Saturday, January 8, 2011

Down the Primrose Path

It is becoming tradition that every January I find some reason to go to Home Depot just in time for their .79 primroses. Pure serendipity I assure you. This time Earl and I were looking at new kitchen faucets, since ours leaks and is at least 15 years old. As we were leaving he saw the display and bought me a few.
Me + primroses = ♥
These little flowers always seem like a fresh start to the year to me. New ideas blooming and growing. I see lots of people choosing their word of the year and I have been giving it lots of thought, but I can't seem to settle on just one.  I have a new semester beginning this week, taking just one class and hoping to spend the rest of the time concentrating on building some dreams this year. I have lots of work ahead of me to make those dreams come true.  So I have my work cut out for me, but it's work that I love so it shouldn't be too hard to motivate myself. On the home front I need to get organized, purge the house of things that I don't love anymore, and I have finally decided to begin painting those darn kitchen cabinets. I don't have a huge kitchen so it shouldn't be that hard right? (Please say it won't be too hard!) and of course I have lots of sewing and designing ahead of me.  One thing the doldrums of January/ February should be good for is concentrating on some big projects.  So wish me luck! I also hope to be able to spend a little more time posting and visiting, yay! Seems like I've been MIA far too long. What are you going to do with the next two months?


  1. I love primrose they look like spring in pretty white package on your table. Looks like we'll be doing a lot of the same things.

  2. How long do those primrose last in your home, flowering? I would love to have some fresh flowers growing in the house this winter.

    Your plans sounds exciting. I wish you great fun while you are stretching out and grabbing on to your desires.

    For the next two months, I will be healing my shoulder, going to therapy twice a week and tring not to get to grumpy because I can't do the list of things I want to do.

    I am also going to read some great How To photography books and play with my camera - one handed - that I bought last March and learn how to use it.

  3. Hey Kathy!

    There's almost nothing I love better than encouraging my friends to go for their dreams, so here goes:

    1) You CAN quit your day job...I did (though it wasn't exactly by choice, but it WAS the right thing). I left a pretty huge corporate paycheck, and you have to believe me when I tell you that we have hardly missed it! Sounds crazy, but it is true...

    2)Dreams of a Believer are put there by God, and He provides EVERYTHING you need to see them to fruition...whether it be $$, faith, courage, skills, whatever...

    3) You are gifted to be a blessing and to be blessed. I know you have been a blessing to me and to Lord only knows how many others! He will take the gifts you have and use them to touch others in a powerful way. And He will see to it that you are blessed in the every way a person can be blessed!

    4) Like a flag blowing in the wind, there is something so very beautiful about a person who is "unfurled" by "invisible" but nonetheless real faith. Step out in faith as the Lord leads and watch your beautiful life unfurl for all to see!!

    I look forward to the beauty that I know will come forth as you continue to step out in faith and embrace the dreams God has given you! As to what I am doing in the next couple of months...the same thing I just encouraged you to do...continue to step out in faith in the areas I know I have been called...

    Hugs & Blessings!

  4. Love the primroses! Gosh fresh flowers are so important. I am going to be cleaning, purging and organizing for the next two months and more I'm sure.

  5. hope it won't be too much for sure to share. The primroses are very pretty ...and will look forward to seeing your woe=rks this year. I am already busy sewing, aprons, dolls and sketching... Have a great weekend.. Mica

  6. I am wishing you the best of luck that you can make your dreams come true. Hard work is good for a person and then we appreciate our dreams even more. I will be waiting to see your sewing and designing projects this year. I'm going to be trying new recipes for Farmer's Market and coming up with new crafts for later this fall the next several months. A fun fun time for me. Also learning Photoshop and am writing a recipe book. Life is what we make it and I endeavor to make it joyful.

  7. Those primroses are just delightful! I love them, and they are perfect in the white pot.

    I haven't made any resolutions, only to continue to try and live in the moment and enjoy each day and the Lord in it!


    Sheila :-)

  8. I remember your primrose bargain last year! I never found them that cheap. I love them.
    Good luck with your plans! One word for the whole year? That's a tough one. I will think!

  9. Earlier today I suggested to a friend that she buy some primroses because they are so cheerful and I ALMOST bought some for me on my way home. Now you are inspiring me to buy some of these beautiful flowers.
    My word for the year is "shine." Let us know if you select a word.

  10. hello Kathy,

    Quit your day can do it girl!

    It was the best thing I ever is amazing the perks you can do without when you really make an effort and want it bad enough.

    Good luck with your class and I love your little primroses.

    Be joyful my friend,
    Janet xox

  11. I surely hope that the Lord will give you your heart's desire...and I know you will work hard to make it happen, too, that's just you, my friend!

    I haven't chosen a word, but we have some painting to do in the old farmhouse this winter. I am sure once spring comes the outside will beckon, as we need a new roof. I have to start getting quotes, soon!

    In the short term, it's time for my yearly physical, and I am resuming my normal walking schedule that, sadly, I abandoned during the holiday busy-ness!

    I hope all goes well with your goals!

  12. The flowers are wonderful! They certainly can brighten up a room. We do have alot of snow over on our side of the state. It's so cold that I can't even get warm enough inside the house. I asked Taylor about your daughter, he does not think they have met. I told him to be on the lookout! :) I still can't believe it, really!

  13. Hi Kathy, I remember being introduced to primroses last year by one of your posts, and I went and bought me some. I now must get to Home Depot, and see if ours has some. Thanks! I wish you the best in starting your new semester.

  14. Primroses are a little bright spot in an otherwise dreary month. Last year I planted them in the garden and they rebloomed in the fall. Loved that! We'll see what they do in the spring. Sounds like you'll be plenty busy. With your talents the kitchen will be a piece of cake. As for picking a word, can't we have more than one? I might need a whole sentence this year;) Mimi

  15. I found it hard to choose one word, so I chose two instead. It's all about building and refining for me, including during the next two months. I hope I feel as motivated in December as I feel now! ::Jill

  16. I'm trying to get out of this recliner and get myself into a stirring of sewing action! So much to do; so little time to do it in. I'm trying to declutter the house too.

  17. Love those beautiful little flowers. Now, I want some. :))

    My word for the year that seems to cover EVERYthing is FAITHFULNESS.
    I intend to be faithful in every aspect of my life. I never make resolutions...I do, however, do much better if I have goals.

    I am getting myself ready to tackle that guest bedroom, which will be my first '11 project.
    hugs, bj

  18. I say do what your heart tells you to do!! You can do anything you put your mind to, Kathy. Looking forward to hearing about your year and the projects that you tackle. Get out that paint!!


  19. Several years ago I painted my kitchen cabinets and what a *huge* difference it made. It's not hard at all -- it just requires a little patience. And it helps if you love to paint like I do!

  20. Hi Kathy! I need to get some pretty primroses to brighten things around here. Jan/Feb can tend to be tough but I am trying not to even think about it...they will be gone before we know it! I like your plan to purge the house and work on projects.
    Cant wait to see your kitchen cabinets...I hope you show us!



  21. Oh, I can not WAIT to see your blue and whites hung..over that beautiful buffet??? I can just see it in my mind's eye. They are always so pretty hung...makes no difference where you hang them.
    Stay warm..
    xo xo bj

  22. Oh painting cabinets sounds like allot of work right there! I also have been MIA from the blog world so I'm going to try and blog more! I'm also working on several knitting projects, a quilt and weaving a scarf not to much!

  23. Oh Kathy, I searched and searched for some primroses last year after seeing yours. They aren't sold down here! I will enjoy yours instead, so thank you for sharing. Do you have any marshmallows left?

    I chose the word 'instrument' for the year. I need to tell about it on my blog soon and what it means to me.

  24. I love primroses too - they certainly brighten up an area of the home in the dull winter. I had no idea that Home Depot had them for only 79 cents. Guess where I'll be going?!


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