Thursday, July 22, 2010

The One Book

Yup, still here. It's been a pretty uneventful summer so far and I am feeling particularly uninspired to write, photograph, or do anything creative. School takes it out of me and I have had more than one moment of wondering what on earth I was thinking going back. Heat and rain have kept me inside. Lack of funds have kept me from vacationing anywhere fun and I am, at the moment, wallowing in my self pity, watching the dog days of summer trickle away and my school job loom ever closer. Glad you stopped by yet? Mmmmhmmm.
I guess we all have times like that.  So I'm pulling myself up with my bootstraps and gettin on with it. Today I'm getting out of the house. I may hit a garage sale or two. Yes, I'll have to spend some time on homework but today it doesn't get first dibs on my time. Oh and while I was visiting some of my favorite bloggers this morning, I found this video. Just the kick in the pants I needed. Keep on keepin on.


  1. I think this is something we can all stand to read! I enjoyed it very much.

    It's been so hot that I've been inside most of the summer, and we aren't going anywhere, either. So I have enjoyed living through other people's travels. Sometimes, I think that's the best way to go... no schedule to follow, no hours in the car, no need to spend money. Yep, I might just go see where someone else is going on vacation this week and hitch a mental ride. ;-)

    Hope things get better...


    Sheila :-)

  2. YES!!!! Oh Kathy, I loved this....thank you for sharing!!

    Janet xox

  3. I NEED a day at the beach, too
    let's pack a lunch and GO

  4. Wow! Great message. Well, you've done one good deed for the day... passing this video along to your followers.
    Hang in there!
    Ladybug Creek

  5. Ahhh...the Summer heat and humidity is taking it out of all of us. I feel so blahhh on these hot days!

    It is good to look forward and plan for busy and productive days ahead while doing something for others today.
    Great clip!

    Becky K.

  6. Good Morning Kathy.
    Thank you for sharing this video. It was beautiful and inspiring! A great nudge in the beginning of the day. :o)
    Oh boy, you have garage sales on Thursday?! Oh my!! You are a lucky girl.
    Wish I could tag along with you. :o)
    Boy I hear you about $. Since loosing my job I am holding onto my pennies like a miser! :o)
    Have a wonderful day friend. :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  7. What an encouraging video!
    Uneventful summer...sounds wonderful Kathy! Rest is a good thing :)
    Has Earl made any yummy cheesecakes?
    I still mean to try his little bite sized ones.
    Last night I dreamed up a homemade purse with old lace on it...I'll bet you could actually make it LOL! Can you peek into my dreams?
    You asked me about the embroidery ...a neighbor has one of those machines.

  8. Great video Kathy! I hope you get out of the doldrums soon...I have them every so often too.

  9. Yes, we all have those days. I have found that it is very important for me to do something each day that I really enjoy doing and that keeps the blues away. Our money is tight also due to my husband getting his hours cut because of the economy. I have turned that into a creative challenge and guess what it has been fun!! I have found more ways to save and ways to make money with my creativeness and baking! I LOVE LIFE. I have found some wonderful friends because of it. I enjoy your blog ~ just discovered it several weeks ago.

  10. Yes, the beach is calling out to me, too...where has the summer gone? I need to get ready and go..and soon! Good luck to you on your journey, I so enjoy your blog even on the blah days!

  11. Loved that! Very inspirational. I've been kind of blah myself. Maybe it's the heat. Must be. Mimi

  12. Kathy,
    What a perfect video. I loved it, and I am glad that you posted it.

    I have been furiously trying to create my way out of that bored feeling I get sometimes. I think when we think of giving, all those petty thoughts disappear. Thanks, you always hit the nail on the head.

  13. Kathy,

    This is so perfect. I love what it says. I would love to show this to my students the first day of school this year. I don't think third grade is too early to start thinking about how we can make life better for each other, do you? Thanks for such an inspiration! See! You don't even have to make something and we're inspired!


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