Monday, November 25, 2013

Wreath Pillow

Just checking in.  I'm still around but enjoying family time with all the kids home.  I mentioned in my last post that I would be decorating for Christmas early this year since we would be having Christmas with the newlyweds while they are here. Can I just say, I don't think I will ever go back to decorating after Thanksgiving again? I have been pulling out the decorations slowly, as the fancy strikes, and it has been glorious to realize that I won't be cramming all the joys of Christmas into three short and hectic weeks! After Thanksgiving I will have most, if not all of the shopping done and the decorations will be twinkling. I have really relished the extended enjoyment of having them up, and those weeks between the two most wonderful holidays of the year can be devoted to baking, wrapping, and all the fun aspects of the season. I even had some time to sew this wreath pillow, not for the shop, just for ME! You know the old saying, "the cobblers children go barefoot?", well I am a bit embarrassed to say that what I sew usually gets offered up to etsy. Well lets face it, my house would be full if I kept everything!  But I had some felt and some canvas that were just itching to be a new Christmas pillow and I whipped one up. I love it and I may have time to make more since the decorating and shopping are out of the way :>)
I have a bit of cleaning and some last minute details to finish up for Thanksgiving. It has been a joyous bit of family time with all the little chickens back under my roof.  I hope you all have a spectacular Thanksgiving with lots of good food, and warm family time together.
Do you usually decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?


  1. That pillow is so cute and I am glad that it is yours. Your discussion about decorating before or after Thanksgiving is so interesting. I usually put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving. This year it must go up tomorrow because that Is how time constraints are going. Perhaps I should stop thinking about it that way. We've come a long way from the days when the Christmas tree went up on Christmas eve and was pitched Christmas afternoon. That's just crazy! Why not have a more relaxed season? Enjoy your time with family!

  2. What a gorgeous pillow!! I love it!! Great design. I decorate right after Thanksgiving and I take everything down the day after Christmas!

  3. Your wreath pillow is perfect for the holidays! It matches your couch too.
    It will be wonderful to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with your daughter and her hubby.
    Have a great time together!

  4. The pillow is gorgeous and looks wonderful on your plaid chair! I really wanted to decorate last week and the family vetoed it. I want to enjoy the season more and will probably start decorating before Thanksgiving next year.

  5. Glad you had the time to make a pillow for yourself once. I know what you are talking about ~ everything I make goes to the craft shows and Farmer's Market. I almost feel guilty when I make something for myself! As for decorating ~ we live in a small house so do very little decorating. We don't even put up a tree. I like to put my nativity sets out, a few banners up, bowls of Christmas candy out etc. and that I will wait till after Thanksgiving to do. I am wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Love the pillow! You are so creative!

    Can't wait to see all of you Thursday!

  7. Love your pillow. It sounds like your holidays will be lovely this year Kathy.

    We usually decorate the Friday after Thanksgiving. I had wanted to start earlier this year, but life got in the way. So now we are waiting for an ice storm to end and won't be able to get our tree until tomorrow.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  8. The pillow is just amazing. I have always tried to have all decorating done by the Monday after Thanksgiving. It seems that you rearrange your entire home for the season, and I don't understand just enjoying it for 2 weeks or so. We wouldn't redecorate any room in our house and then take it apart in 2 weeks..... perhaps we could move Thanksgiving a bit more to the middle of Nov. It seems sad that 2 such wonderful holidays have to fall within just a few weeks of each other. Some people do need to celebrate both holidays together because of logistics of all the different family members. It is too bad the merchants started attaching shopping to the day of and after Thanksgiving. Maybe if they held Black Friday the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, that would help a lot!!

  9. Love the pillow! I'm not going to do much Christmas decorating this year but I agree that it probably is nice to have it all done so you can enjoy it for more than a few weeks.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  10. Love that pillow! I think you've made some good points with the decorating before Thanksgiving. I have always thought that Thanksgiving should not be run over by Christmas crazy but now I'm not so sure. Especially when Thanksgiving is a week closer to Christmas than it was last year. I might have to reconsider. Mimi

  11. Really a bright spot on the couch!!
    Good job, Kathy :) I spy a cream one on Pinterest...I'll "tag" you in it.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  12. Love your gorgeous pillow! And so glad you are enjoying having your family together again. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. I hope you have the best one ever!

  13. What a darling pillow and I am so glad it's YOURS. :)

    Today....the day after is when our tree goes up. We've done it for over 50 yrs and no need to change it now.
    I am dragging my feet a little...pulling out decorations so soon after moving is a bit mind-taxing but.....I'm doing it.:)


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