Friday, January 21, 2011

Well it's been an interesting week. Last night the main computer came down with a nasty virus and had to be taken to the doctor. Ugh, why must people make those things? I'll be without it for 4 days which puts a crimp in my homework since I need a program on the computer to do it. Stink!
Of course all of my photos are on that computer, not the laptop which I am using now. So I went to Country Living and looked up white kitchens because we have finally screwed up our courage and begun the process of painting the kitchen cabinets white.
And I have to tell you I'm so geeked because when it's finished my kitchen is going to look just. like. this one.
 Oooh, or this one!
But you know how I love red, so maybe it'll look like this. Oh I just can't wait!
So today we went to the hardware store and chose our paint, Benjamin Moore Snowfall White, (pretty!) and we got up to the counter and people, it was $47 a gallon! Holy cats, am I jaded from furnishing my house from the side of the road or is that a lot for a gallon of paint!?  In the scheme of things it's a "cheap" way to freshen up, but that's a new record for us. We looked at each other and started laughing, Earl said "how much?"  He thought he heard them wrong. We laughed all the way to the car.
Lets just hope it doesn't take more than a gallon!
I can only say, refer to the pictures above.  I think it's going to be worth it.


  1. I can't wait to see the final results. It will be so pretty! Have fun! Debbi

  2. omg! that is a lot for paint, but if you love it it's worth it. i'm sure it will be beautiful! nice that you and your husband were able to laugh about it!

  3. Oh, it definitly will be worth it! Your kitchen will look amazing, no matter which inpiration picture you follow. And remember, new cabinets could cost $5000 - $10000 or more!

  4. Ooooeee! What in the world is in that paint? I'd have cried all the way to the car!
    I like the top photo...'specially the floor!

  5. If it makes you feel any better... the good news is, Kathy, Benjamin Moore paint does a fabulous job in coverage. It's expensive, but I have always found it to be worth it. Their colors are excellent, and it wears well. I used it in my house, and I have never once been sorry. It has held up like a champ. And yes, I'm thrifty, but I don't thrift where paint is concerned. I learned that the hard way years ago. I painted our house using Super White, and it is so clean and airy. It's a bright white, and I've been very, very happy with the color and can pop a lot of things off of it. It works well with strong pastels.

    You have inspired me to want to paint my cabinets white. Can't wait to see yours!


    Sheila :-)

  6. It will! It's going to be gorgeous! I have a son in law that works for Sherwin Williams (while he goes to school at night). Love his discount. Mimi

  7. I learned a long time ago not to buy cheap paint.

    I can not WAIT to see your new kitchen. You will love the white..
    hugs, bj

  8. OMGosh....those are the same photos that are inspiring me!!

    That is a lot for a Behr Ultra was only about $34.00.

    I look forward to watching your progress...maybe we can do a big double reveal!!

    janet xox

  9. stunning!!!!
    if you need another gallon have the BM color mixed
    in Behr at Home Depot.

    most likely 10.00 less ... there is also a new Behr product with the primer built right in ... worth every $$$ ...
    I wouldn't know how I know all this stuff. wink wink

    show us when you're finished!!!

  10. I must admit I'm glad it's you doing the painting and not me! You will be very glad you did it tho, I'm sure of that. If red is your favorite color by all means add some of it into your kitchen. It would sure add a cheery note. Good luck with your project.

  11. Good Morning Kathy.
    I am so sorry about the computer bug. Can't people use their time in a more valuable fashion?! :o)
    I absolutely adore your kitchen color that you shared with us a while back and can hardly wait to see the white cabinets! I am just dying to do the same, but it's a no go from my sweetheart, the previous owners had solid wood custom cabinets made ... sigh. Oh well, I will admire yours and save my pennies for new counter tops. :o) Ours are green ... ick.
    You and Earl sound a lot like Woody and I. We tend to laugh our way through things too ... I imagine we would have required the paint to brew our coffee at that price! ha ha ha!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  12. Kathy, I'm so sorry about your computer. That certainly does stink! We've been using a protector called AVG--has worked really well so far.

    Those kitchens are beautiful. I'm loving that pop of red in the last one. Big surprise ;-) The paint price stinks. We've been buying Behr and find it cheaper. We were Benjamin Moore fans for many years, but haven't looked back.

  13. Can't wait to see your 'new' kitchen. I recently paid about $35.00 for a gallon of paint for my guestroom. It's the best paint I've ever used! I was amazed at the price but it was fantastic to work with. You won't regret having good paint on your cabinets. I painted mine white a few years ago and I love, love, love them. They were nineteen-sixties birch and hard for me to deal with. Now I love them every time I'm in the kitchen!

  14. WOW! how exciting mom! I love you guys, can't wait to see the kitchen!!!! MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo
    Love, Victoria

  15. Why do people waste their precious time creating those darned viruses? I'm sorry about your computer. You're going to love your kitchen! (You have to give it some red, don't ya?)

  16. I used BM too, but I know I didn't pay that! Maybe there was a sale, they have them once in a while. Behr is good too. We have used both.
    Good luck with your project, and stinko on the virus!

  17. ouch! I thought my $26.00 gallon of Valspar from Lowe's was a lot! I've heard Benjamin Moore covers well, but one bit of advice would be to prime the walls first since they're a dark color. That way it will cover even better. Good luck! I LOVE white and can't wait to see your finished kitchen. ::Jill

  18. Hi Kathy!

    Wow, that is a lot for paint. I love this kitchen!!!!! That is the table I am looking for!!! Oh my goodness, where did you find it? I have been looking for 2-3 yrs, and can't find a table I like. That's it!!!!! Please let me know. Thanks!!


  19. I would have been shocked at that price! But I'm used to buying paint in the oops bin for a few dollars!

  20. Hi Kathy,
    I remember when a can of paint was an inexpensive way to spruce up a room. Now even white paint is pricey. I am sure it will be gorgeous. I am on my daughter's laptop tonight. My Internet isn't working on my Mac tonight. I see that Apple is doing something to the old Mac's on the Internet tonight. I'll wait until tomorrow to fix the problem. I can't stand all the menus that you have to tackle before you can fix a problem over the telephone.

    Hope your computer is on the mend. I was without a computer all week while visiting my mom last week. It felt good to let it all go for a while, yet I missed it at the same time.


  21. You are paying 47 a gallon because it is the Rolls Royce of paint!

    Scientifically there is way more titanium dioxide in your can of paint and that is expensive so that is why Benjamin Moore costs more because they did not cheap out on the best part of the paint!!!! what kind did you get? Aura costs up to 70 dollars a gallon here in Canada... I know we own a Benjamin Moore...

    I love it when people use out paint!

  22. Our paint...sorry for the blooper. I hope it does a nice job for you!

  23. Sheesh, that seems like a lot to me! But I'm sure it will look FAB.U.LOUS!

  24. Oh, will be awhile before starting on THE room. I have most of my 'stuff' gathered...I just need to finish up a few more things before burying myself in that room. It will take awhile as I have wallpaper to remove, then take out olden carpet, paint...whew...lotsa work.:)

  25. Can't wait to see it! It'll be so pretty. Yep, good paint is expensive but worth it in the end. You don't want your cabinets chipping etc after you spend all that time painting!


  26. Can't wait to see it! It'll be so pretty. Yep, good paint is expensive but worth it in the end. You don't want your cabinets chipping etc after you spend all that time painting!


  27. It will be worth every penny! Can't wait to see your "new" cabinets.

  28. That does seem a little more than what I'm used to spending at Home Depot but you'll be looking at it a long time. Maybe it's floral scented or something ... ;-)

  29. I cant wait to see it done. You are so brave...I want to paint my cupboards so bad but i am so go for it girl inspire me!

  30. It sounds like the price of paint has gone up just like everything else. But even if it take one more gallon that's not bad for a new kitchen.

    Good luck and have fun painting!


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