Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Youth is Wasted on the Young ~ George Bernard Shaw

Dropped off at University yesterday, one daughter.  Going back to work today, one mom.  I helped carry her few belongings into her dorm room yesterday and was hit with a wave of nostalgia.  I wanted to move in.  Of course, this is my Alma Mater and I have many happy memories there, not the least of which is meeting the man of my dreams (yes it's Earl!).  Let me pause a moment to reminisce..........sigh.  Yeah, life was good.  Did I realize it then?  Well, a little, but when we returned home I told Earl that just for a moment I had thoughts of selling the house and both of us returning to carefree days in an apartment on campus.  Walking in the cool night air and looking at the stars on campus, no bills once tuition was paid.  Opportunities for fun just laid out for you.
We had our chance and now it's her turn.  Lucky girl.  I wouldn't go back to high school for a million bucks, but college?  If I could live those carefree days again? You bet.  How about you?  Would you go back?


  1. As inviting as it sounds I don't think I would go back. If we go back we may not have the wonderful families we now have!!
    Still I wouldn't mind a few carefree days scattered here and there

  2. High school - never!
    College - I might - I'd like to have a couple of do-overs!

  3. Ah yes, youth. And it is -- wasted on the young. They don't know and we didn't know how good it was at the time. But then, who does?

    Go back? I didn't get to go to college for many reasons so going through all of this with my children, I am overjoyed for them and think how lovely it would have been for me to have that opportunity.

    It wasn't meant to be -- then or in a do-over I'm sure. I've learned so much in the school of life that I probably never would have learned at college or university.

    But I do hear you on the carefree days...oh yes, I do. That would be bliss!!! :)

  4. Those wonderful years are never truly appreciated until you no longer have that option and when the realities of everyday life take over. It is a carefree time...you are sort of out on your own but with the safety net of your parents!

  5. I wouldn't do HS over either! But I wouldn't mind a second chance at my early twenties!


  6. I'd love to go back. If I could know what I know now! I loved my college years and would love a do-over.

  7. In your 'college age mind', your problems are just as enormous and heartwrenching at the time, then the problems we have right now in our 'adult minds'. We sometimes think it is silly when our children have fears. We think they don't know what it is like to pay bills or nurse grandmother through cancer, yet for every age, I think there are compatible worries and that is not to say they don't hurt or cause ulcers.

    You can't compare apples and oranges. Sometimes when my husband comes home from work, tired and cranky, I ask him, "How do you think Obama feels right now???".

    BTW, Kathy...Abby left for college 2 weeks ago. She is miserable. The last thing I thought...I will probably be doing another tear filled post this week. Hope your pretty little girl is happy.


  8. This is such a wonderful post Kathy! I too often think about what I didnt realize then but do now. It is unfair! Your daughter is gorgeous!!

  9. She is such a beautiful girl ...with her whole life stretching before her.
    And, OMG...yes I would go back in a New York Minute!!! ;O)
    Loved this post.

  10. Hi Kathleen
    I can remember my parents saying youth is wasted on the young. I din't get it at the time but of course now I do. I definitely would not want to go back to high school. I'll admit that college days were very carefree, but I wasn't a Christain then and I would not want to be back in a place of not knowing how much God loves me.
    I'd like to have the firm body and good memory that I had back then!!
    I hope both of you have agood yer at scholl.
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  11. Kathy, You bet I would go back but this time I would do the college years a little differently.

    The Hallmark Channel recently had a movie on starring Cybil Shephard. She was a divorced mom with grown children. She decided to go back to school and get her degree. She moved right in to the dorm with the younger gals. I can't remember the name of the movie but it was really cute. When we were watching it I told my husband it made me want to go back...If only we could? :-)

    Your daughter is beautiful! Don't work too hard and have a wonderful work year. Love, Debbi

  12. Yes, I would go back and there are a few things I would do differently this time. Maybe not have kids! :) or pray for different ones. But I must say I would like my grand-kids. Well, at least two of them, I might trade one. Can you tell I'm in a mood.

  13. wow. great pics of me mom.... not so much. I love you! Kylie's moving in right now! Try to focus on the happiness in your life right now! xxooxxoo

  14. I would not want to ever return to high school, I don't even go to my reunions and I never went to college but I think if I had it to redo, I would have. My husband sure had a fun time!!

    P.S. Your baby looks so young to leave the nest!!

  15. I didn't asjust well in college and dropped out after the first semester. I would go back and major in arts....that would be fun!

  16. Your daughter is so pretty!! Just like her momma!

    Ok....high school - no way! I was a major nerd-O - with a capital N.

    College...maybe, minus having to work and go to school at the same time. I would have pursured college far, far away from home though.

    Hope you and Earl are having a great day.


  17. hi Kathy....glad to hear the daughter got back to school safe and sound...she's just adorable...I just saw the movie
    Smother with Diane Keaton and at one point in the movie she leaves her husband and moves in with her son and his wife...this is a comedy...and she says "Can you send me back to 1968 so I can start over".....that's exactly how I feel sometimes....
    me and daughter started a new blog...go check it out incase Earl has ever done something dumb....We'll take your story and post it....
    and to contribute a story

  18. I would do college again in a minute on one condition! That my sweetheart and I would meet and fall in love. He attended a rival college and we often attended the same sporting events when his team played mine but we were on opposite sides of the gym! ~Adrienne~

  19. I was right there with you as I read your words...hate saying "goodbye", not knowing what to do with all the fun memories. Would I go back to my college days? Good question...maybe if I could know then what I know now...maybe. But, you are right in that those carefree days will not be repeated in this lifetime. Well written post! Beautiful daughter! I wish her and you the best year ahead.

  20. No, I would not go back. I have an occasional nightmare that a paper is due, it is 2:00 AM, and I haven't even started writing. I hate it when my ADD shows up in my dreams ;-) Now if I were planted somewhere temporarily that had no responsibilities and I was free to sit on classes I'm interested in without writing papers and taking tests.....then I'm in like flint! I'm glad your daughter is safely planted for year two, and I'm glad you met the man of your dreams at college. Maybe she will meet one just as special too.

  21. Your daughter is beautiful. Oh I would love care free days again...m.

  22. I definitely want my 20 year old body back. I didn't know what I'd be missing then. But I do miss it now. Mimi

  23. Go back if I could know what I know now & still have my babies & hubby later on? Uh, like, yeah! *rolling my eyes*

  24. Hi Kathy,
    What a cutie, and so animated. I think if I could go back in time, it would be when I was working and living in Manhattan. Of course it would have to be that economy...boy have things changed.


  25. Your daughters are just beautiful Kathy! Would I go back? Maybe...there are so many things I would pursue that I never even thought about back then.



  26. Your daughter is such a blessing. Lucky you! Would I go back? Yes, who wouldn't want to go back to youth with the wisdom we've aquired since then. But what I'd rather do over is the time when my kids were little. Those were the best times ever!
    Patricia :o)

  27. Tempting but no...although i would love to FEEL lke I did back then! Less aches and pains and i slept better! *laugh*
    But it is such fun to watch it throguh your children's lives...your sweet girl is adorable!

  28. hi
    I would love to go back to college and be different from what i was at that time and enjoy a little of my college life then what i did then.
    As you might be knowing Indian culture is conservative and i was bought up with strict rules and regulations and so it was only studies and home for me (we stay with our parents and don't move out unless off course its very far or in another state). But i feel that you cannot live that life ever again its the best part of your life and so one should make the most of it....


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