Wednesday, September 30, 2009


With Autumn blowing it's damp chill winds this week (in the 50's during the day!) it is quilt time. I love quilts and I am currently working on a couple for some very special girls:>)  This quilt was a flea market find this summer for $1.   You might think I got a bargain to see it now, but then it was a uniform stained brown and had a scent that encouraged us to drive home with the windows down.  I soaked it outside for a couple days in Biz, and when I pulled it out of the (murky) water it was sparkling white and I could see the hand embroidered squares  much more clearly.  It turned out to be a great deal and I have spent several evenings snuggled on the couch with it with the windows open, and used it for an outdoor concert in the park.

Now this little lovely is in the current issue of Quilt Sampler magazine and I am in love with it! It looks simple enough for a beginner and I  have it on my project list for this winter.  The dotted line led to a larger picture of the cherries which are made of yo-yo's and ric rac. Love it!  The colors, the cherries, the little kitchen sign under it (bet I can make that too!)  Oh, I am hopeless when it comes to adding projects to my already full schedule but I can't help myself.  So now you have a peek at what I hope to be making a fall and winter project. Any projects on your list for this winter?


  1. That was a bargain!! I love the quilt you are going to be making. And the kitchen sign - love that black and white border!!
    p.s. I am not painting my dining room chocolate brown...that is the color the previous owners had painted it....I am painting OVER the chocolate brown - lol.

  2. G'morning, dear one...
    I have been playing catch up...I get so far behind in my reading of favorite blogs!
    I am loving this old quilt...they are usually really soft by this time in their lives. Bet this one is, too.
    Good luck on the quilt. you won't have any trouble at all. You are such a great seamstress. Me, on the other hand, would be totally BALD by the time I finished something like that!
    Love that bust you have on the books ... I never find those at sales.
    Have a wonderful day,
    love, bj

  3. What a find the white quilt was, you must have been so thrilled when it cleaned up so beautifully.

  4. I am always in awe of the energy you have in taking on new projects...and seeing them to fruition!! And I smiled at the price you paid for a dirty, smelly quilt...but knew you'd find the beauty in it and you did!!!

    I haven't any projects lined up for the winter at now you've given me something to go away and think on!

  5. What a deal on the sale quilt. Shabby and charming! the second quilt is beautiful, looks time consuming, but I am not a quilter. BLessings!

  6. I'm back...because I can't get that quilt out of my head. It is so cheery and colorful. I just love it. It appears to be mostly square blocks...I need to buy that magazine for the pattern.

  7. BJ is so cute, isn't she, Kathy?!

    Love the quilt. I admire anyone that can sew. I like the trick of soaking it in Biz (did you rinse it?). I will have to remember that if I find an old quilt looking for a good home.

    My winter project is cross stitching a set of mini mittens that will be stuffed, sewn and used as Christmas ornaments. I love to make something for the tree every year. That doesn't mean I alway do... ;-)

    Enjoy the rest of your week!!


  8. Mmm....I would love to make that cherry quilt...its way too cute!

    What a bargain to find that stinky old quilt {a diamond in the ruff} I am so glad it turned out so clean and usable!

    I have always wanted to make a quilt for each of our children and you think now that all my friends are amish I would be doing that..... Not yet! :-)

    Enjoy your week dear friend,

  9. For $1.00 a little TLC wasn't a bad trade!!! So your wallhanging, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. Wow you found yourself a great bargain. That quilt looks hard to me but I know nothing about it so I hope you have fun making it. It's really cheerful and pretty.

  11. Wow only one dollar? That is a great find...and dont you love Biz? I used to use it lots when the kids were works very well.


  12. Yes, it is quilt time here, too! I love old quilts and often wonder about the people who made them. I like the quilt you plan to make - hope we get to see some of in progress and then the finished piece. I need to get busy with a quilt or two. Maybe I'll even finish one I've started but set aside for a 'rainy day'. Here in Oregon that would be TODAY!!

  13. I love that quilt hanging in the last image! Breathtaking!

  14. That cherry quilt looks like it would be a fun one to make!! Your little one dollar quilt sure is pretty. I often look at these old pieces and wonder why someone would get rid of it and also how much time went into making it.

    Have a great evening...stay cozy.

  15. And I thought I did good with the $5 quilt...You really found a bargain...and you are way more ambitious then me...What plans do I have for the cooler weather....go shopping to buy more sweaters!! Because you can never have too much cashmere......

  16. Both of those are wonderful quilts! I'm the same way...always adding things to do...very rarely subtracting (which is what I really should be doing)!

    I have one issue of that magazine that I saved from months ago because it had lots of cute projects I thought I might try this winter.That quilt is darling - LOVE the yo-yos!! What a cute touch!


  17. Hi Kathy
    That $1 quilt is just beautiful. I use BIZ all the time and it is a miracle worker isn't it? I'm so glad you could see the potential and didn't pass it up because of the smell. The quilt you want to make is really cute. I have designed a cherry quilt which I hope to sew sometime soon.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  18. What an adoreable quilt to do. I love the colors and the design. Happy quilting.

  19. Kathy, your quilt find is lovely, and so is this one you plan on creating. It says Kathy all over it, and I am sure you will stitch it with love. I think that is what makes your things so desirable, we can see the love in every stitch.

  20. I love finding hidden beauties like your quilt. I can't tell you how many times my family has thought I was crazy for picking up some of the things that I do. I tell them just have faith I know it's worth saving.


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