Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring break began for me Friday.  ♥Oh how I love the sound of those words. ♥
I hope I can post a little more than once this week, I have some major projects to do around the house and have some lunches sheduled with friends and, well, you get the idea.
It's catch up time for everything I haven't had time for.
Here is someone I always have time for. Lauren spends her Sundays with us. Love that.  I think we will be cooking together a lot on Sundays. Lauren, her dad and I.  She is moving into a new cute apartment at the end of the month and I have some decorating projects on the calender with her. Furniture to paint, fun to be had. But I digress.  The kid knows how to cook, she just lacks a little faith in herself, and a good basic cookbook, which I didn't realize until this weekend.  So her dad and I are walking her through some of her favorite recipes on Sunday afternoons.  This week she made her favorite sausage and asparagus quiche with me, turkey burgers for the freezer with her dad, along with  some tips on poaching chicken breasts to use in quick recipes after work.  She went home with goodies for the freezer and fridge and we had a great time.
 (Oooh, a sneak peek of the upper cabinets, still working on the lower ones.)
 laughing together...

and having coffee
And just having fun.  I think the mug says it all.
She's sweet:>)
I would love to hear what your go to favorite basic cookbook is. Mine is an old Betty Crocker circa 1973. Any suggestions for a good one for her?


  1. How fun to cook with her and help her polish her recipes and cooking skills.

  2. Aww... she is so cute!! :o) I love how you are all working on favorite recipes with Lauren. How much fun that must be and she will have first hand experience with the recipes she loves. :o) I think about putting together a cook book for my children, of their favorite recipes. They are still sort of young (18 & 15), but it would be nice to have for them when they need it. :o)
    Love your cabinets Kathy! I took a peek while reading your post. :o)
    Wish we were closer, so we could meet for lunch. :o) Have a great spring break!!
    love, Trish
    ps. Your background and header are too cute!! :o)

  3. ewwwww... who wants to cook with HER?!?! jk, I WANT TO! xoxoxo
    Your younger daughter, you know - the one who's awesome?! :) xoxoxo

  4. Oh anonymous you scared me thinking Kathy had a bad person here for a turkey burgers for you! ;)
    Kathy you are making me feel a little better about my up and coming bird that will fly the coop in a year. I am pre-grieving.

  5. What a good idea to cook together, that will help her confidence. Dinner parties soon?

  6. Lauren is just so cute...she looks like she is really enjoying your Sunday's together! And learning a few things from Mom to boot! I wish her all the best in her new apartment!


  7. Hey Kathy,
    Betty Crocker is my gal too. My cookbook no longer has it's cover and many pages are dogeared.

    Guess that 's the sign of a much loved book.

    Your daughter is lovely and I hope you enjoy your deserved scholastic break.

    Janet xox

  8. We are on Spring Break here too but the weather is not cooperating. Dust storms for the past two days. :/ So pajama days it is and lots of crafting and cooking has been going on. I love making soups all year round and have made a couple this week. So easy to just heat up as a main dish, or on the side with a sandwich or salad. Most of my recipes now are gleaned from friends or blogs or online sources; although I do have tons and tons of cookbooks too. So nice that you and your hubby are helping your daughter learn some cooking skills. I love cooking, but during regular school/work days when everything is rushed, it can seem like such a chore. The slow pace of this week allows me to get so much done. Enjoy your break! Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Nothing like spending time with a daughter!! Moments well spent!!
    I have lots of cookbooks that are the go to I can't suggest just one except... one with lots of photos...that seems to help when you can see the finished dish!!

  10. I learned to cook with the red and white checked Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. It has changed over the years and is more updated. It is a great cookbook for the basics.

    My second favortie cooking book for learning all about cooking is Joy of Cooking...

  11. Sweet for sure!
    My favorite is an old Church cookbook from way back when but I'm resently enjoying most of Ina Gartens cookbooks...Yum.
    Spring Break Happiness to you both!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  12. Betty rocks! That's where I started. Gives you all the basics. From there I went to Fannie Farmer. Also full of good basic information!

  13. Ooops! Enjoy your Spring Break! Mine starts next Friday - two more weeks! I won't be jealous of yours now if you won't be jealous of mine then! LOL

  14. What a fun Sunday thing to do with someone you love so much. She is adorable..and I know she is sweet..after all, just look at her aweome momma.!!

    Betty Crocker has always been THE book for me. I am enjoying some of the newer ones but that's the best.

    I am having a hissy fit to see you kitchen redo. :)))

  15. My husband cooks and has a wonderful, large collection of cookbooks. He reads them all like storybooks.

    The staple cookbook from my youth was Betty Crocker....circa the stone age.

  16. I don't think you can beat the Betty Crocker one. I had that and another which I no longer have that was so basic it told you how to boil hotdogs. LOl!


    Sheila :-)

  17. I enjoyed reading about your weekend teaching your daughter some of life's important lessons and having fun at the same time. It's wonderful to see children that love their parents so much. As for a go to cookbook I guess mine would have to be our church cookbook. Growing up we didn't use a cookbook much. Mom cooked from her head and that's how she taught me. No fancy cooking you can be sure. It's so different now. (Thank goodness!!)

  18. What fun Sundays you will be having cooking together. My cookbooks are on the dated side. My go-go these days is It is so helpful to read the reviews! Enjoy your spring break, Kathy.

  19. She does look like a sweetie, Kathy! I am not much of a cook myself, but I'm with Penny; I always have my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook sitting on my kitchen cookbook holder and I always refer to it whenever I am looking for something.

  20. So fun to spend some time with your adorable daughter. AND some time off to catch up on things, priceless! I have a zillion cookbooks but I'm going more and more to for recipes. Are cookbooks going to be obsolete soon? I don't know, things are changing so darn fast. Mimi

  21. It goes w/o saying that Lauren is beautiful and talented. I just didn't know that she cooked as well. I am surprised that no one mentioned the "Joy of Cooking". Everything from appetizers to venison (Yuk). Lots of drawings and best of all, sections on all the basic ingredients. For instance, I didn't know about not over stirring corn starch recipes until I read it here. Can't wait to hear about the new apartment.

  22. Just back to say...she's sooo darn cute....looks so so much like you.


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