Thursday, June 10, 2010


I hear talk of summer, and beaches, and hot sticky days filled with picnics and pools.
But I haven't finished with Spring. The soft green after the bitter cold. The tender buds unfolding. The joy of the first flower.
Summer is fine, but I think I will linger in spring just a few more weeks.  Can it really be June already?


  1. I wish spring would stay a bit longer too, but down here in the south, we are feeling summer for sure. :o)
    Have a great day Kathy!!

  2. hopefully the transition from spring to summer will allow you many 'spring filled' days!

  3. What is that happy yellow flower??Have a great day!! LindaSonia

  4. Same here: I'm not finished with spring yet, honey!! I'm loving all my flowers and the new great granddaughter. Come see her. She's so precious...

  5. Kathy your peonies and fuchsia blooms are so pretty. It does seem that spring is ending before it has begun and summer is speeding on too. Faster than we all want it to.

  6. What beautiful flowers and photographs Kathy. We have had quite allot of hot days, yet I remember as a kid that we couldn't even swim in June because it was so chilly. Your photography keeps getting better and better.

    Have a great day.


  7. Gorgeous flowers Kathy! I am still living in the land of Spring here Kathy. Pretending that I have all the time in the work to plant and move and replant for the hot summer comes.

  8. The purple and pink flowers are beautiful!

  9. Oh i so hear you there! it all just takes sooooo long to get here and then is over in a flash...and into the thick hot days of summer, right!

    these photos are luscious! well, well and trippley well done!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Here in Oz we are heading for the shortest day (21st June, I think )and once we've turned that corner we start to head toward Summer again with dread on my part. I love the cooler weather and your Spring /Summer is very much like our Autumn/ Winter for the most part and I love it.

  11. We're not done with spring yet here - I'm longing for clearer skies and warmer weather, but in the meantime, the earth is soaking up the moisture.

    Lovely photos you have.

  12. I don't think I could live without flowers they just make you feel so happy!!

  13. I know what you mean! We have hot summers here so I always try to hang on to spring. It's one of our prettiest seasons and I feel sorry when it begins to fade. ::Jill

  14. The color of that Pansy is truly amazing. I have not seen that color and if I did I think I would purchase every flat they had. Have a wonderful day today, Kathy!

  15. Hi Kathy
    Summer has arrived here this weekend, going to be in the mid 90s...yuk! I was up very early and so got to feel a little bit of cool air for a short while.
    hugs, Rhondi

  16. Spring has only just arrived and yesterday I had my first quart of strawberries. Today I am looking forward to the smell of laundry dried in the sun outdoors, while adding to my inventory for Nova Scotia Quilts and Funky Baby Mine - my two online boutiques. Tomorrow onward and upward with the garden. Love your flower photographs - so inspiring - I hear there is a new winter hardy fuschia for our planting zone - whoo hoo!!!

  17. Me again - I meant to ask you to send me info on advertising. TIA

  18. Beautiful flowers. I have to admit I jumped right into summer myself. I shouldn't rush it, it goes to quickly.

  19. We've had snow here in the last week! I'm afraid we'll go from winter to summer no spring at all. Enjoy yours for as long as you can...Mimi

  20. Yes, tis summer time! LOVE your flowers! And I am loving your new blog look! The header is fabulous!



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