Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Well it's been 6 years of blogging, can you believe it? I started this little blog in February of 2007, never even knowing that I would meet such lovely people from all over the world. It began as a family communication tool and became so much more.
To all my old friends who have encouraged and inspired me in ways that set my feet on a different path, thank you. You just have no idea how important you are to me.
To all my new friends that I meet every day, welcome. I look forward to getting to know you better:>)
Happy Valentines Day to my friends in Blogland


  1. Wow that is incredible. Well I love your lovely blog and I am glad you are still here blogging for all of us to enjoy. Happy Valentines!!

  2. I always remember your beautiful hearts, Kathy. So nice to see one again.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Kathy. :)

  4. Happy Valentine's Day dear friend. Trish

  5. Happy Valentine's day Kathy! I am so glad we "met". Hopefully one day we will meet in person.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you too,Kathy. Your blog is one of my very favorites. I feel it is full of sincerity instead of "fake" like so many are.

  7. happy valentine's day, miss kathy.


  8. Happiest Valentine's Day, dear heart.Love you, bj

  9. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. We got to spend it with our new Valentine, our Grandson RJ.

    I love my Valentine's decorations and hate to have to put them away. I love your bunting best. You inspired me, I am working on creating a cut and sew bunting fabric using my fabric designs. I'll share them when I get the samples back. I am bunting obsessed these days.

    Have a beautiful weekend.


  10. My gosh! You were a blogging pioneer. You have written a book by now, haven't you? What a great keepsake for you and your family!

  11. Wow really it's been that long! I love your blog and am so happy that I've gotten to know you through the years.

    Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day!

  12. stuck!

    Okay, I said...I wouldn't trade you for anything!!!
    I have made incredible friends on Instagram which I did not expect!
    Deb at PaperTurtle is one, you will like her :)
    Hope y'all had a nice Valentine's Day!!

  13. Six years....What an accomplishment and what a journey.
    I love your blog (blogs). I am so new at this that I am amazed at the thought of blogging six years from now. I'm so glad I discovered you this past year. What a blessing and encouragement you have been to me, Kathy.
    Here's to another six years....
    Carolynn xoxo


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