Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ruffles and Dots

 You can tell I'm on a bit of a "ruffle roll" with my sewing.
I think it's such a pretty trend and, so far, I haven't seen anyone who can't look cute wearing them.
So I went through my fabric stash, gritted my teeth and pulled out some of the fabrics that I love so much that I wouldn't cut into them before.  If you sew you know what I mean.  You're waiting for something really special to make with those fabrics and they make you happy every time you look at them.  You might be surprised that neither of these beauties are predominantly red. I'm a little surprised myself. I do love lots of colors you know, I just love red more.
So I grabbed the daughters, tied one on each of them and the photo session began.

One of them is a little more of a ham in front of the camera:>) Love them both to the moon and back.

So which is your favorite? (The aprons, not the daughters, we don't play favorites around here!)

You can find them now in the shop.


  1. I love the ruffles and the dots! You always have the most divine fabrics!

  2. I know just what you mean about that "special" fabric. It ends up collecting dust waiting on that "special" project. Love the dots!

  3. For me-the brown.
    For my daughter-the pink.
    They are both adorable!!

  4. I can't choose, Kathy...they are both so darling!


    Does the tiny waistline come with the apron????

  6. I actually made the cupcake waistline (ahem) generous enough for anyone:>)

  7. Oh I just love those ruffles. I think the brown is my favorite but both pretty. Your girls are good models!

  8. I am so in love with ruffles!! These aprons are absolutely adorable (and so well modeled!) - they are more than worthy of your special fabric!! It's a hard call as to favorites, but I'm gonna say brown edges it out just slightly for me, but I desperately love all things cupcake, so it's a tough call :o)

    Happy to see you making pretties - I hope you're having fun...it sure looks like it!

    Enjoy the rest of your week friend!
    Hugs & Blessings,

  9. Love the aprons...so cute!! I think the pink in my favorite. Looks like your girls had fun being models.

  10. You know me...red..but girl these are too cute!!

    Awesome job!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  11. oh yes, it is hard to part with those favorite stacks of much loved fabrics! your aprons are soooo ruffleisciously sweet - and are the models, too.


  12. Adorable!! I love the second apron the best....but they are both so sweet!

  13. Hi Kathy....thank you so much for remembering that I might show up again with my blog....My gosh it has been since February....I forgot just how much I enjoy both posting and visiting everyone else's....I will be back in Georgia on MOnday and it can't get here soon enough....Will be moving into a new home on Aug 5th. so I will have tons to post about....
    Love the pink cupcake apron....it's so adorable...
    Look forward to getting back and seeing all your projects. Hope you have been well and not working too hard...are you still in school??.

  14. The whole concept is adorable! I'm not a fan of pink, unless it's from Mother Nature...so I prefer the other one.

  15. Oh...the pink, the pink! They are just beautiful. You really wouldnt mind doing the housework wearing one of those!

  16. Oh Kathy. Those are the sweetest aprons!! And such adorable models! :o)
    Your ruffles are just darling!! And no reds huh?! Shocker! :o) It would be a hard choice to make, but I am leaning towards the brown mostly. :o) You did a beautiful job on both!

  17. They are both so cute...and the models...PERFECT!! :))

  18. LOVE them both but my fav. is the cupcake one.


  19. They are both absolutely darling! I love the one in brown.

  20. Both of them are adorable! Love the ruffles. I've never seen a lightning bug in my entire life. We've planned a trip to Illinois this Oct. Will they still be around then? I so hope so. Your back porch is fabulous. The buntings are wonderful. Mimi

  21. They're almost too cute for aprons! How adorable. Wish I could wear ruffles.... I love them both!

  22. I'm new to your blog!! I'm currently in an apron swap and your post caught my eye for a design idea. Now I'm hooked and will have to become a follower! I love pink but for some reason the brown tips the scale for me on this one. I am going to steal your apron design...hope you won't mind. I too love ruffles!! Would love it if you came for a visit at my little blog. http://grandmamasstories.blogspot.com
    Gmama Jane


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