Monday, April 7, 2014

Signs of Spring

There are certain signs every year that Spring is well and truly here.
For instance, going to your first garage/estate sale of the season and scoring an awesome brown transferware tureen for $5. No, it doesn't have a lid, but I love it just the same. It will go with my set of Salvation Army brown transferware  that I use for Thanksgiving:>)
Another sign? Home Depot has racks of spring flowers out. HD is quickly becoming my place to get my flower fix on the cheap. $2.50 for a pot of mini daffodils, $3.50 for a six pack of Johnny Jump ups. Spring is here :>)
 I planted the flowers in the tureen. All is well with the world. The little white flowers were at Trader Joe's for $1.50  The bunnies are from Bethany Lowe and were found pulling a tiny cart of eggs at a garage sale a few years ago. Sadly the little cart was crushed when my darling garage sale partner (who shall remain unnamed) unwittingly stashed their own awesome find on top of the bag. I wept a little but the bunnies were saved.  The little wheelbarrow was found at Joanne fabrics, it was brown but I sponged it with some blue paint so it would stand out against the brown dirt.
 Earl and I went for our first walk of the season yesterday on the Pollyanne Trail. It's an old rail bed that was transformed into a public walking area and it goes for miles. It was muddy but the air smelled wonderful, the buds on the trees were swelling and I heard peepers! How do they survive so early? It was 24 degrees overnight the night before and yet their song accompanied us on our walk and my heart sang right along with them.  It was 57 degrees and the sun was warm on our backs.
 I still have some johnny jump ups and daffodils to plant, I may have lost my head a bit and overbought... as if you can over buy flowers!  I have another tureen that will hold them nicely and I am off to tuck them into it.
What are your favorite signs of Spring?
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  1. I love your brown transferware tureen filled with flowers! I left a darling brown transferware gravy boat in a little shop last week. Now I wish I had added it to my new treasures - but it is several hours away from home! No, you can't buy too many flowers. Yours are wonderful. You've inspired me to get a couple of tureens out and fill them with something wonderful!

  2. First I have to say I LOVE your brown tureen! It looks wonderful with your plants, bunnies etc.

    The first signs of spring around here are always the daffodils and grape hyacinths popping up all over the yard.

  3. Oh that is darling! If I were hosting Easter, I would copy you. As it is, I'm saving my pennies these day to spring out on. My favorite sign of spring is the day when John comes through the door and says, "It's spring! I can smell it! " He's always right, too. Thus far, there's been no announcement. I love the sound of the peepers, too. Haven't heard them yet either.

  4. Your tureen looks delightful with the Spring plants. I have a vintage blue Wedgwood tureen and it always has Winter hyacinths in.

  5. Such a beautiful tureen...and the flowers are wonderful in it.

  6. Love the tureen what a great find! You can never have too many flowers :)

    My favorite sign of spring is all the trees leafing out. I also like to see what springs up from the things I planted last year. I actually had 1 primrose come back!! I plant the ones I buy in spring for the inside the house and always plant them outside. But they've never come back before. I may have found the magic spot!

  7. Wow! Can't believe the price on the tureen! I love ironstone tureens and brown transferware is a favorite. Perfect for your spring arrangement.

  8. That's so cute! I love the bunnies and the wheel barrow peeking out of the plants. It's full on spring grass needs to be mown.

  9. Kathy
    I love your sweet Spring garden!
    The tureen was a steal and I like the way you decorated it with the bunnies and eggs.
    Isn't it wonderful to be able to get out and walk again?

  10. My favorite sign of spring is BROWN TRANSFERWARE!! Go, you! :D

    I love that little blue wheelbarrow, too :) And of course, your flowers :)
    Those little hungry birdies have the most shrill voices, don't they?!

  11. Lovely brown pottery. What are Johnny Jump Ups?
    Bev in Britain.

  12. Love your arrangement! You scored with that tureen:)

  13. Well - I love the brave little green sprouts peaking out of the cold dirt. But, you, my friend, just sent me some spring! I LOVE my little heart pillow with the birds nest attached! It was all spring in a box! love you...

  14. The tureen was a great find and how you planted everything in it is delightful. There are so many signs of spring here it's hard to pick a favorite. I think I would have to say the daffodils in our woods. They are the first thing to blossom and are oh so cheerful

  15. Love the how you used it as a planter! Spring is arriving here as seeing the world coming alive and hearing the birds singing throughout the day. Can't wait to hit the garden centers and digging in the dirt again!

  16. Wow that's a great score Kathy! And the way you put the vignette together is just lovely. Always nice to meet a fellow thrifter!

    I would like to invite you to my very first link up, it's live right now ~ it's a swap! I would love to have you come by and join in.

    Tarnished Royalty

  17. Your tureen is absolutely fabulous. My favorite sign of Spring is the blooming of daffodils :-)


  18. Oh this is gorgeous! How very fun. This would make me happy every time I came in the room!


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