Friday, April 8, 2011


This is the extent of my spring decorating. I finally got the wreath on my front door and I don't know if I'll get much more done than that. Decorating and fluffing are taking a back burner this Spring to prayer and meditation and planning for the future.  I feel change coming so strongly. With the lack of jobs in Michigan, Earl and I have talked briefly about moving out of state and it has made me take a look around and start really paring things down.  Do I really need everything in my home? What can I do without and not miss it?  Come to find out, there is a lot that I'm not all that attached to. The thought of packing it, moving it and unpacking it sheds a different light on my possessions.  I don't know if we will be moving, but I want to be ready for the adventure if the opportunity presents itself. Some of this stuff weighs me down. Some I just need to get rid of because I need a fresh start. So I've been boxing it up and taking it to Salvation Army, hauling it out with the trash (yes, some of it should have gone long ago!) and getting ready for change.  It feels really good.  It frees me to think of things in a new light. 
How about you? When was the last time you sat down and thought about where you were headed and what changes you might make if you were free of all the little things that hold you down. Just because you're older or settled doesn't mean you don't have a future, or dreams, or ambitions.
Are you ready if adventure calls you?


  1. I admire your attitude about packing things up and giving them away, which makes you feel more light. I do that on a small scale and always feel more light when done.

  2. I can't agree with you more about down sizing. Too often I get the disease called "stuffitis"! This year I decided rather to make lots of little things for friends as a love gift. That has been so much fun and a blessing too. It has given me an overwhelming love for my friends. It will be so interesting to see where God leads you and what sort of adventure you will be undertaking. I will be praying and wishing the very best for you. Love...

  3. Well, if you do move out of state, I am putting my vote in for NC :-)

    My dream is to take off and live in Italy for 3-6 months, after my husband retires. Will it happen? I would love to think so. We talk about it a lot. Kinda of scary to do something that wild in your late 50's and mid sixties....

  4. It is something to do with Spring, also, I think. We need to look at the important things in our life, and clear out, Spring clean, the rest!

  5. Are you reading my mind???? I know the home i'm in is not my forever home and the thought of moving gets me a little excited, I must say.
    I would love to be closer to family and my Mom.

    I recently did the purge thing and it is so freeing!!

    It is amazing the things we accumulate that we really don't have a real need for.

    Just remember...while at the Salvation Army..drop off

    Janet xox

  6. I had a conversation with a neighbor in a real historical home who has a little guilt about her belongings. She is deeply spiritual but I reminded her how hospitable she is and how she uses her things for good. She felt better LOL and we agreed we are holding on loosely to what we have. YES I'd be up for the adventure and would freely part with stuff other than photos and documents whew...very freeing. I see some old folks in the family holding on tightly to things but they lived in the depression so have a different view point.
    I have a state for you!

  7. I feel like packing the "extra stuff" every day!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  8. Getting rid of what we don't need and then finding out how little we actually "do" need. Being ready for the next step and the next adventure and preparing whether it happens or not -- I think that's an excellent idea.

    I still have much to "get rid of" and am slowly making my way towards that. I learned nearly 6 years ago what I need and what I want are 2 different things and have tried to live that way ever since. But there is no doubt, sometimes I get "snowed under" and need to be reminded that it's time to clear it out!

    Keeping you and Earl in my thoughts and prayers as you are deciding for what comes next xo.

  9. We have had a lot of the same thought running through our minds with my husbands retirement coming in a few years. he really likes to think ahead and that forces me to. Sometimes it is easier to live in the moment...

    And all that makes me think we need to downsize and get rid of the unnecessary things in our home. It's a slow process but we didn't accumulate it overnight either!!

    I wish you and Earl the best of luck!


  10. Our adventure to sell/get rid of everything and move from Oregon to So. Calif has been a wonderful adventure. Getting rid of "things" wasn't as hard as I thought, just a few minor things I wish I still had.

  11. Girl! Have you been reading my diary?? :o) ha ha ha
    Seriously, this is a hot topic in my house. This government shut down scare is a huge wake up call for me, personally, and a giant dose of grace that we are not closing doors. Because I figure, we have 6 months to get loose ends tied up. Build savings, build food storage, declutter (which I tend to do on a regular basis).
    We have begun that process, but really need to tighten our belts to go faster and do more.
    love ya Kathy!! Trish

  12. ps. Your wreath is very cute! ;o)

  13. Hey Kathy! Your positive cheery disposition and firm faith will serve you well as you explore your options for the future. I have no doubt that whatever you guys decide to do, with the Lord's guidance, you will find peace and contentment and fulfilment, whether you stay or go elsewhere. He's already prepared the way, either way.

    Evaluating your things and lightening your load is always a good helps give you clarification on your priorities and a better understanding of who you are and what makes you tick, which is critical for sound decision making...

    Seeing how you have tackled school at this stage of the game is a great indicator of your flexibility and capacity to envision new things for your life... Tackling this potential move will be much the same I would think, though certainly on a much bigger scale. Bottom line, y'all will be fine, better than fine, and it will be great to see the outcome!

    Since the 70's is the high end of your climate comfort zone, Texas might not be a great choice, though I would be thrilled!! Work is still plentiful here and there is no state income tax. I lived 8 years in Colorado, which was paradise for me, and I could sure hook you up with some of the nicest women on the planet there...

    I'm excited for you no matter what! Keep us up to date as prayers will be with you...

    Hugs & Blessings,

  14. Hi Kathleen!

    I totally relate to this post. You may be aware of it, but if not, God moved us to Idaho in January of this year. I had lived for 53 years in SoCal. Things were kind of going south on us. I even lost a job of 14 years in August of last year. Barry was losing income, too, but it was so much more than that. God was rearranging the furniture so to speak. I never dreamed that we would be leaving California, especially since my daughter and first grand-child are there. But God...

    So, I understand the purging and the sudden relaxation in not having to hold onto something. You're right, it does feel good!

    Long before we actually moved, God was preparing us and we were surprisingly ready for it.

    I will pray for God's wisdom and guidance in this season. He might just be causing more openness in your spirit for other things that He has planned.

    Hugs, KJ

  15. It's so easy to get caught up in the 'trappings' of life. There are plenty of times I'll go through my house and give a bunch of stuff away...but, over time, new stuff seems to take its place.

    Human beings tend to get comfortable and be a bit inflexible at the thought of big change. A little shake up is good for the soul.

    I'm praying for you and Earl to find something wonderful. Delaware is nice; the cost of living is low and there's no sales tax.

  16. Dear friend, I'm praying for you and Earl as you look forward to whatever changes God brings your way in the future. You won't be sorry you simplied things - especially when you have to pack and move it all. My cousin and her hubby made a major move two years ago. They sold most of what they had and travelled light with just a few things that were dear to their hearts. Today their 'new' home is lovely and has been blessed with new finds and treasures that delight their hearts.

  17. I so need to purge again!
    My problem is I get sentimentally attached to things and can't let go!

    The hardest part about moving is leaving family and friends behind! We have yet to find a church that feels like family to us.


    P.S.Love your make over

  18. You're doing a very smart thing. I thought about doing the same think last Spring and held off and then at the end of June decided to move. Trying to clean out and pack up 22 years of my life in 5 weeks was a nightmare that I'm just now getting beyond. I'm still getting rid of stuff because I was getting to a point where I didn't know what to keep or throw - I was in overload. I'm now working thru the boxes labeled "PANIC!!!!" I'm looking at further changes too. My job isn't that secure and I'm getting close to retirement age and am completely unprepared for it. Looking for new opportunities to help along the way. It's difficult and not something I every thought I'd have to consider. At one time my job was in a very secure field. Now, not so much.

  19. Hi Kathy, moving is such a chore, but I have always thought of it as an adventure. You can always get more "things" when you settle down. But the only thing I REALLY, REALLY miss after we moved to another state, was my kids and grandchildren. It still makes me sad. I love where we are, but I wish my family would move here too! Since doing the renovation, I am also getting rid of stuff - it is a load off your back!!! I'm wishing you and your husband the best! (Even if you don't move)

  20. wow, such possible changes! I wish you both the best!

    Getting rid of excess clutter is not only good for the spirit, but also good if you plan on selling your home - our homes always look better with less stuff sitting around.

    And you've reminded me - I need to change the wreath on my door...


  21. It's always exciting to think about moving and starting over in a new place. I moved often and it is so exciting. Getting rid of clutter and things that we hold onto forever is always a good thing. I know what you mean about sensing change coming.

    Prayer and meditation will prepare you for all things new. The nice part about blogging is that wherever you go, you will just plug in the computer and we'll all be here waiting to hear about the next chapter.


  22. You are in my prayers sweet lady...I understand adventure having lived in 18 houses in 27 years! Of course, that was in the military! *grin* But sometimes life throws us a curve and it can be wonderful! I know you have such a great spirit and something amazing will come from it all. I too have been paring down. Goodwill loves me! *smile* I also sold some things at a consignment shop. And you know what? We don't miss those things at all! Now I wonder why I took so long to do it!
    Sue (Who is a bad blogger and catching up with you today!)


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