Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This 'n That and Some New Designs

I don't think I've shown you "the girls" since they were little chicks.  They are all grown up now and we expect we will be seeing eggs within the month.  I tend to chose pretty chickens because, well, why not?  This is one of the prettiest flocks we have had.  We let them out for a bit while we were working in the garden this weekend.
  The mostly white chicken with black neck and tail feathers is a Brahma, the other is a Silver Laced Wyandotte, all of our chickens lay brown eggs, except the Aracauna's which lay blue eggs.

 I love the little speckled Sussex above. She has the prettiest iridescent green sheen to her feathers. In the background is an Aracauna and way back in the back is a Buff Orpington.
 We have a few more different kinds but they were too, ahem, chicken to come out and play.
In other news, we have the new color on the office walls.  This color was chosen by the man of the house, a definite departure from what you usually see here, but once I was used to the darker than I usually choose color, I got some great ideas for the room, I'll keep you posted on progress.
I also managed to whip up a couple more decal designs for the shop.  A little something gingham to brighten the kitchen.
 The Sunflowers are my favorites:>)
I trust you all had a good holiday weekend.  I know that according to the calendar it isn't officially Autumn yet, but September always sounds and feels like Autumn to me.  The best part of Autumn when the weather is still nice and the colors start to come out on the trees. Are you ready or will you be wringing every last drop out of the summer of 2014?


  1. Your chickens are very pretty. I really love the brown one in the last photo. Gorgeous. Won't it be wonderful to have your own fresh eggs every day. The decals are very cute and would certainly cheer up a kitchen. Deb

  2. What pretty chickens!
    Autumn is creeping in here. The roses are having a last flush of flowers, but most other things need cutting down now. Sadly.

  3. These really are beautiful chickens! I like the black and white one in the first shot. Now will you have more eggs than you need? I always wondered about that because I can't think of any way to preserve eggs.

    I love the decal! Very summery (I shouldn't use that word anymore!!).

    Jane xx

  4. Pretty chickens! I like to have a nice mix of breeds, but my husband prefers Rhode Island reds for their disposition and laying.
    Your decals are also pretty:)

  5. Lovely decal designs! The chickens in the first photo are beautiful!

  6. Your girls are gorgeous! Reminds me of my dear mother-in-law's chicken when she was alive. And I love the new designs. I see traces of 'my' flowers peaking through. Oh, that reminds me - I haven't slowed down enough to share my newly-decorated mixer on my blog! Must do that soon!

  7. Your chickens are so pretty! I bet you are looking forward to the eggs. Our old neighbors from Tennessee came and spent the weekend with us and brought us some fresh eggs from their chickens. The yolks are so golden yellow!

    I am wringing every last drop out of summer.

  8. I really like the gingham-nice addition to your other cute designs.

  9. Hello!!!! I love-love your girls!!!! It would be nice if you did a story on them (pls. just once!!!). I know that I would love to know all of their names, see the coop and see the fruits of their labor!!!! Maybe you could write about how much work it is to really to own chickens. They are some real beauties.
    Love the new designs too!!!

  10. Oh my goodness, you have come up with even more adorable mixer designs! How I wish I had one now.
    I'd love to have chickens some day.
    Yours are beauties, Kathleen.

  11. Beautiful birds!
    I painted our work in progress room this week and it is darker than I expected. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I guess we will live with it for awhile and see if I get used to it.
    Love the new designs!

  12. The girls are so pretty! I love chickens and I'm glad you have some again. I'll live vicariously through you.

    That red gingham decal is so adorable!! When we get settled in our new place I'll have to get one for my kitchen aid.


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