Friday, June 20, 2014

Instant Collection

While at a recent garage sale I stumbled across a thimble collection that was being sold. $1 each. Believe it or not, even with all the sewing I do, all I had was a plain metal thimble. Utilitarian to be sure, but not pretty. Not like these little works of art. I quickly chose all the pretty ones and paid my money. It's an instant collection that I may have to add to. Pretty little things and useful too!
Which one do you like best?
I think my favorite may be the one that says Home Sweet Home, but I love them all.
On another note, in light of my last post and all things summer entertaining I wanted to share a link to a thought provoking post.  Summer is when we entertain the most, we have a tiny home but an expansive yard, so we do  most of our entertaining outside.  I'll admit, I'm guilty of a lot of the things listed in the post. Is everything going to turn out?  I need to paint this, I need to clean that, nothing is ready/clean/perfect, you name it. Excuses why it might be a bad time to have someone over. What I have found over the years though, is that nobody cares if it's messy, imperfect, or a little chilly outside.  What they care about is that I love them enough to want to spend time with them. 
 Do you entertain a lot?  If not, what is holding you back?
Have a great weekend!


  1. These are so adorable! What a great new collection!

  2. I love all of your thimbles! Thank you for the link to the other post.

    We do entertain, all year round. I use to worry about perfection, but then I realized with all of the moving and remodeling we do, my homes are only perfect the week before we sell them! My friends know that when they come over, they will get a great meal and lots of laughter, and be entertained by whatever project I am working on, lol.

  3. I like the blue and white one next to home sweet home! Great find ;)

  4. I like the blue and white one next to home sweet home! Great find ;)

  5. Love you collection - my favorite??? The Home Sweet Home one. I guess I don't entertain as often as I'd like because I feel I need to super clean the house. But, the last time we had friends over it was so pleasant that we are planning the next event! Beautiful post/link. xxoo

  6. I am guilty of feeling like everything has to be perfect or someone might notice I didn't sweep the floors or dust that day! I am trying to change that.....I want to entertain more without all that stress.

    Love your lil treasures Kathy.
    Guess you already know which one is my fav. CHERRIES :-)

    Smiles dear friend,

  7. Kathleen
    You are so right about entertaining.
    Some of the best visits I've shared have been over a spur of the moment invite that consisted of a bowl of homemade soup.
    I like all of your thimbles, great find!

  8. $$$ ; )

    Those thimbles are adorable...I like Home Sweet Home, The Holland one, and the Cherry one, but they are all sweet.

  9. wow, they are all so adorable. I think my fav is the home sweet home thimble too.

  10. What a great batch of thimbles. I started a collection years ago and haven't added to it for a long while. Now I want to!

  11. Love the Home Sweet Home best also.We don't entertain as much either as we would like for the same reason as everyone else ~ thinking it has to be perfect. I'm trying to find the proper balance ~ realizing it doesn't have to be perfect, yet putting enough effort into it that my guests feel special. Seems to me they do deserve a certain amount of work put into it. Am I right or wrong? I enjoy going somewhere that the house is reasonably clean, dishes done up etc. Not perfect but enough it looks like they wanted to make it nice for us. Simple food is great. Even paper plates are fine. Do you know what I mean?

  12. Your little thimbles are works of art. How neat!

    We don't entertain here as much as we did in Oklahoma. There we had a group of people that we hung with for years and there was a real comfort level. We don't have that here ... yet. :) We are having neighbors over in the next week for homemade ice cream. Keeping it simple - no meal just ice cream.

  13. I love the Home Sweet Home the best, too.

    You know.....I have THE SAME concerns as you do for having company over. The only regrets I have ever had is that I am the one doing all of the work and I have missed out on so much of the conversations that were shared - and such important moments - by having to be inside doing the cooking, etc. If only I could turn back time, I would do things so much differently!!!

    I think that we put so many expectations on ourselves. End the end, it is the important stuff that we need to pay attention enjoying the laughter, the smiles, the stories, the company.

    much love,


  14. Penny, is spot on: the only time our home has ever been perfect is right before we sold it. Ain't that the truth!!

  15. So cute and so perfect for you! I like the Home Sweet Home one best two and number two would be the one with the bouquet.

    We do most of our entertaining in the summer to. Our dining room feels claustrophobic to me if there's more than 5 people in it!

  16. I read this post on my phone while on vacation in the mountains. My phone wouldn't let me comment, for some reason, but I just had to go back and leave a note. I LOVE your new collection. I have a small thimble collection and I also have the 'Home' thimble. But my absolute favorite in my collection is my great-grandmother's silver thimble that often graced her finger as she sewed. It's a treasure that can't be topped!


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