Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Day in the Life

Tuesdays Earl is in school. Did I tell you he signed up for college this fall to get a degree in construction management? No? Well he did, I am so proud of him I could bust. But Tuesdays are his long day. 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.  He can handle it,  He's my superman:>)   Anyway, since I have Tuesdays to myself I can get things done that I otherwise wouldn't. No interruptions you know?  So after work I came home, checked my email (of course!) spent way too much time online read a few blogs, and just plain messed around for a while. I think we all need time to mess around don't you?
I went outside and gathered the eggs. The hens just recently started laying and the eggs are so brown and beautiful. The blue-green egg is the first of that color. It comes from an Aracuana and I think it is just a wonder.  I cooked some sweet corn from the farmers market and cut it off the ears so I could freeze it and enjoy it this winter.
After cutting up the corn, I took the empty ears and corn husks out to the compost pile, out past the henhouse and the tomatoes ripening on their teepees. I looked toward the woods and five deer who had been helping themselves to some apples from our trees watched me watching them as I approached. They finally ran into the woods.
On the way back to the house I stopped and took the clothes off the line under the pear tree. Fresh sheets tonight, infused with fresh air and sunshine (and a little rain that fell this afternoon).  I am wearing my apron and I am suddenly struck with the thought that I am living my grandmothers life.  She did it all.  The corn, the clothesline, the chickens and fresh eggs. She baked bread and sewed....just like me.  Or am I just like her?  I didn't set out to do all these things, Grandma was a farm wife and that life is a hard one. She was happy living it though.  The skills I learned from her clearly stuck.  Funny how these things connect us and come full circle without us thinking about them.
My day will be finished with me finishing up this pillow while I wait for my sweetie to come home.
Thanks to Marilyn at The Cutest Cottage Lamps for sending me this beautiful blue chicken fabric, (hey, I'm branching out! It isn't red!) I admired it on her blog and she sent it to me, just like that.   I, of course, had to immediately make another pillow for the sofa, can you have too many pillows?  One thing grandma didn't have..."imaginary" friends on the computer that sent her gifts.  I think she would have liked that:>)


  1. Grandma's life sounds good to me...and kudos to Earl for going back to school! Love that pillow...

  2. Well you must be proud of Earl....If my husband got up off the couch to take a class on anything I would die of the shock....I love the chicken pillow...and you did use red check as the border....you can't have too many pillows and red is the best color ever!!

  3. Just the other day I was wishing that I could have a chicken coup with happy little chickens in it. I'd LOVE to have fresh brown (and green!) eggs.

    Congratulations to Earl!! It'll be tough but he'll make it. My hubby just got his MBA and he's already thinking of going back for a double masters.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your grandmother would be very proud of you.
    Patricia :o)

    PS: LOVE the chicken pillow.

  4. What a sweet post to read, Kathy! I so enjoyed it! Congrtats to Earl...ANY education is never wasted...as a good friend once told me.

    Your eggs are works of art. And I love the view of your clothes on the line. I remember those days...then I found out we all had allergies and I was bringing the pollen right into the house. Grrrr.

    You know, I never knew my grandmothers very well. When I was young we would go to their homes for Sunday dinners and they would be cooking away with aprons on. My mother wasn't the greatest cook. She just tried to stretch the dollar to feed all 7 of us, so I guess it was hard to find pleasure in it. So, as I write my autobiography here, I think I took after my grandmothers. Loving to cook, tidy up, make things nice for my family...things my mom breezed through, she was a pro. But then, she was very social and me...just a homebody!! ;-)

    I love post like this, Kathy. Brenda from A Cozy House wrote a post about her day as well as Barb at Bella Vista. Instead of a topic, maybe just what our day entails...

    Wishing you a wonderful week, Kathy!!


  5. It sounds as if you live a very charmed and busy life, Kathy Grace.
    I love the Heart and Home pillows and this one, too. Very nice, indeed.
    I need to do a post of MY DAY, I think. Soon....
    Give Earl an extra hug from me and tell him we ALL love superman!!
    Hugs, bj

  6. You have a life that is I am sure envied by most of us! I love that you gave us a glimpse into it.
    p.s. looking so forward to my home pillow...

  7. I did a similar pillow once with the red checks ruffle and just loved it. Sold it on ebay though. We have very similar tastes, sugar chick!

  8. Hi Kathy
    Sounds like a good day. That is great that Earl is going to school. I love the chicken fabric!
    ((hugs)) Rhondi

  9. You would have a PERFECT life if I were there and you could make good food for me and give me hugs and take care of me.... Oh wait, that'd be my perfect life lol. No really though. You miss me. I can tell. And I miss you too!!! I love you!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    ~Love, Victoria

  10. Victoria is too cute! Yay for Earl! You have every right to be proud of him. That's a long long day.

    Your day sounds lovely to me! It's hard to stay away from red...it really is the very best color (next to black) LOL! I love the pillow...that is such cute fabric and your pincushion is adorable!


  11. I love this post. It makes me wish I had chickens and a clothesline and deer in my back yard.

  12. Kathy, I really enjoyed this post. it sounds like a lovely life you have. Thanks for sharing. Love, Debbi

  13. Beautiful post. That pillow is fabulous. I am in love with the blue/green eggs. I am lucky that I can get brown eggs from a teacher at school!

  14. What a wonderful way to spend an evening! Besides our name we really do have so much in common! Gathering eggs & sewing - two of my favorite things to do! I love your chicken pillow & just today I found your comment on my pillow from almost a month ago! For some reason my comments don't show up in my email anymore & I'm so sorry I missed seeing yours! Thanks for the visit!


  15. Mom, the pillow itself may not be red, but the trim is! You just can't make something without red in it can you? lol I think that should be your personal challenge- make something with absolutely no red in it. ;) i do like the pillow though! UGH look at me- reading your blog at 12:30 am when i should be writing that paper for my morning class! New plan- you should write it for me- it's about what i was like when i was elementary school age. it doesn't even have to be that long. lol jk. i love you! :)


  16. You bring back memory's of my grandmother for me. I do all those things but no chickens. My best friend has the chickens.
    Good memory's are a peaceful thing.

  17. Ohhh Kathy we share much of the same things.... I love love love hanging my laundry on the line {like my mum does} and I love ironing, I love collecting fresh eggs from my girls, Love to see the deer and turkeys roam thru the yard, The simple things in life make me happy!

    God Bless you girl

    P.S. Go Earl...... its never too late to go back to school!
    We are all proud of you!

  18. P.S. a girl can never have too much RED!!!!!!

    I say keep it comin!

    I just bought a red canister set.....and red polka dot plates!
    They make me smile!

    Cheerin for the red!!!! :-)

    Hugz, Doll

  19. I think it's great that you are doing things like your Grandma did. I should do that too! Cute pillow!

  20. Your grandmother would be so proud of you and your accomplishments, and that you are continuing to carry out her legacy. I think the idea of collecting your own eggs is pretty cool. And, I love being laundry in from the line and the smell of it.

    Your pillow is beautiful and no, you can never have too many pillows, especially one's as pretty as yours. How sweet of your friend.

  21. I love your life. I wish I could go out and gather the eggs. Is it funny that I dream of having a few chickens? Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  22. I am sure Grandma would have loved the 'imaginary friends' from Blogland

  23. I do love the colored eggs! We used to have 25 of them, and the colors were stunning {olive green, mint green, pink, blue}! They taste great too.


  24. I love this fresh country post!
    I can't wait for my chickens to lay :) When can I tell if I have a rooster?
    I hope your daughter is better now. It's hard being away from home while you are sick.

  25. You have a sweet life! Chickens, deer, a garden and time to sew....couldn't get any better than that.

    Sweet pillow from a sweet friend.


  26. I agree with sweet Becky! You DO have a most wonderful life!
    Yea for Earl!! I know you are so proud.
    I hope your beautiful daughter is feeling lits better now, especially after your loving care!

    LOVE the pillow!!


  27. hi
    I love everything about your blog,
    The way you enjoy the simple things of life the way you make use of each and every precious moment in your life is really great there is lot to learn from especially the zest and enthusiasm for everything you do just comes out in your words..


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