Sunday, September 13, 2009

In the Henhouse

I was taking photos for some etsy listings Saturday in the morning sunshine, I thought the scarlet runner beans out by the chicken run were an especially good backdrop for some more rustic cake stands.  The carmel apples made great props (and tasty too!) and it was a beautiful morning. Can you see the chickens watching over to the right?
Yes, they love to watch and you can almost see the fervent hope that something will fall to the ground that they can eat. Never mind that chicken wire between them and the food, they are sure they can overcome that little obstacle.  So the pretty cake below? Made for Earls mom's birthday Sunday (Happy Birthday mom!) He spent a good deal of time making it pretty and filled the vanilla cake with home made lemon curd and iced it with vanilla buttercream.  It was just the thing to use in my photos. A thing of beauty...
Of course, as soon as the photo was taken, as I went to take it off the cake plate (it was on a cardboard round), it slipped and fell to the ground! Right next to the chicken yard. We were going to mom's house right after that and taking the cake.....Sorry mom.

Sorry girls, cake isn't good for you.  I'm afraid I'll have to just throw it away:>(
They were some very disappointed little chickens. 
But the cute rustic plates will be in the shop later today. I think they look great with candy apples, pumpkins, fall leaves and all kinds of autumn decor:>)


  1. Oh, what a funny post, Kathy! Except for the cake...oh gosh, it was so pretty!! :-(

    Your cake stands are very cool and look great all decked out for Halloween! And your chickens, apparently, are quite funny!!!


    P.S. Abigail is enjoying her first care package of junk food (except for the apples!!). Thanks for the great advice!! :-)

  2. I would have slapped those chickens away from that cake and eaten it with a spoon, chick!! Well, the part that wasn't in the dirt, sugar....maybe even that if I was desperate enough.....

  3. Hey, girls!! Purdue chicken man says cake IS good for your ladies ... chuckle.

    Everything looks so nice & yummy.

    Have a great week ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. Oh, man, I was reading along, thinking to myself how odd that Mom didn't offer us any cake or even mention it when we were there today (she did offer pie, though). She's had so much company, it must be gone. That's what I get for waiting to visit her until today, I guess.

    Then I kept reading.

    Sadness and laughter combined. I'm sorry.

    It was a beautiful cake. May it rest in peace.

  5. Oh, and my experience with chickens is that you credit them with thinking much greater thoughts than they are actually capable of.

    Just sayin'.

  6. Those cakes stands are so great! Perfect for fall decorating. So sorry about the looked delicious!

  7. lol, I totally love the chicken pictures. What fun!

    Wondering... how did you make that little heart on your blog name?

  8. LoL...I love Karen's comments!!!
    Oh that poor cake...poor Earl!!!
    Poor chickens with no cake (I mean, who knew cake wasn't good for chickens?!?! lol!!!).

    Great photos!!!

  9. Great photos...and the treats are looking really good!!! Sorry about the cake!

    :) T

  10. Talking chickens!!! My favorite kind! Your a hoot girl. The cake plate is "Le Chic", xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  11. i love the cake stand! i bet the cake falling hapened in slow motion. that cake looked so yummy! tell earl it was a beautiful cake,

  12. Hey Kathy, love the pictures and wish we had chickens too! So sorry about the cake, it was so pretty and sounded delicious!!! YUM!
    Have a great week,

  13. Oh no! I hope Earl's mom at least got a cakestand for her birthday!

    You can really see the hunger in the chicken's eys in that first photo! She wants those candy corns!

  14. Oh dear sorry about the certainly was beautiful!


    p.s.I think that is so great that Earl makes cakes...

  15. Oh poor Earl - that cake looked so yummy and now it's gone!!

  16. Oh that's too bad about the cake! It was beautiful and it sounded delish!


  17. Hi there
    Oh DEARRRR I can't believe your mom's cake fell off the stand. I can just imagine how you felt that exact second...sorry mom....

    Those cake stands are cool!
    Thank you for sharing and have a super the chickens get any?

  18. Oh Kathy! I am groaning with you as I see that beautiful slow motion.....hitting the ground. Your photos look like they were out of a catalog. They almost made this hot humid Florida Monday seem like fall.
    PS I hope the great cake stands are a good seller for you!

  19. O man! That's horrible! It was gorgeous!!! I tried to call grandma yesterday, but I can't find my phone card! I love you so much. The caramel apples look SO good. I miss you. I wish I could just give you a big hug right now. It's like the home-sick missing too. Not just normal missing. I guess it finally set in that I probably won't get to see you until around Thanksgiving :(. I love you so much! xxooxxooxxoo.

  20. Reading along, loving all of the pictures, smiling at the chickens, admiring the cake and all of a sudden I felt sad. Poor Earl and his mother missing out on such a beautiful, mouth watering cake. I thought about all the time and ingredients in that cake. So sorry! Next, I found myself smiling again at the chicken's comments. Happy Monday!

  21. Cute post...but so sorry about the cake. I can't get over how cute the chickies look! : )

  22. oh those poor chickens could they not have had just a little taste...and i love those rustic cake stands....they match all my rustic willow furniture....

  23. Oh Kathy, that is so sad. I am so sorry. It was a gourmet cake i could see. I am with the lady above who would be eating it with a spoon!! Thanks, as always, for sharing. It makes me feel closer to you. LAS

  24. Oh MAN! I was thinking to myself how good that cake must have been with the lemon curd in it! Did you get to eat the pieces?

    Sweet post, Kathy! I love your chickens!! I used to work at a place in the country that had white geese, canadian geese, mallards and other assortments of ducks. It was my favorite spot to take a break from the stresses of the day.



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