, I think we feel the same way about blogging. I miss the days of old and our friends who have stopped blogging.

    Big hugs,



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