Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The ones that got away...

Not everything I make for etsy actually makes it into the shop. There are the usual number of finished products that just don't rock my world and then there are the ones that end up being handed over to this little bandit.
Those earrings? Yup, they were headed for the shop. Vintage rhinestones on new silver wires. She fell in love with them and what's a mom supposed to do? And the apron below was a new design I was working on. I made the mistake of asking her to come over and let me fit it.
It went something like this "Mom I love it! can I have it? Please?" "But honey you don't even cook! why do you need an apron?" "Mom I've been thinking that I really need to do more cooking and I will NEED an apron!" Uh huh! If this apron can get her to cook, you all will need to buy one for your non-cooking kids too. I have to admit she looks pretty sweet in it:>)
Happy Birthday sweetheart!


  1. OOO, you, too? haha..that what moms do, ya know...
    And, she looks MORE than sweet..she looks MAGNIFICENT in it..Happy Birthday to your girl.
    xo bj

  2. It would be hard to say no to that sweet face! Love the apron!!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    OMG isn't she beautiful!!! I love the apron. Kathy, I was in the book store tonight and I was browsing through Artful Blogging Magazine. I read the article about Lisa from One World One Heart Giveaway. Then I looked and there was the apron that you made for the OWOH and your name and blog was there too. Congratulations, Kathy!!!


  4. I don't blame her for wanting to keep those! They're beautiful.

  5. That sounds just like me and my daughter! I love the earrings and the apron. So pretty! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  6. Awww Kathy, she is so beautiful!! I love how happy and proud she looks wearing mom's creations! They couldnt have gone to a more perfect person! I love them both too by the way :)


  7. Both things turned out beautifully and Lauren looks lovely in them.

    Happy Birthday, Lauren!

  8. Oh, such a sweet post! I do exactly the same thing. Love the earrings & apron. Lauren is beautiful, hope she has a wonderful birthday.

  9. Like Penny said, it would be hard to tell your pretty girl "no!" Afterall, the model needs to be compensated every now and then...just don't let her know I said so. LOL.

    Cute, cute apron! You never cease to amaze me! Oh, and cute earrings as well.

    Happy day,

  10. LOL. I believe "Bandit" is the correct term for her mom. Especially because when she wants one of the cute things you make, she does that whole, big-eyed thing with the innocent look and is all "you don't HAVE to, but they're so PRETTY". Oh well, SHE ADORABLE!!!! what can you do?
    xoxoxo, love, V

  11. Your daughter is beautiful...her eyes, her smile...she is her mama's daughter!! "Bandit" you say?!? I think this girl knows a good thing when she sees it and she has a mama who has a giving heart (which I know you have passed on to your children!).

    The earrings are fabulous (no wonder she wanted them!) and the apron? I don't wear aprons (I do cook!!) but I would want that as looks cute on her and how could you have said no?!?

  12. She does look sweet in it! In both!
    I think you'd better make her another set too, I think she is going to do a lot of cooking! Tell her to keep that wonderful waistline :)

  13. What a sweet 'snagger' she is ;-) There is something about that sweet expression that you could never say no to.

  14. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - everything about this is so sweet but especially YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!
    Of course the adorable apron must be hers!!!!



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