Saturday, September 19, 2009

Suddenly it's here

Autumn that is.  A beautiful weekend forecast here.  Hope yours is beautiful too. We have a little road trip today...I'll update later but I don't want the person we are going to see to know we are coming.:>)
Our road trip was a quick drive to our youngest daughters campus. She has been feeling quite ill and we needed to surprise her with some home made chicken noodle soup and a few goodies.  Poor baby was running a fever and we made sure she was supplied with tissues, meds and ginger ale.  It was a two hour drive each way but she was so glad to see us and I was glad we could take her what she needed and provide a little comfort.  Say a little prayer for her, I think it's the flu and I hope its not the swine flu!


  1. A surprise visit!! The "person" will be thrilled!!! And this is a gorgeous photograph Kathy!!

    It's a glorious weekend here too -- the last of summer..done just right!

  2. must be meeting with a blogger!! Shhh...I won't say a word!

    We are up in Michigan and it is quite chilly. However, tomorrow could be 75 degrees!! Our leaves have not shown one inclination of changing, so fall is definitely not here.

    Have a wonderful weekend!! :-)


  3. Yes .... autumn is here ... woke to rain! Have a super surprise visit weekend!
    Hugs --
    Betty :)

  4. Have a wonderful weekend with your surprise visit! It has been raining here for the past two weeks. A few leaves are changing color, but I would love to see a little sunshine. I don't even know where the sun rises and sets at my new house, because everytime I am there working on it, it has been raining!

  5. It is such a beautiful weekend so far, isnt it? I love the sunshine. Have a safe and wonderful trip Kathy~
    Love ya,

  6. Hope they are prepared! Chuckle ... have a wonderful time. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. I feel the slight lowering of temperature and need to put a roast on! Haha!

  8. Thanks mom! I love you so much and I already feel a bit better. I actually ate a whole bowl of soup! I love you!!! (AND DADDY!)

  9. I'm glad she's feeling better! There's nothing like soup from Mom to make you feel better.


  10. Good to read Victoria's comment that she is feeling better. Such a lovely thing to do for your sweet girl.
    Love your photo - how did you get the blurred outside edges??

  11. I'll say a prayer for her quick recovery. Mom's chicken soup certainly will do the trick. It's hard knowing that they are away, have to work or are busy at school when they are sick. We never stop being Mom. Have a beautiful Sunday.


  12. Good to hear somebody is having good weather this weekend...It has done nothing but rain for the past week..No, it has poured!! Our front lawn is a sea of moss...Sorry to hear daughter is ill at school...sure hope it isn;t the swine flu...and how nice you brought her sick goodies for her to feel better....When daughter was in college one year the poor thing had pneumonia and had bad heat in her dorm room,, was like 60 degrees and outside it was below zero...I felt so awful that I was unable to get to her and take care of her....Your lucky you are within driving distance....

  13. Glad Vicky is on the mend. Hopefully, that means it isn't swine flu.

    Feel better, Vicky! We love you!

  14. poor girl. i pray your daughter feels better soon. so glad you were able to pay her a visit.

  15. I hope your daughter feels better soon. My daughter has been out of school two weeks now with the flu.I'm hoping to get her back Monday. She seems to be a little better and actually felt like playing a little today.

    Check out what Pooh Bear and his gang are doing at my blog. Your daughter might get a kick out of it, when she's better!

    As for Autumn - we're looking at a heat wave next week. Up to 105 in some places around California's central valley. UGH!


  16. What a good mommy you are. It doesn't matter how old your kids are sometimes they just need their parents. Mimi

  17. You ARE a good mom. I like the green teapot in the photo!

  18. Hi Kathy,

    I said a little prayer for your daughter. You are such a special Mom and I know that your daughter loved seeing you with and all of the goodies you made her - just what the doctor ordered.

    I love your blog banner - adorable.
    Have a lovely week.

  19. Hello, hope your daughter feels better...I'm sure she does now that you visited her.
    ♥ Rebecca

  20. It is difficult when they get sick at school, but certainly homemade chicken noodle soup will make everything better. What a kind gesture!

  21. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter being sick. Both my boys were sick last week, and it's never good!

    This is my first time at your blog and it's beautiful! I'll be back to read more!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  22. I'm still convinced it was the swine flu. ;) lol i think i'll remind victoria of that for quite some time. ;)


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