Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Love and Cake and Kenya

I have to tell you about a girl. Our Pastors daughter, Ashley. Freshly graduated with a degree in teaching, Ashley headed to Kenya  for a few months. She followed her heart there, to the slums, to teach the kids English.  Ashley is writing about her experiences on her blog,  Love from Kenya,  and something she wrote stuck a chord with me last week.  Let me share what she wrote.
Yesterday one of my 6th graders, Jeff, said, "I really want to try cake. I've never had cake."

He said it with such sincerity and with a smile on his face, as if he could actually taste the cake and just knew it would be delicious.

It was so humbling to hear his words and to know that the desire of his heart was just to try a piece of cake. 

It made me think that, for most Americans, we have so much "cake" (extra possessions, money, time, resources, etc) in our lives that sometimes we forget to appreciate it...or we hoard it away...or we spend it all on ourselves...

Instead of keeping your cake to yourself, how can you use what God has given you and give it away to someone else? 
 Some people dream of cake.
 Something so simple and abundant for us...
is something some people may never have.

Now let me tell you about another group of women.
The "Mom squad" from our church is a group of young mothers who are raising funds to 
go to the slums of Kenya to help finish a building project for the school, teach and help in any way they can.
They are putting their faith in action.
These same women have gone to Africa in the past to drill wells for villages without water.
So the question hit me, how can I use what God has given me and give it away to someone else?
That has been a question that has hounded me for a long time.
I love to sew and design but how can God use that? It seems so....
But of course it's not. None of our talents are useless. We just need to figure out how to use them.
So from now on I am going to donate 50% of my etsy sales to missions.
To the women brave enough to step out and give of themselves in such a selfless way.
They inspire me, and I hope they inspire you. 

How can you use what God has given you to help someone else?


  1. A wonderful post Kathy. A post to make you stop and think and then react...instead of just stopping to think.

  2. Well, bless your heart, sugar! I know exactly what you mean. In our church we donate money each month for fast offerings for our ward members, the cost of 2 dinners eaten out is what some people donate. Plus we can give to humanitarian causes and education help also. I think you're extra special today for doing that. ;-)

  3. This post is food for my heart and soul. I love the thought that Ashley wrote about cake. How true it is that we have so much cake. Our church too, has many programs for giving but I want to give my cake on a more personal level. I like what you are doing.

  4. Would our children today know what it meant NOT to know about cake?
    What a wonderful idea our donation is, Kathy.

  5. I understand this completely. When I was younger, I spent three years living in the middle east and teaching at a Sacred Heart School. My first primary class had 45 students. Some of my students were from wealthy families, some were expats working there, and some were students whose parents could not afford to send them to school and were there on scholarship. These poor children often came from villages with no running water or electricity. There home life was meager, but they were so anxious to learn. We often do not realize the advantages we have. The very things we take for granted are considered luxuries by many.

    Susan and Bentley

  6. What a wonderful idea. You have such a generous, giving heart. My husband, son and daughter in law went to Uganda last year on a mission trip. They were abundantly blessed. May God bless you all.

  7. Thank you for sharing this heart-touching story. We take so much for granted. Your photos of 'cake' are gorgeous - and they touched my heart. I wanted to buy every one and deliver them to the boy in Africa! God will bless your etsy sales, my friend. I really believe that.

  8. Your cakes are lovely and are making me dream of cake. What a wonderful post and what a selfless thing to do. I hope that little guy gets his heart's desire :)

  9. I am SO excited when I hear about BRAVE women who do things that might look scary or even impossible to some. God did not make us to be wimps.
    I love to read Abigail's story...and Esther...those women then could have lost their lives but went forward anyway in obedience.
    you are spot on about sharing your love of God through your sewing, baking, blogging...and you just did!!!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful post Kathy. Love your photos too. I so admire the people who go to such faraway places to follow God's calling. My daughter Sarah's friend Ashley is working for the Peace Corp in Africa.

    I so agree with you, every day we need to remember how blessed we are and how we might use those gifts to bless others.

    I received my beautiful Valentine garland kit. When I finish making mine, I will post about it.


  11. This is such a great thing to do, Kathy. You are right...we get in our own cocoon and forget there's people out there that sooo need help.

  12. How brave she is! And how true your words are! We take soooo much for granted. Thank you for reminding us. Mimi

  13. That's a wonderful thing to do Kathy!

    We are blessed - we have soooo much more than most people in other countries. When you think about how hard it is for some people to get clean's almost something you can't comprehend because it's such a basic thing to us.

  14. What a touching post Kathy - thank you so much for sharing! And I think your desire to give 50% of your etsy sales to missions is wonderful! God will multiply that in amazing ways! So good to get caught up with you - LOVE your Valentine heart banner kits - SUPER cute!! Hugs & Blessings, Becky

  15. I love this post. You've got me thinking now. Thank you!

  16. What a great idea! My cousin's daughter and her husband are in Nairobi on a 5 year stint working in the slums, too. They are involved with a school, too. Wouldn't it be something if they are working in the same place? It is a small world, so I wouldn't be surprised. I am so in awe of the bravery of people who travel all over the world following God's call on their lives. Then there are those of us who just contribute financially-but both are vital!


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