Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gardens, Sunshine and Fireflies

July? Already? And not just here, but a week gone.  I've been absent a week or so. I can't apologize though. Summer is for gardens and sitting in the sun, going on vacation and firefly watching.  The garden is finally blooming, although these flowers were picked from a field on my morning walk. I couldn't resist the little cream pitcher at a yard sale although I have absolutely no use for it other than to hold flowers. Come to think of it, that is a fine use isn't it?
Oh yes, and we are in the home stretch for that August wedding.
So I am guessing that July will be another month that this little blog gets fairly neglected.  Too much to do and too little time to devote to picture taking and posting. Maybe I can just snap a photo now and again as we get ready, sometimes you just want to see the photo right? ;>)
At any rate, I'll do my best to stop and say hi,  but I kind of hope you are sitting in the sun, going on vacations and firefly watching too.  Summer is fleeting and too good to waste inside.
This weekend we are heading to Pennsylvania to see the new house my eldest daughter, Lauren and her sweetie husband just moved into. I'm so excited for them. So excited to see them and the new house!  Have a great weekend, and don't forget to catch some fireflies this month :>)


  1. Love the little pitcher, and I think you will find it very useful for flowers of all sorts.

  2. If only we had fireflies to catch! I grew up with them but where we live here in Western Kansas it is too dry and they are no where in sight. Enjoy your vacation visiting your daughter. That is ALWAYS a good thing to do!

  3. We bought a similar little pitcher recently to use as a vase. I really like it.

    Give our love to Lauren and Brian, please. And have a safe trip!

    Love you guys!

  4. Yes! A picture now and then is a great idea! :-) I love that pitcher your beautiful flowers are in. It is just lovely.

    We lived out West where Fireflies do not live... so moving here to Tennessee where we can sit on our porch and watch the Fireflies at night is STILL a novelty. I told my husband recently that I hope we never tire of it or take it for granted.

    Happy Summer!!! - Dori -

  5. I collect pitchers just for flowers catchers! Yours is beautiful! Good luck with all the wedding plans - it will be amazing! xxoo

  6. Have a great trip! Love your new pitcher. I've been absent for some of the same reasons - so much to do and time away for a bit of vacation with no internet. I enjoy whatever you share when you can.

  7. Wonderful photo! You need photo ops because you're so good with the camera. Well, I shall be putzing along in Blogdom because that is what I do, but I know that many of my friends are in the thick of it just now and I understand it completely. Just pop in when you can an leave a trail to the wedding photos, okay?!

  8. Your pitcher is adorable and the flowers are beautiful. Glad to hear you are having a wonderful summer!

  9. What a gorgeous photo. If you can..keep 'em coming. Deb

  10. Blogging should definitely come second, after enjoying and living our lives!
    You sound like you are doing just that.
    Have fun in Pennsylvania and a safe journey.

  11. ...and a sweet little pitcher it is. These are wonderful to hold cut flowers. Yours is so cute!

    Enjoy the month and your trip! Be safe!


  12. We live in California, where there are no fireflies. We have a little jar with a solar top and pretend fireflies. It's the best we can do.

  13. What a beautiful little pitcher!

    Summer is fleeting! Enjoy your trip to PA.

  14. a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Love the pitcher in that one!


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