Monday, April 25, 2011

A few photos from our Easter celebration.  I couln't resist this picture of the brilliant sunshine we had on Saturday. It's the little things that make me happy, like sunshine glowing on dishsoap:>)
Earl and Victoria worked on desserts for our family dinner.  These Lime Cheesecake Tartlets were soooo good.  Creamy whipped cream, cream cheese, and lime in a graham cracker crust.  Delicious and easy.
 They also worked on this Lemon Pistachio Cake with a lemony glaze.  Really good buttermilk cake with a  pistachio crust.  Fun to try something new, and we had no complaints;>) 
We also had the usual redskin potatoes with fresh chive butter, honey ginger glazed carrots, a beautiful salad and home made rolls, mom brought pickles and pickled beets and a glazed ham.. I'm still full. Did I get any pictures? Of course not, too busy getting it all on the table after church and then enjoying time with most of the extended family.  Bad blogger.
In other news, I am thrilled to say that tomorrow is my last class for this semester.  Yay! I am so ready to move on. I have learned so much but it has taken a huge amount of time away from other things.
I'm finishing up my final project right now.  I think I might find a little more time for visits and posts and, well, just real life in the very near future. And how was your Easter?


  1. Those desserts have me drooling! They look so good.

    Easter was quiet here. Mr. Comforts and me alone. We spent the day working in the garden and had ham, scalloped potatoes, beans and deviled eggs. No dessert, because we are trying to loose weight - not very successfully though -lol.

  2. Hello Kathy,

    Looks like you had a lovely family Easter and those desserts look yummy.
    I look forward to some 'crafty' posts when you have more free time. We miss you!

    janet xox

  3. Sounds like a lovely Easter and those desserts look beautiful!! Congrats on finishing this semester's class!

  4. Oh YUM! Those cakes look soooo delicious! You're Easter dinner sounds wonderful! We went to church and brunch, so didn't need much dinner! But did make a buttermilk pie for our Easter dessert. Have a great week, and congratulations on your LAST CLASS!

  5. Mine was very quiet. Didn't go any place.

  6. Mmmmm. Looks very good even after I over ate. :)

    I am ready for this school year to come to an end too. It has been a great year but I'm pooped. You must be too!

  7. Yum-m-m-m! Looks wonderful! And the sunshine through your window is so welcome. That's the kind of Saturday we had here, too. Our Easter was nice. Our daughter and her family planned to join us at church but she had a sick baby and another one with a very bad cold. We were invited to dinner with my cousin and her hubby. I didn't cook a thing! Just took pretty napkins for the table! Wonderful day it was.

  8. We had a wonderful Easter spent with our children. Those Lime Cheesecake Tartlets look so delish. I checked the recipe and I'm tempted to try them. I suppose you made your own crust too? The homemade crusts are considerably better than the purchased ones. Congratulations on your last class AND a job WELL DONE. Hope you enjoy your REAL LIFE!

  9. They look delicious! Glad you had a good Easter!

  10. I'd settle for a little sunshine glowing on anything right about now! Looks like your Easter was lots of fun. Mimi

  11. It all sounds wonderful...okay, except for the beets and ham. but I could've made a meal out of the rest!

  12. Oh my your dinner sounds so wonderful and yummy!
    We had a BQ at out daughters home with 45 family members, a beautiful way to celebrate Easter and Spring.
    I'm going back to read the recipes.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  13. What wonderful desserts!
    Good job, girls :)

    Ours was nice...I hosted my elderlies. I FELL badly getting out of the car in the rain and have an arm to prove it.

  14. My mouth is watering. Looks delicious!
    Following you. :)


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