Thursday, April 21, 2016

The New Flock

There isn't much in this world that's more fun than a hand full of baby chicks.
 We went and got the new flock yesterday while the sun was shining and it was warm and beautiful.  The babies were brought home and put in a clean, snug coop under the warmth of my grandfather's old brooder light to keep them toasty.  His old glass chick waterer was set up and feeders were set out for them.  It's always so much fun to watch them run around and explore. Eating and drinking and tipping over on their little faces as they fall asleep on their feet. One minute they are awake and the next they have fallen face first into a nap.
 This little guy is one of the tinier chicks.  We got a mixture of breeds so they are all different ages.  Earl was trying to get it to relax and fall asleep in his hand. Such a cutie. The chick is cute too ;)
We got 2 each of Wellsummers, ISA Browns, Barred Rock, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp and  Gold Laced Wyandotte, all brown egg layers, and two Aracaunas that will lay green or blue eggs.  It will be a while, but I'm hoping this flock will be as sweet and beautiful as our last  flock was.

I'm looking forward to fresh eggs this fall!  Lots happening here and I'll be sharing more next week.
Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. 


  1. How fun and sweet they are! 2 neighbors have chickens in my neighborhood.
    Did you name them?

  2. They are just so darn cute...there is something about baby birds/fowl! Keep us posted!


  3. Love getting new chicks, but this isn't our year. Our hens are laying well and we don't need more. Have fun with the babies!

  4. You guys have your hands full (pun intended). So adorable!

  5. How adorable and how wonderful to have fresh eggs in the future! Would love to have this opportunity is our next home.

  6. They are so cute! I always wanted to have chickens....Mr. Comforts, not so

  7. How sweet!!! I have always wanted to raise chickens, but it is beyond me right now. Maybe when the kids go to college...maybe! ;) Enjoy your babies!

  8. Can't wait to see them grow - although nothing is cuter than they are now. They're lucky to get such a good home with you.

  9. Your new chicks are so cute! I'd love to have a few but we are out and about so much it wouldn't work too well. One of my favorite morning walks takes me on a path beside a yard that has the most wonderful chicken house - it has a stained glass window! I'd like to try to capture it in photos but I don't want the folks who live there to think I'm sneaking up on their chickens and spying! Maybe someday I will walk with my big camera and telephoto lens so I can share that cute little place with you. Enjoy your flock.

  10. Oh what fun! They are adorable and I hope that you have many good layers there. Nothing like fresh eggs!

  11. gosh, i thought i left a comment here...guess not...i love your baby chicks..i remember when my mama and aunt would get new baby chicks thru the mail. so so funny.

    watch for my post for Wed...about grapes, birds and netting...xoxo


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