Monday, May 2, 2016

The Merry Merry Month of May

Happy May!  My favorite month, with green grass, flowering trees, lilacs blooming, (in a couple weeks!) family birthdays, carpets of violets on the lawn, bare feet, and the garden finally coming to life.   That's right, while you southern and California girls have been picking your flowers and enjoying Spring for a month or more, Spring is just now arriving at our doorstep in Michigan.
Thank you Jesus.
I enter this beautiful season with a renewed determination to get off my hiney, walk more, (eat less, ahem) get the garden in order, work on projects in the yard and a million other things that call my name after what seems like a winter spent hibernating. This past weekend was spent wandering a  huge vintage and antique show at the local fairgrounds, the season's first Farmers Market visit and time with friends.  I'm planning picnics, barbeques and visits with the kids. The calendar is filling up fast!  I'll be back later this week with another installment of my series on entertaining. 

 Have you started filling up your spring and summer calendar? What fun do you have planned?


  1. Happy May friend. Yes, spring is well underway here. It's already green and hot but we love it. I've been walking and just started Weight Watchers so my goals are like yours. We can do it!

  2. You're back! Planning must be key. If we don't plan on fun, we won't have any! Love this sweet photo on your blog today and now I am wondering how I can make it work around here. Not too many posies yet to think about. Silk for a little while longer.

  3. Hi Kathy! Yay for Spring! It's coming a bit slow here but I know it will come. Your snap is so beautiful and I hope you get to do everything you want to!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Yeah for spring in Michigan!! I remember how lovely it can be. I miss not having lilacs, it is too warm here in our area of SC. I could grow them in NC. We are actually having our first picnic this Saturday on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate with good friends.

  5. Yay!

    I got to spend almost the whole day with Clarence, Karen, Julianne and Allyson, yesterday! We were at the same wedding and seated at the same table! Such a treat!

  6. Yes, summer fun is coming up. Church tea party on Saturday.Planning my Mom's 80th b-day party in June, there are always garage sales, estate sales, and outdoor flea markets. Your photos are so pretty. What camera do you use?

    1. Thank you Deb :) I use an old Sony A100 DSLR and the lens it came with. I tweak the pics in Picasa, which is a free program that you can download online. It's very easy to use and has a lot of great editing tools. Both are very basic tools.

  7. Hi Kathy,
    My calendar is filled to the brim every week but I have no plans except work until Monday which is when everyone seems to contact me. I like to be busy so it is okay. I think your photographs have just the perfect exposure, too. The colors look real and some folk's photographs are so amped up that it looks like they were taken in the city of OZ.

  8. The month of May if filled with 4 graduations...trying to find the perfect gifts...putting together cute outfits to wear...listening to their hopes, plans and helping 3 of them with awesome finds for their house. The twins and their older sis are moving into a house together while the twins start college and the older one starts her first job...all exciting times.

  9. Happy May to you too! We have many trip with Minnie this summer having fun and relaxing!

  10. Happy May, dear friend. Spring is bursting out everywhere here in my part of the world. Flowers and green grass and leaves on the trees make my heart sing. Our calendar is filling with outings and time with family and friends of all kinds. It's a wonderful time of the year!


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