Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Blessing Of Berries

Earl's favorite Uncle showed up a couple days ago with a load of fresh picked berries. This is the Uncle that sometimes drops off a big bag of wild Morel mushrooms or a fresh pheasant he got during hunting season. Once I asked him if he could save me some pheasant feathers and he brought me the whole pheasant.
Don't ask me how he got a live one....but I digress.
This time he showed up with a big bag of berries. A blessing for sure. Enough for fresh strawberry shortcake and a batch of freezer jam. Yum!
 This will taste like summer when the cold winds blow!
 That is, it will if we don't eat it all before winter;>)  
And just for a little extra fun, if you're making freezer jam of your own, you might want to print out these cute labels I made.  I printed them on card stock, but if you have label paper, even better! Then just use some fancy scrapbook scissors to cut a scalloped edge.
You can find them on my new Graphics page, just click on the picture and  print.
 Have you gone berry picking yet?
Don't forget, this is the last weekend before the pillow giveaway ends. I'll be picking a name Tuesday morning so go leave a comment now!


  1. Wow! I'm impressed! Strawberry goodness and graphic design! Are your classes paying off? These are adorable!

  2. Looks yummy! That is one thing that I have never attempted....maybe I will give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration. And the pillow is darling. Have a blessed weekend ~Sara

  3. My mouth is watering looking at those photos with the RED jam! What a great uncle. Now......what did you do with that LIVE pheasant he brought one time?????? You can't leave us hanging, Kathy.

  4. Love love love those labels! It makes me want to go to the store, buy some strawberries and whip up some of that jam just so I can use the labels! Are you considering designing for some of these online graphic/scrapbooking companies? I buy from them frequently. Those labels really are awesome.

  5. Well Laura, The live pheasant got away. I just couldn't kill it myself so I put a tether round it's leg and tied it down in the entry of the chicken coop, away from the chickens, until I could figure out what to do. The next time I opened the door, it had freed itself and flew away. Much to my relief!
    Anita, I haven't thought about selling to scrapbook companies yet, but once I get a little experience that's a great suggestion! Thanks:>)

  6. Oh yummy! Your strawberry jam looks and I am sure, tastes heavenly! :o) I just love your charming touches with the adorable labels!! :o)
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Sincerely, Trish

  7. Hooray for jam and jellies!
    Love how the marshmellows made pretty flowers!

  8. What a wonderful Uncle! We are past berry season here. I have never tried to make the freezer jam. Next year I will try, and I will be emailing you for the recipe...

  9. Please, please, please pick me!!

  10. I love to make jam. It makes the house smell delicious! Mimi

  11. I've never made jam but I'm sure it wouldn't make it through the summer in our house. The label is adorable and so is your blog. I'm your newest follower.

  12. Ohhh How I wished you had sent your pillow in for our July banner at stash would have been perfect...
    this is sew lovely my dear...I am such a new follower now...your whole blog is lovely..

  13. I just smiled the widest smile when I saw these pics! So cheerful and colorful, oh my!

  14. Kathy, your photos are just beautiful. You are talented in so so many ways.
    I LOVE these adorable labels and am going to make more freezer jam this week for extra Christmas gifts..These labels are PERFECT. I've never used card stock or labels on my printer but there's a first time for everything...:))
    Thanks so much.

  15. The strawberry jam looks yummie! But so is your display. So creative and a perfect idea when giving it away as a gift. I've been following for the last couple of days and I'm so impressed! Please keep it coming!

  16. Those tags are so perfectly cute! I've been picking berries - strawberries are done for now. We'll get a few in the fall when it cools down a bit. But right now it's blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

  17. Looks so yummy good! I love, love making jam. I must print those tags right away they are just to cute!

  18. Oh my goodness doesn't your strawberry jam look delish and the color is so pretty! The little tags are a great idea and give it that special touch if you are gifting any jars of jam. How sweet of your father n law to drop off all the goodies for you...
    Have a sweet day and big hugs, Elizabeth


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